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Chrome Bags Giveaway!- 03.17.09

WINNER!!! Janeen in Gainesville, FL

Yes! Giveaway time! We’re giving away 2 Chrome Bags… Here are the two ways to win:

(1) Leave a comment on this post with (a) why you need the weatherproof goodness and (b)which size/color you love most!

(2) TWITTER! Follow @notcot and tweet your favorite size/color with #chromebags in the tweet!

I’ll pick a random winner for each one on Monday (so get those in by Sunday midnight PST)!!!

OK, so moving along, WHY are we giving away Chrome Bags? Well they have a lifetime warranty, seatbelt buckles and straps, and a SECRET POCKET and are totally weatherproof! And that’s just the classic messenger bag… that beat up one in the picture with the rabbid stashed away is my personal one that i’ve had for around 4 years now… that thing will survive about anything and has traveled the world with me… so when Chrome reached out saying they were into NOTCOT, i was absolutely giddy. And together we decided it would be fun to share the love with a giveaway to you!

Their company philosophies sum it up nicely: “Chrome was founded in Boulder, CO by a couple of guys who needed a bag that lasted forever. They began sewing in their garage using the toughest material they could find. A company came out of that with a philosophy of building stuff that would function well in tough conditions and would last a lifetime. There’s not a lot of nonsense in our gear, just materials and construction that serve a purpose and last a lifetime. We stand behind everything we make.” It’s great to see they’ve been expanding the line, working their way into performance apparel and more new bags for 09 in the works… so for now take a peek at the details options on the next page!

There’s something so awesome about a super rugged worn in messenger bag…

Honestly the quick release seatbelt buckle and straps were probably a big detail that first drew me into the brand… but amongst all my travels i ended up zip-tying it out of paranoia that someone could easily push the big red button and there go my laptop and camera ~ either to hit the floor or never be seen again!

Their whole thing about the lining being like a waterproof bucket…. no joke. you can practically take the whole thing out and it velcros into place…

The stash pocket ~ no one would know it was there (unless they know these bags well) ~ i totally forgot i had stashed emergency cash in there on a trip once… found it months later…

For sizing, here’s a look at the different sizes their classic messenger bag comes in…

And a peek at some of the many colors available for the Metropolis

Here’s a look at the brand new Warsaw!
After 18 months of development, hundreds of miles of ride testing, and countless hours at the sewing machine; we are pleased to introduce the Warsaw. It’s the result of lots of blood and sweat, and thousands of tags on the streets of San Francisco. We believe it’s the finest messenger pack available.

Special thanks to “Souphorse” for devoting countless hours around the design table and serious street testing to ensure we got it right. Dimensions: 24” x 25” 6” flat volume. With cargo, expands up to 5400 cu. in.

# 1000 Denier Cordura Body with 18 oz. Weatherproof Truck Tarp Skeleton
# Airmesh Strap Construction
# Industrial Metal Cam Lock Under Arm Compression Buckles
# 4 Point Compression System with Laser Cut Stainless Steel Hardware
# 8” x 15” Weatherproof External Cargo Pocket
# Full Shoulder Strap Accessory Attachment Belts
# Closed Loop Strap Management
# Outboard Oversized Load Management System
# 3M Reflective Extra Long Compression Strap
# Reinforced 1680 Ballistic Bottom Boot
# 9” x 12” Side Access Weatherproof Document Pocket
# Weatherproof Floating PVC Liner
# Ballistic Nylon Easy Access U Lock Pocket
# Extra Large Weather Shield
# PVC Coated Weatherproof YKK Zippers Throughout
# Ergonomic EVA Compression Molded Back Panel

To see everything Chrome check out their website or stop by their store in SF!

SO… about that giveaway! Here are the two ways to win:

(1) Leave a comment on this post with (a) why you need the weatherproof goodness and (b)which size/color you love most!

(2) TWITTER! Follow @notcot and tweet your favorite size/color with #chromebags in the tweet.

I’ll pick a random winner for each one on Monday (so get those in by Sunday midnight PST)!!!

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Pink is the colour of passion
Passion can bring me out in the rain

This is monday morning in Copenhagen, shiny and bright like never! Won’t lie. I might be the last to write..

But, Last night I should have been to school -but I didn’t go cause all the lines on my sketches would be swimming around in my bag. Not good bag.

I would like one of yours mutch better…Metropolis black/pink stripe…Metropolis size…

I don’t want the world, just what I deserve (The Gossip, Gunsn’bombs remix)

----- Belinda 22.03.09 22:53

The over the shoulder bag I have sucks for my bike commute. All the bike messengers have them, so they must rawk for a San Francisco bike commute!… Unfortunately, I don’t have a Chrome Bag. :(

I’d most love the Citizen in Grey/Black Stripe. Thanks, NOTCOT!!!

----- Justin 22.03.09 21:55

The Kremlin in Olive (left shoulder) would make me a much happier bike commuter for a bunch of reasons:

I’m a bike commuter living in Seattle, going to school for Biochemistry. With as many papers as I carry on a daily basis, the waterproof bag will save me from the all-too-common soggy lab reports.

The extra space will allow me to bring home the extra bottle of wine for the girlfriend, or an extra travel mug full of coffee for the all-nighters, or an extra clean shirt for the after-study party.

I’m rocking a decent, smallish, porous North Face backpack at the moment, and would absolutely love to rock a messenger bag. Thanks NOTCOT!

----- Joe Ban 22.03.09 21:37

go chrome! check out their outerwear too, wish i could afford it

----- ravi 22.03.09 21:17

i need a tough great looking bag so i don’t need to keep buying a new bag every single year when i get back to school. I probably used over $100 in the past five years, spending it on bags every year. I’ll use the chrome mini- metro bag (gray/orange stripe, or orange/black stripe)forever and ever. I will need this awesome back because whenever i use my Dakine messenger bag, and it is raining, my school papers always get wet and i hate it when that happens. I love how this bag looks, the person who invented this and designed is super genius!!!!! Please, i really need this bag!!!!

----- mary 22.03.09 21:14

I’ll be graduating in May with a Graphic Design degree and will be on the job hunt. This Bag would be perfect to take along to interviews, and then on to my new job. I would like the Metropolis Black/Black Black Buckle.

----- Steven Rivera 22.03.09 20:45

Why you need the weatherproof goodness?
Uuhh.. Doesn’t everyone want it? :)

Each time I went for island, holidays, or cross country tour, I just can’t find the perfect bag for travel along with me. I tried few tiptop brands each time but all broken just after the adventure ended.

Hehe.. I just fall in love with the unique design and all the secret functions that the Chrome bag can do.. Waterproof, nice color combination and many more.. Thus, I really appreciate for the Chrome Bags Pink/Red stripe, Citizen so that I can be the most stylish tourist with an eye-catcher awesome bag.

----- khanit 22.03.09 20:45

A. I come from the Land Down Under, there’s plenty of Thunder Down Under.
B. Mini Metro in White/White.

----- Andy Wana 22.03.09 20:42

Monsoon seasons and flash floods are so common in Malaysia that it’s a telltale sign to stay at home when the time comes. Plus, what better way to maintain my keepsakes warm and toasty whilst I brave the unforgiving weather?

Oh and I Heart Citizen Orange/Black Stripe.

----- Gary 22.03.09 20:17

I think that my husband should receive a metropolis orange/black stripe chrome bag because he not only is an admirer of the chrome bags and clever design, he has also been riding his bike to and from the train station to work and home since we moved to San Francisco. He has unselfishly agreed to move to SF even though he works in Sunnyvale so my commute to work can be reduced from 1 hour 30 minutes to 15-20 minutes. I hope you pick him, that would really make his day/year! Thank you!

----- oi Ho 22.03.09 20:16

I think the bag would be nice way to keep my commuting skivvies dry here in NYC when it starts raining, like it will for the next couple of months of Spring, once it stays consistently above freezing that is. I’d go with the size “Metropolis” in Orange w/ black stripe.

----- Mark Beattie 22.03.09 20:07

I need the waterproof goodness because I’m absentminded and bump into things or forget to check the weather forecast before I go out…things that aren’t darn near indestructible have no business being around me. I rather like the black on black Citizen…that’s about as large as I can still carry once I’ve stashed as many books as I can into it, and the black on black keeps it subtle…restrained.
Thank you and take care!!

----- Denise 22.03.09 19:24

I need this waterproofy baggie to protect me and my macbook air and my little puppy from being soaked by the rainy michigan rainfall.

----- Lux Lund 22.03.09 19:21

i need a waterproof bag to keep my big 17” laptop and my notes and white papers dry. always find myself accident prone and getting stuff INSIDE my bag wet. the kremlin/metropolis black w/ pink stripe seems to be big enough to do the job!

----- MonkeeBoo 22.03.09 19:15

I live 1.5 miles from school and I have to DRIVE back and forth.

I WISH I could ride my bike, but I can’t fit my laptop in my regular backpack, and I can’t ride my bike with my laptop bag :( Plus I might lose the extra 5 lbs I’ve gained since getting married last year!

That Kelly & White stripe Metropolis would be stupendous and I would get back in shape!!!

Thanks NOTCOT!

----- Jared Nance 22.03.09 19:11

I need one of these gorgeously rugged bags to keep my books and writing supplies dry and safe for when I travel through Asia and what’s more I need the secret pocket for me own rabbid who accompanies me on all of my adventures.

I would love the Mini. Metro in Black/pink stripe.

----- GemmaCharlotte 22.03.09 18:41

I need a chrome bag because I am moving to chicago next year for college (the school of the art institute of chicago). I will be depending the subway and train for the first time in my life and will no longer have a car! This bag would be perfect for lugging all of my stuff to class.
I would perfer the mini.metro in metropolis kelly/white stripe

----- Vivian 22.03.09 17:56

a. who doesn’t need a messanger bag? I got messages!! That, and right now I ride with my bag and a second bag, cause there’s no part for the computer.

b. citizen - pink and brown - hot-dang!

----- Frank Grove 22.03.09 17:55

I need the bag so I can carry around my life since NYC apartments are too small to store anything in. Mini.Metro black/black with black buckle please.

----- James 22.03.09 17:06

I need a waterproof bag because the laptop I bought doesn’t fit in the bag i have… and I’m broke because I bought the laptop…

I LOVE the Citizen Grey/Orange!!!

----- Timo 22.03.09 16:59

A laptop, sketchpad and a few books fit just fine in most average bags, but only a Chrome can accommodate those, and the various sundry items that I seem to acquire on my cycling travels through the city. Found ephemera, bought snacks, irresistible additions - all would fit wonderfully it the purple/pink metro. Also, it would look stellar with my new coat!

----- David 22.03.09 15:59

hi and hello from germany.. cool a giveaway just perfect for my drawing stuff so i can finally go out and do some outdoor-sketching, maybe my laptop will fit in too?.. for that i would like to have the metropolis black/black stripe (nice and simple :) PLEASE!
merci, thx and dankeschön

----- ahenjotah 22.03.09 15:24

A chrome bag is necessary for me because,the waterproofing will protect my electronic goodies from becoming soaked in the damp cave that I call my apartment. Plus, a volvo driver is always looking for the security of another safety belt! The kelly/white stripe brings me back to the days of playing on the geodome at Hynes elementary school. Go Huskies!

----- Daniel 22.03.09 14:54

I need the waterproof lining to keep my new laptop safe from the elements. And I’m totally sweating the metropolis black/black with black buckle. Totally sweet!

----- Greg 22.03.09 14:26

Oh, I’ve been wanting one of these! But can’t afford it :( My last messenger bag got stolen when my car was broken into a couple years ago. Now, as a student taking mass transit, I have to wait it out in rainy Portland, and need something that will keep my sketchbooks and texts safely dry.

The grey/orange metropolis would be incredible!

----- Catherine Chandler 22.03.09 14:25

I have a toddler and she has a lot of stuff. Baby bags cramp my style so I’d love the mid size bag in olive. I also like the hidden compartment so I can hide snacks from the wee one. Carrying his bag to work would be great because it’s waterproof and I take the train.

----- Addy 22.03.09 14:06

Chrome bags make the best kind of travel bag out there. I had used a citizen for a few years to carry around a laptop and “junk” to work. I have since moved closer to work, (A) and my requirements for a messenger bag have become a whole lot more realistic. I find myself riding my bike or skateboard, or walking, to work mostly every day, and as such I like to have a fresh shirt and comfortable shoes in my bag to change when I get there. My citizen bag doesn’t quite hold enough for my purpose, I have since passed it along to a friend who will now use it while riding his motorcycle. (B) My new favorite of the chrome bag line is the metropolis, it definitely holds more and as I ride about in my daily life I try to drive as little as possible, thus the need for a larger bag. I think the black bag with the khaki stripe looks quite classic. As an added bonus the black won’t show as much dirt or bike grease (because I carry spare parts and tools with me too!) as much as my old one did. All in all, I really don’t know what I’ll do on a day I don’t have one of these bags, they really are one of the most practical and durable bags I’ve ever come across. Everyone should have one.

----- Abram G. 22.03.09 14:05

So for many reason I could use this bag. First I live in a city where rain is common and I don’t drive. I commute to school, the gym and out at night on my bike rain or shine. I have water proof pants, a rain jacket and unfortunately not a waterproof backpack. So since money is tight I improvised and I wrap all my books and laptop is a plastic bag before heading off into the rain. Let me add that nothing says cool advertising grad school student like a macbook pro wrapped in a garbage bag. Also I love the black on black metropolis with the black buckle, that bag would make my life a little bit more bearable in the rain.

----- Brad 22.03.09 13:51

I need this bag for a gift for my father, who at 60 years old, has decided to take on a healthy lifestyle and start biking to work. Better late that never!

The mini metro, white/white (because he’s a clean freak).

Thanks Jean, keep it up!

----- Justin 22.03.09 12:51

After deciding to go back to school, I now find myself without a good bag to lug around a laptop, Wacom, sketchbook, and whatever textbooks I need for the day - plus keep them dry in this lovely misty, foggy San Francisco Bay Area I live in! The Citizen in Pastel Blue and Brown is so pretty, and looks like the perfect size. What a great giveaway!

----- Chelc 22.03.09 12:45

These bags are awesome. I saw a biker with one and it seemed a great alternative to the standard backback. The Metropolis Orange/Black Stripe bag would be a great gift for my soon to be world traveling son as he leave for a summer missions trip. Once he gets back he’ll be leaving again for university at George Fox up in the rainy Portland, OR area. The weather proof goodness would be ideal for up there. Right now he’s making do with a batman book bag he found at the dollar store. A student’s life is frugal and this would be the only way he would be able to get a bag that would outlast his college career. Tuition alone is keeping me too strapped to do much else.

----- ScottRobertson 22.03.09 12:45

I need the weatherproof goodness because I go to a university where, whenever it even LOOKS like rain, half the student body breaks out the HUGE golf umbrellas, knocking everyone in their path into the street and just being a nuisance. So then, to try and feel superior, I end up using no umbrella at all and getting completely soaked. Ha.

As for size/color, I think I’m going to be boring and go for the black/black Citizen. Or is that one too small? The Metropolis looks huge to me, but that’s what everyone else keeps asking for…

----- Jeremy 22.03.09 12:35

a. hurricane season in south florida…winters in canadian wilderness.

b. black. metropolis. black.


----- asha 22.03.09 12:35

I need a chrome bag because as a 5’0 lady, my Crumpler bag packed with my laptop breaks my back… not to mention those buckles are tomboy-hawt! I’d fall in love with the mini-metro with the black/white stripe, please! If I win, I’d be happy to donate my Crumpler to a worthy cause… =)

----- droxey 22.03.09 12:32

why? because i often puddle jump [though my laptop/ipod/etc & paper notes written in water-soluble lamy ink do not like this pastime] and i’m prone to falling in rivers. and i live in canada where we have to brave all the seasonal harshness of hail/snow/rain/.

the mini in gray with orange stripe. yeah baby!

----- lindsay 22.03.09 12:24

I need the weatherproof goodness because my vj rig keeps getting bigger and my bag keeps staying the same size! I clearly require a black on black metropolis.

On a side note, I’ve been lusting after a chrome for a few months now, but can’t afford it yet. So, clearly, this is fate! Awesome of you to do this.

----- mediapathic 22.03.09 12:16

I need one because not only will I be traveling in the South during thunderstorm season, I’ll also be traveling in Victoria, BC where it’s always rainy season!
Warsaw Black/Red if they’re in this; Citizen in Black/Red if they’re not.

Great giveaway!

----- Lance 22.03.09 12:15

I will be soon moving to Korea Town in Los Angeles although i only live 1 mile away from work. The reason? I really believe Los Angeles can make a change into public transportation. Korea Town has done a wonderful job with its metro stations and its condos/shopping centers built right on top of the stations! Now i can ride my bike to a station and take the Los Angeles subway to work. The Citizen sized back in black/black/silver buckle seems it would be table to keep my stuff intact :). Thanks!

----- James Park 22.03.09 12:11

im living in Lithuania. they say it’s a country of rain, and you know, i agree. so i think i need to have this waterproof bag to make my stuff safe from constant rain. metropolis purple/pink bag would also let me be the accent of the streets.

----- gabija 22.03.09 12:06

Mini.Metro. Black.black.black, because that’s how i roll. It’s either the Chrome bag or my wife’s old purse (my new murse?) to carry my camera/laptop/blogging adventure gear. sad…and seriously how is anyone going to respect my opinion when i am wearing a murse?

----- Beau 22.03.09 12:05

I’d love to have the Kremlin version ‘cause it’d make it easier to schlep my laptop, books, and my Hasselblad ‘cause it wouldn’t do to have it getting all wet. Besides, shouldn’t the teacher be prepared? I think the red/black would be the right color combination. Liverpool, natch! ;)

----- scott 22.03.09 12:03

I love the Warsaw Black/Red. I need it because my last messenger bag broke last week and I need a weatherproof and resistant bag for carrying my laptop and all my stuff during the rainy spring

----- Mar 22.03.09 11:03

I need a weatherproof bag to hold over my head like a stupid hat to keep dry while I walk home.

Citizen Black/Black!

----- robert 22.03.09 11:02

I would absolutely love a new bag right now because the old Timbuktu bag I had donated to me years ago is too small to carry all my stuff since my bike is my main mode of transportation and it’s missing a strap so I’m in constant back pain from carrying so much crap on my back in an awkward position for so much riding time.

I don’t know if the Warsaw is a choice, but if it is then I’d dig a gray one of those because the double straps would help my back out a lot. Otherwise, a black 25” of the original messenger bag would be great too. Old school style messenger bags look way better I think, but I gotta go with what’s gonna be the easiest to ride with and carry all my equipment.

----- Tucker 22.03.09 11:02

Love the mini black/olive; would be great in rainy Victoria BC for ferrying music manuscripts back and forth.

----- Erin 22.03.09 09:31

i am on the UCSB triathlon team and ive been in need of a good bag for my gear, especially the swim stuff (wetsuit, goggles, swim camp, jammers, towel, sometimes fins and paddles, and uniform). this bag would be great to keep the gear i use for the swim separate from my cycling kit and running shoes. itd also work great for my swim practices. for now i use my back pack which gets damp and moldy on occasion =(
navy/yellow stripe are gauchos colors and the natural choice for me

----- alex 22.03.09 09:10

Well as an artist, I’m constantly carrying everything on me at all times that I need to draw. Thats paper, clipboard, lots of red col-erase pencils, erasers, sharpener, comics, artbooks, ipod w/ fat headphones and a huge bag of copic markers. The bag I have now is actually a laptop bag and I always have to leave my markers behind among other things. Oh to have a bag that could hold it all and keep it safe.

----- Dan 22.03.09 08:49

Trudging around campus in the Michigan weather means snow in the morning, sun at noon, and rain at night… These bags sound like they can make it through whatever the weather can throw at me….

----- Steve 22.03.09 08:45

I’m a rookie volunteer firefighter on our local fire dept. and I need something sturdy and waterproof to keep my stuff in.
Ok Jean, it’s true about the volunteer firefighter but I just want to win something, anything, from all the cool things on your website.
Black on black would be great. & thanks for asking.

----- Jim Josue' 22.03.09 08:27

a: The thing is I don’t have a backpack or a sports bag of any sort, it’s really bad. I’ve been looking for one for ages, but my taste is too expensive for me when it come to backpacks, obviously. I really need one though, as I’m an arts student and have to carry all sorts of stuff with me often on bike. I live in Estonia, the wheather here is not at all good and my clothes and bags get all wet and muddy when on bike. Plus I’m planning on going on a trip around Europe with my friends on summer, where it would really come in handy.
b: Mini.Metro as I’m a tiny girl myself :), black/black buckle

----- Liisa 22.03.09 07:19

Because I wanna look like a pose-enger hipster with a cool bag that is weatherproof enough to take beer spills as I ride around in my gas-guzzling SUV. And I also need a bag with a buckle so heavy I could use it as a blunt weapon. So yeah, throw me a black on black citizen, why don’t you.

----- adrian darmono 22.03.09 07:13

I’m a CITIZEN riding my bike in the metropolis of Kansas, hoping not to be shot, ORANGE AND BLACK STRIPE would be a benefit.

----- Michael Robbins 22.03.09 05:28

I like the design and I need a waterproof bag for an array of electronic gadgets used for outdoor rec. I like the Metropolis black/black, black buckle.

----- Stanley 22.03.09 04:22

I need this Bag because I am always on the run because I am Freelancer - My Laptop and my Tablet are always with me - With this Bag I don´t have to worry that my babies are going to be wet.
My choice is the Citizen Black/Black Stripe.
over and out

----- Matt 22.03.09 03:31

I walk many miles, many sorrows… most of which I call my own. I have this propensity to attract rain and dust; I think the sorry state that I vagabond myself through life has made me a human lighting rod. I can mostly blame this on the WAY. The way things turned out, the way she looked at me with disdain, the way I inspire pity on to men and women alike… but mostly the way of life I have chosen.

I walk because I care to make a change in this world; but not enough to make it for my own. I walk because I hate asking for rides, for favors, for bus change, for any spare pride. I despise people who pick you up like you just came out of soccer practice. What you like to ‘play hard’ but are to lazy to walk the two miles home? I despise these people, and they have every right to despise me.

Looking at me so high and mighty. I don’t care, I… I am a poet. I write through the street, out on the road, directly on the road, and on the wall. But alas! What is a poet without his books and his paper. The road and sour sorrows of sweet melodic vagabonding dissolve through my fingers every time that I wake up on a puddle, that the rain has poured on me. I lost my books (Oh Whitman my Whitman, Capt. Ahab, Old Mariner, and Odysseus sail across the street to new adventures), I lost my writings, my ink turned runny. And there with my glass of rain-diluted wine standing in the middle of the road, I watched my poems drown in the mud.

These are hard times for poets, and harder ones for poets who now know of the sweet melody of Chrome Bags, made waterproof and made to last like a ironclad dream, made of divine proportions in its metropolis design, and of Burgundy hue (anything that relates to wine we poets just dig, you know). Drought of dreams and hopes just plague my heart in the middle of the pouring rain, and up to my knees in mud, wet poems, and sighs to better times.

I don’t need your pity, I need your bag.

----- Daniel Alvarez 22.03.09 02:49

i’m one of the very few people who ride a bike in my area and i have a tendency to get splashed by meanies in their car… that’s why i need something waterproof!

i like the mini metro in orange and white - something that stands out when i have to ride during the evenings.

----- anntje 22.03.09 01:31

I Love the city size : doesn’t overwhelm my frame, Yet I still can get all the souvenirs of a pat-rack life around. In classic navy, though i’m still hoping for beachy navy white vertical stripe combo one day. (Hear that chrome? i’d totally get that.)

And I need a chrome bag because its almost, April and where i live that = raiiiiiiin (complete with 7 i’s) yet somehow my professors at uni doesn’t view not being able to get my things to class dry as an adequate excuse for not showing up.

----- ChaToyya 22.03.09 00:59

I walk to work, you know for the exersize and to save on gas. But I live in the northeast so I need a bag that can deal with the weather. Also as an engineer I have a behemoth of a laptop to haul around as well as a whole bunch of gadgets :-). I would go for the Warsaw black/red because the picture with the box strapped to it (awesome btw) has totally happened to me, except I didnt have the warsaw so I had to carry the darn thing. Only thing that would make it cooler is if it had the seatbelt type clip of the larger messenger bags.

----- Matt 21.03.09 22:20

I need a Citizen sized Chrome Bag because my Timbuk2 is a piece of junk, and I’ve suffered with it for too long. Actually, because of this post, I’ll probably break down and buy a black on black if I don’t win it.

----- Joe Blankholm 21.03.09 21:49

I work for my cousin who a few years ago started what is now the largest green building supply company in Ohio. With that said, Ohio, as you may know is known for it’s wacky weather predictions. Most of the time this sucks for those of us who ride our bikes to work because only god knows if its really going to rain (flip a coin). A lot of the times we ride to work we are transporting samples of materials, valuable binders and work related documents as well as a laptop. These can not get wet! also it can be difficult to cram so much into a backpack. I would like to win this for him. He just had his first born a couple weeks ago and with riding season on its way id like to give him something nice and completely useful that he otherwise would not want to spend so much money on.
The company colors are light green, orange, and grey, so im thinking the grey/orange stripe would be best pick. in this case the bigger the better! thanks guys.

----- garet 21.03.09 21:14

I need this bag because I am currently without one, and my arms are tired from carrying all of my stuff around. Let me tell you, It’s hard to keep Oklahoma’s torrential rains off of important schoolbooks when you have no spiffy waterproof bag. I’d love the metropolis blue/ brown stripe…

----- Lori 21.03.09 21:04

My college closed down- but we (the faculty, staff and students) are continuing uninterrupted, without our beloved campus, within our town. Which means carting around all of my school work and computer in a bag that is literally ripping at the seams. There’s important stuff in there. I would like this bag in black with pink stripe (our school colors), in the metropolis size.

----- Rose 21.03.09 20:57

I need this bag for days on my Vespa when it starts to rain.

----- Tom V 21.03.09 19:57

Why you need the weatherproof goodness?
Uuhh.. Doesn’t everyone want it? :)

Each time I went for island, holidays, or cross country tour, I just can’t find the perfect bag for travel along with me. I tried few tiptop brands each time but all broken just after the adventure ended.

Hehe.. I just fall in love with the unique design and all the secret functions that the Chrome bag can do.. Waterproof, nice color combination and many more.. Thus, I really appreciate for the Chrome Bags Pink/Red stripe, Citizen so that I can be the most stylish tourist with an eye-catcher awesome bag.

----- khanit 21.03.09 18:50

i need this bag.

because? my backback for school is torn and ripped at every corner and though i’d look muy macho i”d love to have this bag LOVE TO


----- karolline 21.03.09 17:44

I live in a day and age where the world is flooded and the race for dryland has begun. Being a mutant version of a human I live on a giant catamaran with web feet. Life has been grand except I always get my personal belongings wet from…well from so much water. If it is either trading fugitives girls on my boat to creepy guys or exploding giant oil tankers all of my belonging get soaked. And what else to keep them dry then a black and black metropolis, able to keep my weapons, flares, and child with tattoo at bay.

----- Thomas Jones 21.03.09 17:17

I need a water-proof bag in preparation for the torrential rain Georgia will soon be recieving! Its very hard to go to school and open up your binder and realize all your papers are soaking wet….

However, with this bag everything would be different. The world would be different. Life, in general, would change.

----- Claire 21.03.09 15:53

Hello there, friend! I need the weatherproof goodness to protect my stuff when I bike! It’s also roomy enough for my chihuahua who likes to join my bike rides ! I prefer the Metropolis black/black stripe combo. Thanks!

----- Melissa L 21.03.09 14:41


I want a Metropolis in all white. I’m currently rocking the all black messenger bag daily, for all transportation - no car needed. I want a bag that will show the wear and abuse more, plus my bike is all white.

And I could never afford a white Visvim messenger bag.

----- James 21.03.09 14:15

(a). I am that stupid kid that treks to class everyday no matter how horrendous the weather is. All of my notebooks are perma-waterlogged, and I mean all of them: my moleskines, my stupid calc notebook, my lab notebooks, my chem notebooks—It seems I am perpetually caught in one downpour or another. I may actually be a lost cause at this point, but a chrome bag seems to be the only thing that will save me from eventually destroying every piece of paper/electronic device I own.
(b) mini.metro fluorescent pink/brown

----- Josie 21.03.09 13:54

I travel alot, and a waterproof backpack would be great for keeping my stuff dry when I walk around! I love the Warsaw in black.

----- wendy 21.03.09 12:49

i live in eastern Canada, hot rainy muggy summers and blizzard like winter conditions. i ride my bike to school everyday 45 minutes each way. which i guess everyone else does as well it seems. i like having new stuff so if you could gift me the navy/yellow colourway, it would make my day just that much better. thanks!

keep it real!

----- will 21.03.09 12:36

Pretty slick, I prefer the mini metro black on black

----- Christy 21.03.09 12:08

To ride around town (Winnipeg, Manitoba) on my beloved bicycle, Jessica Alba with the Metropolis Black/Black Black Buckle strapped to my back would make me pleased as punch. This city is bananas in terms of weather. You can be out cycling in a t-shirt one minute, optimistic for March in Winnipeg, psyched on the semi-spring weather and then drenched in a sudden rainstorm thanks to weather that turns on a dime. The rain obviously turns into snow and before you know it, you are riding for your life on slicks in a city with the saddest infrastructure in the world in the middle of a whiteout wearing nothing but a goddamned t-shirt. A proper all-weather Chrome bag would save this girl a whole lot of heartbreak. Or at least keep my back warm. But that is just me.

Thanks very much for the kind offer.
Best regards, Meg.

----- Meg Kroeker 21.03.09 11:45

i would love to gift this bag to my old man who works hard to make it, pounds the pavement on his fixed every day to and from work, and needs a stylie diaper bag while he plays super dad for his newborn daughter. the metropolis in burgundy/charcoal would be right up his alley, while he bombs down someone elses. thank you much!

----- Jovane Rinne 21.03.09 11:37

(A) (A) (A)!!! While biking the lovely streets of Minneapolis, MN yesterday, I happened to feel a few drops of rain fall on my head as I cruised past Prince who was dancing on the sidewalk (ok, that last part isn’t true). I thought little of this water because hell, this is Minneapolis—I bike through 6 months of sloppy, slushy, snowy, blizzard conditions, and negative zero temperatures—surely a little rain can’t hurt me. Right?

As I flew past cars while jamming to the smooth tunes of the Dead Kennedy’s and Black Flag, the rain drops quickly turned into a full fledged downpour assault on my back. Again, I thought little of this, as I had all my belongings neatly placed and secured on my back in my trusty Jansport.

As I returned home, drenched from water but energized from the fresh Minnesota spring air, I noticed that my Jansport may not have held up as well as I had thought. I franticly opened my bag to find that everything had been—RUINED. My notebook, school folders, my IPOD, and half a dozen CDs (including Dillinger 4, Agnostic Front, The Germs, Minor Threat, and a few other crucial jams….very disheartening).

Do I want this to happen again? NO. But now, with my faith completely lost in using my Jansport Backpack for my 8 mile bike commute to school and work, I’m left looking for answers—of which can only be answered by a little bike company named Chrome.

THIS my friends, is why I, yes I, need a waterproof Chrome bag.

(B) (B) (B)!!! Let’s not be silly here— a Black/Black stripe Citizen is surely the only sensible way to go. Anyone who is seriously serious about commuting via bike in rain or shine knows black is where it’s at. And besides, I need something that will hold up to all the stains and spills the weather throws at me here in MN, at still look good when it’s all said and done. The bag is mine.

----- Nick 21.03.09 11:18

a) because : 1. I can`t buy this bag, cos I live far away from USA (:#); 2. I don’t have credit card to by this fab bag online (OMG!, o yeah that’s true no plastic for me); 3. My 7 year old bag(and not weatherproof too) is small for short photo trips on bicycle around my country so I have to carry big clumsy photo bag…sometimes I return home without a single snap…so maybe this reasons are reasonable to receive this fab bag :)
b) If I were to be chosen, I would pick the Metropolis/size : Citizen /color : black/black black buckle

----- Nave 21.03.09 09:22

1. my car just kicked the bucket and i’m not getting a new one! i’ll need something to carry all my stuff around in on my bike. also, who doesn’t want a secret pocket?!?!!
2. loving the citizen in black/red stripe. i didn’t see one, but if there was black/orange stripe that would be incredible…

----- Adrea 21.03.09 08:00

A) I recently lost ten inches of skin,
causing me to FINALLY give-in
to my girl’s desire for me to install
a brake on my bicy-call.
She had promised me a messenger bag, yet woe is me…
we now have no salary.

B) A black/white stripe civilian would be a great tool in rainy, sunny, sweaty, humid, Miami. My 16 mile daily commute to school would get a lot more pleasant, both for me and my laptop; my whimpy middle-school-grade backpack has been giving both of us a hard time.

----- Arthur R. 21.03.09 07:39

1)I need a waterproof chrome bag so when caught in the rain I can jump inside it and hitch a ride on a biker. That way while i’m inside i can work on any video projects on hand and what not. It would also let me use my underwater entrance to my secret lair in NYC when out with my equipment… Man waterproof bags make everything a bit more adventurous.

2) Favorite Size: Citizen
Favorite Color: Orange/Black Stripe

----- Francsico V 21.03.09 06:03

I need a Chrome bag because the bag I got from the Salvation Army 5 years ago, which is awesome in it’s own right, is sadly falling apart. And it doesn’t really fit my computer now that I have a 15” MacBook Pro. And the weather! Oh the weather can be harsh! Harsh in Brooklyn and rainy cold when I’m in Portland. A chrome bag would save me and serve me in all locales.

size: citizen
color: burgundy/charcoal

----- Andrew 21.03.09 05:26

Well, you see, I am dabbling in ceramics lately, specifically in porcelain, and I need a white on white bag I can splatter the white-chocolate-like clay on without fear that my expensive goodies (camera equipment, laptop, tablet, et cetera) will be ruined…
plus, the hefty bag should allow me to bike fresh batches of clay to and fro!
Besides, Monsoon Season is coming up, and being caught in 3-odd-months of deluges and sandstorms (which, for those who don’t know, entails mud falling from the sky…not a pretty sight…) would definitely render the weatherproof goodness of a Chrome bag VERY useful! And once Monsoons are over, I’m off to Burning Man, where the dust will render my camera useless without adequate protection!

And I can offer you a lovely bribe, for the white/white stripe Mini.Metro or the Warsaw… though what exactly said bribe is, you’ll have to wait and see, you can get a hint, though: it just came out of the kiln!
But who knows, I might send it to you anyways!

----- Maia Jane 21.03.09 01:32

Because it’s perfect for all the things I have to carry without torturing my back… love the black/red. Any size would make me happy, but if I have to choose.. citizen.

----- Andrea 20.03.09 22:34

a) This stuff is just what everybody needs, i love playing with different styles, and there is something so unique about this bag, you could replace just about every prada/gucci bag with this and it will probably measure to their awesomeness but in a different way. I think it would be great for me to carry around this bag rain or shine, its so practical and euphoric. The seatbelt buckle is definitely one of a kind. I tend to swap styles while out, i could stash a mini wardrobe in there, swap from my day time converse to my nightime heels, stuff my leather jacket in there and replace it with a scarf. It would definitely complete any look :)
++ Being a student experimental photographer would be great to keep all my technical equipment and carry it around, i like to travel/go places, and capture different moments. I always find my self stuffing my bags until its full and hand carrying a bunch of stuff because i cant fit it in.
This is the answer to all my problems
b)Mini Metro- Black/Black Stripe

Note: living in singapore

----- Amelia Yim 20.03.09 21:39

Whoa, I need a Warsaw pack in black. I carry my business around with me laptops, disks, tools and spare parts. I kill a rolly case every 4 months, and have to carry wrap everything when it rains. MMMMM, 1000d cordura and waterproof! And I’ll get street cred for carrying Chrome, just like the hard core messengers. Now if only they’d stop laughing at my three-speed…

----- Parasat 20.03.09 21:24

Because I’m a mess :(

----- cin 20.03.09 21:22

Well my current bag, which is not waterproof, is falling apart. If I were to be chosen, I would pick the Roll-top, Pawn in Black/Red.

----- Lisa 20.03.09 19:21

This bag maybe the only thing that could make here in North Dakota! I commute by bicycle daily and I’ve found nothing yet that can take the punishment of subzero temperatures. I’d be happy to give it a thorough testing. I need a bag as tough as the weather!

----- Justin 20.03.09 18:41

Because I just gave my backpack to my dad and am looking for a new one. I like the grey metropolis bag with the black stripe.

----- Lisa 20.03.09 18:27

a) film student, need to protect equipment/gadgets. would love to do it with one crazy durable bag, instead of many flimsy ones
b) mini metro, black/olive please!

----- Alice 20.03.09 16:24

A) There are so many reasons I need a Chrome messenger bag - from the day to day biking around Boston to my intermittent travel escapades - that it is definitely the perfect bag for me. I work at a hospital as a sleep study technician which equals weird hours and, ironically enough, little sleep. I also enjoy traveling the world on a shoestring budget. Ergo, I need a bag that can keep up with me. With its easy one-handed adjustment shoulder strap and quick release buckle, I know I’d comfortably be able to carry everything I needed - secure in its weatherproof home - no matter where I was going, be it ride sharing to Texas and back or biking over to the hospital in record time. Either way, I would definitely be arriving in style.

B) Metropolis in Black/Black stripe

----- Kristen 20.03.09 15:52

I would love to have a chrome bag because mine was recently stolen. I loved my bag because I ride my bike everyday to Grad School in Baltimore and I am a poor student. My parents offered to buy a cheap replacement but I would rather go bagless than Chromeless. I loved my brown roll top.

----- Keelin Mayer 20.03.09 15:44

Very cool bags! I like the looks of the Mini-Metro and the basic go with anything black. It would help me lug all the stuff in a decent bag instead of the “Safeway Samsonite” I’m using now…

----- John Fisher 20.03.09 15:21

A:: why? because this bag would be perfect for my first year of grad school at the college of architecture at texas tech! (and every year after that for the rest of my life!) and also because the backpack i currently have isn’t as cool as a chrome messenger bag!

B:: which one? i could definitely see myself wearing the grey mini.metro with the black stripe!

----- adrian 20.03.09 14:21

I would love to have a bag to carry around that won’t get wet when it rains or snows (and then walking into a building to have all the snow melt). I’m a college student and so a bag like this would be very helpful when getting around campus. Also, I’ll soon be living off campus, and a bag like this would be great for keeping my lunch, books, and everything else I’ll need for the day.
As for size and color, I like the mini metro in black/pink. I love all these giveaways you do on Notcot. They’re so fun

----- Heather 20.03.09 13:51

Simply, I can’t resist!!!!!!! Just LOVE stuff both fashionable AND practical!
This is perfect for my husband who works UPS!
This bag would be soooo cool w/ brown uniform!!!!


(b)Citizen/ Brown&Black stripe!!!!!!!!!

----- saho taylor 20.03.09 13:49

I need one to keep my stuff dry in case of suprise showers in Nashville!

I prefer the black on black metropolis…

----- Brian Evans 20.03.09 13:17

I need it, because I am a designer.

----- omcdesign 20.03.09 13:10

I live in Seattle and it rains everyday of the year. I have sketchbooks, cameras, and precious goods I carry with me everywhere. Plus, I just really like these bags.

----- Brandon Page 20.03.09 13:09

I need the waterproofness to protect my origami bunny collection, and I love the purple/pink.

----- James 20.03.09 13:05

Oh, Richmond Va…she has toyed with my mental state and sent me through a gauntlet of emotions with her weather trickery. One minute it’s gorgeous/sunny/65 degrees, then without warning will turn into miserable/drizzle/downpour/42 degrees. This turn into a bag that is just as wet on the outside and turning sketchbooks and girlscout cookies into what seems to be used toilet paper with a minty scent.

I would love to have the Citizen in Royal/white so that i can fit my growing stud of a dog. the current bag I have doesn’t seem to have enough room to carry my Frenchie Napoleon anymore, which means i have to DRIVE to the dog park and trails now.

----- nikki 20.03.09 12:43

a) i recently had a run-in with an onion and a serrated knife, and left with 7 stitches in my hand. I’m in need of some cheer-up-ings.

p.s. poor id student with a hike to class.

b)citizen burgundy / charcoal stripe is dreamy

----- trish 20.03.09 12:19

Why?? Because I am an urban warrior dammit! The concrete jungle dish out a hard lesson in warfare and you need gear that will survive the assault! Orange and Black of course, for safety!

----- wendell 20.03.09 11:59

I need Chromes weatherproof goodness becuase i rely on my bicycle for full commute on a day to day basis in the city of Chicago and have to carry quite a few supplies to and from class… a forty minute ride.

favorite color brown.
favorite size. medium.

----- Michael Heck 20.03.09 11:54

his name is Baker Ogden Gould, he is 6 weeks old, and his mother’s Kate Spade diaper bag doesn’t go with anything I own. I could use this beautifully rugged bag (citizen/black) to transport all the stuff needed to transport a baby.

----- rik 20.03.09 11:50

a) big fan, portland rain; like practically everyone else!

b) blackblackblack citizen!

----- jack 20.03.09 11:41

i need a mini.metro in grey/black stripe because im from new orleans and if we get another hurricane i dont have anything stylish to preserve my preservables in!!! help me prepare for my next evacuation in style! ;D

----- sheri' 20.03.09 11:37

I have been stalking these bags for a while now. I would love to get one.

----- thadd fiala 20.03.09 11:36

a)office got moved, commute just jumped from 4 to 15 miles each way. need a place to stash work clothes/lunch while i sweat it out in the phoenix summer.

b)metropolis, burgandy/charcoal stripe. to match the steamroller of course.

----- Jared 20.03.09 11:17

I’m a petite girl who’s always lugging around huge cameras for photo shoots. I’m a student photographer, and every weekend, I trek to different people’s houses all over Boston and take pictures of them in their living room and kitchen and backyard (it’s a project I’m working on). I’m also always photographing on the streets (I love street portraits) - in rain or shine, and a chrome bag would totally help keep my cameras dry and clean - and I wouldn’t have to wrap my cameras in towels when I’m trekking around in the rain / snow (you know how that New England weather is). I’d like to keep my books dry too when I’m going to class and such… but my cameras have (curiously enough) taken kind of a higher priority than those books…haha. Anyway, I’d like the black/black/black buckle Citizen - I would so appreciate and be eternally grateful for this kind of lifestyle bag that would help out my photography tons!

----- Natalie 20.03.09 11:08

I need this because I either bike or take the shuttle to work every day, so I need something to store all my stuff in! warsaw olive/black

----- Jeremy 20.03.09 10:51

a. I need a Chrome Bag because they have so much style and I want to be a part of that! Also- I’m a design student with a bag full of markers, paper, etc… and I ride my bike EVERYDAY :) b. Mini Metro in Burgundy/Charcoal please.

----- Robyn Meier 20.03.09 10:29

I would love a chrome bag because like chrome i believe in a no nonsense approach to life/riding, but still keeping style top dead center. I ride everyday and you will find a very similar weather proofing to me and my bike, but if i just had a bag that is not as thirsty for the rain/muck as my old army bag.i want a chrome bag if not just for weatherproofing, to have an abundance of color i would love rock the khaki/red metropolis on the streets of Denver.

cheers notcot………..love the website!

----- jacob bouchard 20.03.09 10:29

This is sad i have one of these bags and i dont have a secrete pocket :(

----- Jacob 20.03.09 10:28

Under the sea
if gifted a bag
is where I’d be -
there is one snag.

Fulfilling my dream
requires a chrome.
White/white to gleam
through the foam

as my skin
the cit-i-zin
fits my snorkel
and my fin!

----- ingrid 20.03.09 10:26

dagnabbit. i’ve had one of these messenger bags for about three years, and i didn’t know about the secret pocket…


----- phraust 20.03.09 10:23

I want to show off the Chrome goodness to everyone and I practically live out of my bag now. I like the purple/pink combination, its so fun!

----- candace 20.03.09 10:08

I’m about to graduate from design school and so I’ll be broke forever till I get a job. So then I pull out of Taco Bell and BOOM my engine in my car breaks, So it appears it’ll be me and the bike for a while trying to get to class/job/elsewhere. I need something to carry my stuff on me. black/black metropolis would be prefered.

----- Rob J. 20.03.09 09:59

I need one cause I want one, and here in North Carolina it can be 70Deg and rain, then 2 days later be 40Degs and sunny. Of course during the summer it is just hoy and humid, a waterproof liner will keep my sweat off my stuff. I like the Kremlin. I have 2 small messenger bags, a bigger one would be useful.
Thanks for the chance.

----- Jason 20.03.09 09:50

What a nice idea!!!!

I still have my beloved old mess-bag that travelled the world and cycled some thousends rides with me!It was a protector of my goods and sometimes a pillow for me…
But it has almost lost its strength and colour because of the strong autralian sun and a couple of washing-mchine-rides after mudfights with my bike…
So it might need a rest now and a younger sibling, called Metropolis in olive and black…

----- moveaholic 20.03.09 09:11

I need one because I live in Northern California (What is this “sun” thing that everyone keeps talking about?) and I have 2 active kids (and all their crap…I mean gear that comes with us EVERYWHERE.) I’m a simple girl. I like just plain old black. Thank you!

----- nashay clemons 20.03.09 08:36

Perfect for my boyfriend’s beach/camp bag!
metropollis…he is quite big guy. camo/black stripe looks great!

----- Eiko 20.03.09 08:26

The waterproofing would keep my records dry and I want it. Black on black would be nice.

----- Vincent 20.03.09 08:03

As the proud papa to 2 kids under 2, I need the weatherproof(puke,pee,babyfood,crayon,drool-proof) Chrome to keep my computer and work materials fresh and clean. The new Warsaw in Black/Red has me quite smitten.

----- Ryan 20.03.09 07:43

because it’s the first day of spring here in NYC and it’s SNOWING.

----- chris 20.03.09 07:42

mini metro or citizen
grey orange, black pink, black white
im not picky
i live in dc and just had my computer ruined from rain while it was in my bag. it would be nice to have something to protect my computer and camera.

----- cecily 20.03.09 07:28

a) I need the weatherproof / indestructible goodness because my dog ate my last bag yesterday.

b) I would prefer the Metropolis Black/Black Stripe

----- keggers 20.03.09 06:51

Currently using a 15-year-old Jansport to tranport a $2000 mac laptop on my bike to work. I ride a cheap bike to work everyday with a fancy laptop that still isn’t paid for on my back to do graphic design/web design for a humble salary. I worry about my laptop all the time, since its my bread & butter! Summer rain is coming, help me shelter my means of living.

Metropolis Grey/Orange is my preference as a Draplin fan, but I’d be proud to sport any color!

----- Janeen 20.03.09 06:33

because the strap on my current 5 year old messenger bag is frayed about a quarter of the way through and will snap any day now…

Orange/Black Stripe, citizen please!

----- clarence 20.03.09 06:24

I need a Chrome bag to take home the bunnies I find on my journeys, to add to my personal collection. Most bunnies fit perfectly in a Mini Metro and they obviously like a colors!!

----- Eelco 20.03.09 06:15

I can’t say I live somewhere exciting, just little old Kansas, but to be honest, our weather here changes about every 30 minutes… I’ve gone through 4 messenger bags in so many years, and I am currently without a bag that can handle my active life combined with Kansas’ unpredictibility. My laptop, wacom tablet, and I would love you forever. The Citizen (metropolis Grey with black stripe) would be beautiful.

----- Jacque 20.03.09 06:00

…because i recently became unemployed :(

----- jeremy 20.03.09 05:52

to put in my laptop, notebook, etc - gray and black

----- miki 20.03.09 05:29

Have you ever tried to find a decent looking diaper bag? This would be perfect! Stylish & weatherproof to keep all the baby bits and diapers dry (at least while they are in the bag). I need one!Metropolis pastel blue / brown stripe.
Please help new parents stay stylish.

----- matt 20.03.09 04:31

Pick me please!! The monsoon season has just started in Singapore and I need to keep my brand new MBP 15” dry as I bike around the island in this dreaded weather… the Warsaw in Black/Red would be perfect :)

----- chernwei 20.03.09 01:04

a) i need one for protect my camera, strobs, i have the smallest chromebag, and it’s too short for what i need etc..
b) Warsaw Black/Red, I’ve tried a chrome bagpack last month, their are amazing !
c) sorry for my bad english o:)

----- edouard 20.03.09 00:52

as a poor college student that travels by bike to school everyday. one of these chrome waterproof bags are really helpful to keep the books and electronics safe..

i would love to get the mini metro. metropolis black and white stripe.

----- ruby 20.03.09 00:18

Why I need? Cycling every day in Budapest, Hungary and carry lot of stuff to work.
And of course, its a very cool bag.

citizen in black/red stripe

----- TheDotkom 20.03.09 00:05

I could totally use that Warsaw in the Grey/Red. It would allow me to ride to school and get my laptop there without having to worry about unexpected rain. I’d also be able to lug my books and not worry about panniers quite yet.Which would be rad.

----- bibliogrrl 19.03.09 22:33

I live in Seattle, so you can imagine just how much rain protection I need.

I would love the Mini.Metro Metropolis Black/Red Stripe.

----- craftydabbler 19.03.09 21:51

Unlike everybody else i NEED this chrome bag! I live in the very rainy city of Vancouver,BC and my bicycle is my only means of transport so RAIN or shine i have to pedal my ass to and from where ever i may go. I did own a Manhattan Portage messenger bag but after 6 months or so it began to fall apart, I would have bought a Chrome but being a poor student i stupidly went cheap. If you are to choose me (PLEASE DO!) i would like to be the cool kid at school with the Citizen Red/Sky. THANKS!

----- Earl Allen 19.03.09 21:38

Dear Notcot,

P-p-p-please choose me, because I (a) carry a laptop, which (b) is pretty swanky and (c) is owned by my employers, and (d) I (often) bus and walk to work, in (e) Seattle, which, as you may know, (f) can be very, very wet. If you make the right call and give it to me, I would love the Metropolis 20” black/red one.

----- yunmen 19.03.09 21:36

a) I live in Portland, its more wet than dry, my books, papers and phone have all gotten soaked, hard to turn in a damp resume.
b) I love the Warsaw in black, but would be happy with any of them!

----- Sina 19.03.09 21:19

(a) Need the waterproofiness because I bike around in the Northeast, which is wet a lot, AND my waterbottles tend to always leak in my non-waterproof bags, causing my butt to get wet.

(b) I loves me that Metropolis in Red/Sky!

----- Christina 19.03.09 21:08

I want Metropolis Orange / Black Stripes, I need waterproof bag because I always spill coffee on my bag!!!!

Please Please give me this bag

----- David Levi 19.03.09 20:29

Hi there-

I got laid off at the beginning of January when my company downsized due to the recession. I am technically eligible to collect unemployment payments, however, I cannot honestly allow myself to take money from the government during a time like this, especially when I could easily find work as a messenger. I start work at 7:30 am (5 am if i’m lucky to get a line standing job) and ride until 6 pm most days.

The bag I use now is left over from my first stint as a messenger. It is beginning to fall apart, water sometimes seep onto my cargo, it has very little extra space for things like a bag lunch, and worst of all… it is bright purple. I would like a different bag that helps me do my job better, but it’s just not in the budget. So please, help me out and give me a black/black warsaw.

oh wait, just read that the winners will be chosen at random. Hope this bag is a big help with holding your macbook pro’s guys!

----- Msb 19.03.09 20:27

A: I will be going off to college in a couple months. It’s gonna help me be prepared for everything. Ohh yes. (and as a college student, i’m going to need all the free stuff i can get)

B: The citizen with the black and the white stripe looks pretty damn punking. I like that.

----- Jeff 19.03.09 20:04

I just moved to Vancouver for school, and I find the place delightful.Sadly though we lack sunshine here, it rains the vast majority of the time! It seems like I’m always sopping wet, but I’d love for my stuff to survive the season! They all look quite nice, but if I could choose, it would be that fabulous white stripe.

----- Kylene 19.03.09 19:18

My work issued me a MacBook and my old Ogio backpack just isn’t cutting it.

Size: Citizen to be safe, and black/red stripe.


----- C. Christy Concrete 19.03.09 19:03

I would love a Chrome Mini-Metro in Black with red stripe. I bike to school every day in humid weather in the South Eastern US, and when it rains it REALLY rains. A Chrome bag would be a godsend in keeping my portfolio safe and dry.

----- Castronaut 19.03.09 18:43

Ok, i really don’t need a chrome bag to keep my stuff dry… I,m deep in Guerilla gardening, but i’m living in a very dry dessertlike area, … so i need this bag to keep may plants wet when i transport them to the plantingside in the citiy! ;-)

Ok, maybe thats not the first reason, but i love this kind of bag cause it’s great for biking!

I would prefer a Metropolis Orange/Black! Jepp!!!

----- Karsten 19.03.09 18:39

The black with black stripe and black buckle is gorgeous!

And considering I’ve gone through no fewer than 5 bags since September, I think it’s safe to say that I need something a little more durable than the so-called “quality” bags I’ve been lugging around.


----- Marianne 19.03.09 18:38

In Tampa Bay, the weatherproof goodness is essential when getting your business home when a hurricane is bearing down on the town. The Citizen in black is perfect for such an emergency…

----- Douglas Arnold 19.03.09 18:05

There’s a hundred different reasons I could use a bag like this, especially because it’s water proof! I live in North East Ohio, and although it doesn’t rain much here, it snows like crazy! And from experience snow can be even worse than rain. I’m only 15, so driving home after school is pretty much out of the question, and walking is what I do rain or snow.

On top of that I do go to college part time, and this would make an amazing bag to lug my books around campus in, and would protect all my stuff from getting soaked on bad days.

I definitely like the mini metro size because it’s small enough that you could carry it while riding a bike or something but still big enough to fit books and whatnot. My favorite color is the black/black/black, just because black is classy and matches with everything :]

----- Mae Eileen 19.03.09 18:00

I need Chrome bag because I’m an IT geek and I need to protect my laptop and gadgets. Also, I also have a fetish for cool backpacks and messenger bags. Taking a look at their website, I’m partial to the Soma laptop bag in black and red.

----- Dan 19.03.09 17:48

The funny thing about this bag is that it reminds me of when i was little. You see when i was younger me and my dad would go out and play at the park but what would happen usually is that i would make him really mad and he would stuff me in a bag just like the one you see here. If i won this bag it would be awesome because it would bring back that childhood memory of getting stuffed in it…
Thank You

Metropolis white/white

----- Jerry 19.03.09 17:36

I like Citizen size in Pastel Blue with Brown Stripe. I need a waterproof bag because I try to walk everywhere, no matter the weather. I take my own bags to pick up stuff at the drug store, grocery store, etc. So the Citizen would be the perfect size to get all my loot home.

----- Barbara 19.03.09 17:18

a) Which college student from San Francisco DOESN’T need a waterproof bag to get around town with?!?! The Freitag I got as a gift a couple years ago just doesn’t keep anything inside it dry on wet days - no bueno!!!

b) The Metropolis Grey/Black Stripe is oh-so sexy!

----- Jeff 19.03.09 17:15

i need this messenger bag because in this economy i can only afford lugging around my small worn out sad looking purse. i am the paranoid, i-need-everything-with-me-at-all-times kinda NYC gal, bringing everything from tissues, purrell, matches, band-aids, cotton swabs, notebooks, pens.. you name it, ive gotta have it in MY bag! and with this big pile of things it would be hard to stay organized. so help me out of me and my pockets misery and give me the chrome citizen bag in olive/black stripe!! !!

----- minka 19.03.09 16:48

The Warsaw in that lovely grey would greatly help me lugging books back and fourth throughout my honors at University. After 5 years of student living I can’t afford a real bag, and it’s autumn in Australia, which is typically when it rains heavily. I have already damaged almost all my textbooks carrying them through the rain. I’d really like to be able to show up at uni with something that isn’t a plastic bag wrapped around my books all inside a army surplus canvas sling.

Think of my spine!

----- Adrian 19.03.09 16:42

I’m going to Japan in May…right during the rainy season. I plan on making several art journals while I’m there and I could really use a weatherproof bag to carry my drawings and supplies! (As far as size and color, I think the kelly green with the white stripe is lovely and the citizen-size just right.)

----- Taryn Trousdale 19.03.09 16:41

[Black on Black Citizen]

Well apart from being broke…[crickets]….my current messenger is on the final leg of its fun three year journey..Its on life support!!
Yeah..pretty much.

----- troy 19.03.09 16:35

Unsure I gave correct mail address on entry. Correct(ion) given here :)

----- Dirq Q 19.03.09 16:30

For thoughts, sketches, tools,
ideas & plans,
I need a good carry all
Must be a mans.
Last was a FUBU,
Next will be you.

Black black for my back

----- Dirq Q 19.03.09 16:13

I need a Chrome bag so I can fit in with all of the cool bicycle kids around my house in the Mission. They look down on my bindle and I just want to be accepted. That is only partially true… I really would like a black Warsaw bag because my current bag is falling apart and doesn’t have near the capacity. Thanks!

----- Wesley 19.03.09 16:03

i would love to have one because I’m moving to Hawaii in one month and i would love to not have my work and laptop not get soaked by the random downpours.

id like the Mini.Metro Black/Khaki

----- Hac 19.03.09 15:49

I’ve been looking at these bags for a few days, my poor old regular backpack is on its last legs - holes in the bottom, tabs fallen off, but it took a good five years of wear to do that. I need this Chrome bag for the Panzer-like durability and weatherproofing, as I’m going to be biking into Seattle on my daily commute to the U of Washington. I’d love the Citizen in Black/Black Buckle.
Good luck to everyone trying to win a rad bag 8]

----- Kyle 19.03.09 15:41

Whoa. I really need one of those Chrome bags. I am currently using this sheisty crap that likes to slide around and knock me silly, it’s pretty embarrassing considering who I work for. I’d use that waterproof jam to cart stuff around for WABA. Utility first, dude. Also, I’d look pretty hot in this chrome bag and nothing else. I’d send you a picture, but I’m kinda modest.

----- Jennder 19.03.09 15:36

I would love a waterproof bag to protect all of my sketches from the elements as I take them from place to place. My favorite of the bags shown is the metropolis, in that Navy/Lime combo.

----- Daniel 19.03.09 15:19

here in Southern California i really need the all weather chrome bag for the terrible weather conditions i bike in. Citizen, black, black, black please. Thanks for asking!

----- devo 19.03.09 15:14

Ahh the Chrome bag, I know it well. I have a friend at work who has a beautifully aged orange Citizen that is at least 5 years old now and still doing the business. We both cycle commute in London which is the ancestral home of crappy weather but whatever, we don’t let it stop us getting out there everyday and enjoying the feeling of flowing effortlessly through the sea of steel and sad faced motorist while they toil away in traffic hell. Anyway… I am really amazed at how well his Chrome has held up and although a little dirty, has no serious wear, holes or even scuffs. That’s proof enough for me of its quality. The other side of the coin is my current bag, a “very” expensive Frietag messenger bag with impeccable green credentials in that its all recycled truck tarps, car seatbelts and inner tubes. The only problem is that is falling apart after 2 years of everyday use. The vinyl is cracking, it has holes on the corners, my clothes keep getting wet and wife says it stinks! All of which makes me wonder about the “whole life” cost of the things we buy. I heard somewhere that if you consider the cradle to grave environmental cost of a hummvee and a prius, the humvee is greener because its embodied energy is lower, it will run for much longer and when it does die, its disposal is less toxic than chemical batteries. Not sure if its true but it does make me think… am I carrying around the prius while my buddy is rolling with the humvee? I really need your help.

Black/black/black Citizen!

----- Sean 19.03.09 15:10

The Metropolis in Red/Sky because as a high school student my books always seem to get wet in the rain! My parents both lost their jobs in this shit economy and all I have is an old Jansport.

----- Claire Goodrich 19.03.09 15:09

I think this bag, to keep my oodles of junk dry when I go kayaking this Summer.

----- Allison 19.03.09 15:07

Melbourne is in a 8 year drought and last weekend it hammered down, what else do you do but get out there and play in the rain pulling skids like your 9 years old!

Orange is a happy colour and high in UV-protection goodness :-)

----- Rowan 19.03.09 14:44

I need one of these amazing bags because a couple months ago I was hanging out with one of my friends and he had a Chrome bag with his laptop in it. Having never seen it before, I simply thought it was the coolest bag ever. Then, I stupidly walked up to him and said, “hey! does this work” while poking the buckle. The bag fell right off his back, hitting the ground. Fortunately his laptop and all his other stuff was fine.

Since that moment I’ve always wanted one but have never been able to afford one. They look awesome and apparently they’ll protect your laptop from a fall! :)

On a side note, I always carry everything in a messenger bag already. This would just be a major upgrade for me.

My first choice would be a mini.metro with the black/red stripe. followed by the mini.metro with the black/white stripe.

----- Jon 19.03.09 14:19

(a) I’m a student in a tropical island(Puerto Rico) and it basically rains every day. Most of my last semester books have water damage and I have gone through two bags in the last year, because i dont have money to buy a good, quality bag, So this would be great for me!
(b)I’m really diggin the black/black citizen. It got a neutral look and a very convenient size.

----- Francisco 19.03.09 13:42

if i had a chrome bag (the citizen in grey/black stripe, perhaps?) in chicago i could bike my laptop anywhere in the following common weather conditions: extreme wind! extreme snow! extreme freezing rain! extreme sunshine! extreme fog! extreme humidity! extreme regular rain! extreme ice-shards-in-the-face! extreme tornado! extreme beautiful near-spring! additionally, the hipsters might think i’m cool enough to hang and the business men might think i’m wealthy enough to take to lunch.

----- mary 19.03.09 13:38

the three things that are essential to my life outside of the office -camera, journal, laptop - will know the meaning of being “safe from the elements”. a black mini metro would be the only one to define that.

and also because I enjoy the occasional rain.

----- bonks 19.03.09 13:34

These bags are pretty badass, would love one…

----- Mike 19.03.09 13:32

I SOOOOO need the mini metro in gray, because i am a high school senior, selling my car and all of my other stuff so that i can afford to go to parsons for photography in Manhattan next year. I need and awesome bag that’s water proof to keep my camera safe and dry when i am trying to find my way around this brand new city! Help make my new life in the city oe bit cheaper and easier by giving me this fab. bag!
much love

----- Sean Sullivan 19.03.09 13:22

i need a chrome bag to carry around my laptop, school books and art supplies to and from class. i need a waterproof bag for walking and waiting round for the bus, because there have been too many times i’ve been stuck in the rain.
i’d love the citizen in olive/black.
thank you!

----- kelly 19.03.09 12:56

Just graduated from college and would love the grey w/ black stripe Metropolis to put my portfolio and resumes into as the job-search kicks into high gear. It’s been rainy here in New Jersey and one of these waterproofed beasts would be great to keep my stuff dry and keep me looking good!

----- Steve Grossi 19.03.09 12:54

The white/white stripe Metropolis bag is pretty sweet. I deliver things. It rains. I need a great bag which is going to survive the elements and not fall apart.

----- Andrew 19.03.09 12:43

I would absolutely fall over backwards in joy if I won one of these bags! I commute via mountain bike to all of life’s obligations. So much so that if I had a city bike I would consider becoming a messenger. Anyway, my current gig requires me to carry my laptop and hard drives around which is really scary with my current messenger bag that is not waterproof.

Please if you so do choose to bless me with an amazing chrome bag then I would love to receive a Mini.Metro with a Metropolis Grey/Orange stripe color scheme.

Thank you NOTCOT!

----- Erica 19.03.09 12:42

(a) Many uncertainties go through my head as I plan on going to art school next year, but there are two things I am very sure about — 1. I’m going to need a durable bag to carry around a cutting mat, markers, laptop, papers, sketchbooks, novels, a camera, cans of paint, a Wacom tablet, glue, pencils, pens, and so much more as I cycle and rely on biking as my sole form of transportation, and 2. it’s going to rain… a lot.
The Chrome Messenger Bag, in all it’s weatherproof glory, is the only bag I’ve seen so far, in the entire world, that can confidently carry my needs and belongings.
(b) Metropolis Black/Red Stripe

----- Nathanael 19.03.09 12:40

I need weatherproofing because I take my bag everywhere and it is usually filled with various electronics or a nice roast beef sandwich, and why would you want a soggy sammy?

Plus i need it durable, because i am a cheap ass and I don’t like buying the same thing over and over again.

I’ll take a mini in blue/brown

----- Josh 19.03.09 12:34

a. I’m moving to Seattle. ;)
b. Citizen Messanger Metropolitan Black/Black.

----- Rebecca Armstrong 19.03.09 12:18

I have been carrying my mac book pro, on which I make my living, inside a striped pillowcase that appeared mistakenly in my laundry when I picked it up once from a fluff n’ fold. I slide the laptop and pillowcase inside of a tote bag I received at a clothing (and tote bag) swap last year. The tote bag features the open mouth of a scary shark that sports one gold tooth. It’s a sweet grill indeed, almost as sweet as the grill of the SUV that I’ll eventually be flattened against as a result of all the jostling necessary to make an 18 mile bike commute with a tote bag rather than something more appropriate. I’ve passed my 30th birthday and am ready to admit that it’s time to take pride in something other than an eccentric lack of preparedness (I also don’t have any waterproof shoes, and hope you’ll eventually have a competition for some duck boots).

A blue/brown stripe metro would be wonderful!

----- Josie 19.03.09 12:17

Holy moly looks like I’m late to the party! I desperately want a Chrome bag - the Citizen in grey/orange would be terrific. I live in Britain…the weather here is so miserable every cyclist here must surely deserve one of these by rights. Desperation looks ugly but but man do I need one of those secret pockets…to keep all sorts of stuff I’d fantasise about throwing at those bloody London cabbies.

----- Danielle 19.03.09 12:16

I have been carrying my mac book pro, on which I make my living, inside a striped pillowcase that appeared mistakenly in my laundry when I picked it up once from a fluff n’ fold. I slide the laptop and pillowcase inside of a tote bag I received at a clothing (and tote bag) swap last year. The tote bag features the open mouth of a scary shark that sports one gold tooth. It’s a sweet grill indeed, almost as sweet as the grill of the SUV that I’ll eventually be flattened against as a result of all the jostling necessary to make an 18 mile bike commute with a tote bag rather than something more appropriate. I’ve passed my 30th birthday and am ready to admit that it’s time to take pride in something other than an eccentric lack of preparedness (I also don’t have any waterproof shoes, and hope you’ll eventually have a competition for some duck boots).

----- Josie 19.03.09 12:13

I need a Mini Metro Chrome Bag in Olive and Black because as a student, carrying books and a laptop - sometimes groceries, packages, etc. - across campus is not an easy task to do when it rains, especially while biking. This Chrome Bag will give me security and more hands to traverse city and country efficiently.

----- Amy 19.03.09 12:11

welllllllllllll! see, Michigan weather is pretty much bipolar. like right nowe we’re having nice and sunny weather, but tomorrow it could probably snow. and seeing as i walk everywhere to classes, the citizen in fluorescent lime/navy would be pretty neat. :)

----- Tina 19.03.09 12:09

I need the weatherproof goodness because I ride my bike every day to work, rain or shine.. In fact, it’s raining right now! I carry everything in my bag, like camera, laptop, first aid kit, duct tape (err. you never know when you’ll need to quiet someone down) you name it, it’s in there. The post-goth in me prefers the Metropolis in bad bad black.

----- Adam 19.03.09 12:01

a. I live in Oregon. That should alone be a good enough reason to take pitty on me. I’m constantly out waiting for a bus in the pooring rain and sometimes snow / hail all to try and be a little more ecofriendly.

b. I love the Metropolis, in ANY neon or bright color. It offsets the grey and gloom in Oregon, and would go perfectly w/ my bubbly personality. Thanks.

Please pick me.

----- TheFuzzyBear 19.03.09 12:01

I need a great bag to carry all my drawings/sketches in so they don’t get runny and smudged and computer since i have a traveling office to lots of different locations

I love the small size since i’m a girl and all the colors are so great! i love the olive/red and the olive black!

keep up the good work, my friends are in LOVE with their krome bags. I lust after the buckle closure

----- Erin Onofrio 19.03.09 11:52

I would love to win this bag for my fiance. It’s about time for him to have a new bag in his life since he has been using his current bag ever since college years. The bag looks durable, and roomy enough for my fiance to fit all of his work drawings and crazy amount of pens. I hope I can win this and suprise him with it. He won’t know what hit him!

----- Cathy 19.03.09 11:46

ooooooo, bags - they make life better!

(a) well, “need” is very subjective, so I will say I have “heartfelt desire for” a super bag like this because my everyday life ever-so-often turns into an adventure. Whether I am stuck on a highway at 3am, needing a good bag with a change of clothes by my side… or a spontaneous day of hooky from work to take a trip to the beach… or maybe finding just the right ground score while I am out wlaking or bike riding, and needing a bag to bring it home… one of thse bags would be IT! Not only that, this year I hope to start traveling for the first time (Thailand? Costa Rica?), and in that case a tough, water resistant bag would be the CAT’S MEOW!

Most commonly, bags I find are comfortable and cute but not sturdy at all, or sturdy but chafe-y and awkward to carry, and may or may not have an iota of style. Chrome bags have all the Goodness.

(b) as for color, I, too, would like a low key black-black-black. My neioghborhood tends towards theft, so I want the bag to be quietly awesome.


----- lois garcia 19.03.09 11:44

I need to to carry equipment around for a new thing I’m starting - storm biking. Riding your bike is tough enough as it is, but taking a camera and notebook (the paper kind) when you’re riding through a storm is probably going to be even more intense. If I’m lucky enough to win, I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Oh, also, metropolis in Grey/orange would be awesome.

----- George 19.03.09 11:43

A) I need this bag because living in central Indiana, it never seems to stop raining. I go to class in the rain, play in the rain go to eat in the rain and my current “waterproof” bag has let me down so many times. It even destroyed a lovely valentine I had received…I need this so I can play in the rain and carry my books without any heartache.

B) I like the citizen size in all black….

----- Nate 19.03.09 11:34

Oh my goodness. Only ONE reason I need this bag? There are so many. After I first spied one of these babies worn by some hipster/bicycle enthusiast I immediately went home and tried to copy it, meaning I actually sewed my own version with an honest-to-god seatbelt. But it really hasn’t held up well. Also I am moving to Portland, will be riding my bike more, and need a good messenger. Did I mention that I am a student and I constantly have bruised grooves worn into my shoulders from carrying around heavy Lit texts in sub-standard bags?
Oh, and I’ll take the black on black Citizen (with the black buckles), it is so choice.

----- Emily T. 19.03.09 11:34

Oooooh, I need a Chrome bag to carry around the flutes and whistles I take with me to gigs— what chic way to carry your gear, and you’ll never have your bag mixed up with those other boooooring gig bags out there. I’d love to have a Metropolis in red/black or grey/black.

----- Sassy 19.03.09 11:31

I NEED THIS BAG!!! I live in a city with wild and crazy strange weather patterns (any fellow bostonians out there will understand what I’m saying) and sometimes when I get up and go in the morning its 50 and when im cycling home its snowing!!! I bike everywhere and need something that can keep my expensive designerly gear safe and dry (i’m an industrial design student). My macbook pro needs to arrive at school safe and happy (its a six mile ride!).

I would kill for the citizen in grey/orange!

(please help this poor student!)

----- robin 19.03.09 11:31

Because it rains every afternoon in Miami, like clockwork, and I would LOVE to keep my nice Neenah papers DRY.

Red, black, or a combo would be absolutely FANTASTIC.

BTW, this is the most posts I’ve ever seen on a NOTCOT page!

----- Josh T. 19.03.09 11:29

I live on my bike! I ride in sun, rain, sleet, and snow, and often take my bike to Canada and ride up there in whatever weather graces our northern neighbor. I can pack everything I need for a weeklong trip into the Metropolis bag, and the royal/white combo is just stunning.

----- giu 19.03.09 11:23

I live on my bike! I commute through rain, sleet, snow, and sun. I even take my bike to Canada and ride it there. I can pack everything I need for a week-long trip into the Metropolis bag, and the royal/white combo is seriously beautiful.

----- giu 19.03.09 11:18

to protect my notcot goodness. along with my laptop, camera, and bamboo tablet.

metropolis grey/black

----- jacob 19.03.09 11:16

I’m looking for a metropolis in khaki/red stripe so I have a cooler to carry my beer in when I go out :)

----- Paul Calder 19.03.09 11:10

I commute to work by bike most days. Even through the winter. I live in the Northeast, so that means wind, rain, snow, ice, mud. I could carry my stylish work clothes in a nice bag like that.

I’m digging the mini.metro in grey with an orange stripe.


----- ethan 19.03.09 11:00

I live in NYC and lug my laptop back and forth all over the city for school/work.
I go to SVA and have to figure out how to bring all kinds of paper and photographs
and other projects all over the place with out the rain making my life suck.
I would LOVE it if I had the Mini Metro in Burgundy, Charcoal stripe.

----- Katie Jo 19.03.09 10:59

I need one to keep my multi-effects pedal safe on my way to gigs, it would be most handy!

Olive Metro looks great!

----- J Bones 19.03.09 10:55

I need a chrome bag ‘cause I just got laid off from my position as a bag/soft goods designer, it might soften the blow of having to pound the pavement all over aqain.

----- scott ruiz 19.03.09 10:55

a) One of the best decisions I made last year was to start to commute by bike regardless of the weather. Living in Helsinki, Finland does make it challenging as the winter months bring rain in all the three forms, water, sleet and snow.

b)Ivan in olive/black would quarantee that I always have dry gear to put on when I get to work.

----- KimmoO 19.03.09 10:46

just because…

----- jack fischer 19.03.09 10:22

Okay, so, firstly, I live in the Berkshires. The weather is incredibly unpredictable…it rains and storms when it’s been sunny all day, it snows in April sometimes, the whole nine yards.

Secondly, I’m hoping to transfer to a college in the pacific northwest next year, either in Oregon or Washington. I suspect that I will be needing all the waterproofing I can get, PLUS I’ll have to fly on planes a lot to get to/from, so I need a really sturdy bag.

Thirdly, I’m the bring-everything-everywhere-because-you-just-never-know type, and I have some pretty unpleasant shoulder problems because of this, so I need a bag that can hold everything but still goes on my back without being a “backpack” (because I HATE backpacks). The comfort factor of the Chrome bags is hugely important. Also, I’m kind of mess, so if something bad can happen due to the lack of stability or waterproofing on my bag, it probably will, and my computer’s no longer under warrantee…

And finally, these bags are beautiful and obviously well made and I need more of that in my life. I would LOVE the Metropolis in the grey with orange stripe model. The site says that’s out of stock, though, so if it’s not available, the metropolis in navy/yellow is also lovely.


----- Liz 19.03.09 10:19

I’m a 1st Year Design for Industry Student at Northumbria University in Newcastle, England. Reasons why I should get a mini metro or citizen in orange with black stripe:
1) Student = poor.
2)Industrial Design Student = I love great design.
3)I live in Newcastle = its a very rainy and windy place.

----- Richard Watters 19.03.09 10:12

(a) Biking in snow/slushy/rainy Chicago with my laptop, camera and tripod is not fun with a NON waterproof messenger bag!
(b)Grey/Black Mini Metro!

----- Shifa 19.03.09 10:07

i need the weatherproof goodness because i’m a music photographer in nyc, live in jersey, and basically have to shove my entire life (photo gear, change of clothes, makeup, etc) into my bag for an entire day’s worth (sometimes two!) of adventures and, as we all know, this city requires a level of toughness that few others do.

i’d love the metropolitan black/black/black buckle.

----- des! 19.03.09 10:01

Google it: “sao paulo land of rain”

it’s where I live. It’s known for the rain during all the year.

I like the small one (mini metro) in army green.
Small so I can pass through crowded places and in army green so I get disguised in the jungle - the concrete one.


----- rafael 19.03.09 10:01

I have used friends Chrome bags and they are by far more comfortable then any other messenger bag Ive used. I would really like one of my own. Citizen olive and black

----- Amy Hoeck 19.03.09 09:59

Goodness gracious… would be lovely.
Thank you.

----- Matthew Ready 19.03.09 09:59

i would like a chrome bag because, despite what anyone may tell you, a banjo brothers bag is not worth the lower cost when the cross straps break off and all the edges fray and the seams split and its not actually waterproof. also its not nearly big enough to comfortably carry a 17” macbook pro and a wacom and a hard drive and a subway book. also one time a homeless guy in a wheelchair bit my friend in the buttcheek and if i had a big bag it might protect me from a bum ass biting.

were i to get the bag i would like a metropolis in royal and white.

----- alex lathrop 19.03.09 09:58

There are on average 166 rainy days in Vancouver, Canada per year. I’ve lived through roughly 3,320 of them at my young age. I’ve gone through maybe 6 or 7 bags in my life so far; none of them have been waterproof. I would love a Chrome Bag because it looks slick, but more importantly, it’s practical. Heck, I’ll even go as far as to say I need a Chrome Bag so the next 13,280 rainy days of my life (hoping I live that long) will be just a little easier to get through.

The Citizen Black/Black is totally drool-worthy.

----- Vinny 19.03.09 09:57

I have always wanted a Chrome messenger bag and recently moved to northern California and am in need of a waterproof bag. I would like a citizen in olive and black.

----- Nick Robles 19.03.09 09:56

yes, I need it! Just lost my day job, so willl try and start a new life with the arts…. The gift would be the greatest start! Metropolis black/white, please…!

----- Piergiorgio 19.03.09 09:56

I need the weatherproof goodness for my commute to and from work in the ridiculous humidity of Washington DC, and frequent rains. I’d love the metropolis in Kelly/White Stripe. Thanks!

----- Luke Waidmann 19.03.09 09:50

i need the weather-proof goodness because i live in Vancouver, BC, which has approximately 8.29 days of sunshine a year. i am wet from october through june.

mini metro in grey/black-stripe and i would love you forever.

----- Robin 19.03.09 09:50

Why i need one of those bags?

My current one tore
Duct tape bottom chafes my back
Interns don’t get paid

Seriously though, my current backpack is more ductape then backpack and the other interns laugh at me. Tragic i know, i seriously do want one of these and would probably open my trap every time someone asked about it the fantaaastic website that hooked me up ;)

Citizen in black and neon green or black and red.

----- Robert Stillwagon 19.03.09 09:40

I’m an American photography student studying in Canada who rides my bike to school, rain or shine (but, in a city like Vancouver, it’s mostly rain), to avoid the terrifying jungle that is public transit. However, because I spent most of my money on film/photo paper and tuition (which is higher than domestic tuition anyway), I can only afford an old and falling apart Dakine backpack to transport all my stuff to school. It works, but I’m starting to worry about my poor little Macbook’s, as well as the difficulty carrying so much crap to class in the morning…so, a black/black Citizen bag would be quite helpful for both my education and my regular riding purposes.

Um…pretty pretty please with a cherry on top, may I have a bag?

----- Marta W 19.03.09 09:37

I would love this bag in teal or blue because it would match everything in my wardrobe and hold EVERYTHING! As a teacher, I have TONS of papers, books and assorted things to lug around all day!

----- Mel Mudarth 19.03.09 09:25

i love the Metropolis Navy/Yellow
we’re a bike family & go everywhere on our bikes - plus, with baby on its way, this could help as a diaper bag : waterproof VERY IMPORTANT ;)

Thank you !

----- Kathleen 19.03.09 09:17

I need mini metro in navy/yellow stripe because I just got a bicycle and I am going to topple over if I keep carrying shoulder bags.

----- Allison 19.03.09 09:17

waterproof to keep my things dry and my back dry on my bike.
citizen black / gray

----- dylan 19.03.09 09:15

ide like the weather proofness to keep my trees dry, and my beer protected.

metropolis black/whitestripe

----- evan g 19.03.09 09:06

OH MY! I need this bag! I live in Newcastle, England, by the coast and it batters with rain and hail and sleet all year round. The black Metropolis looks perfect for securing all my papers and electronics!

----- Dan Gilmore 19.03.09 09:05

a) Need? Well, it would beat the junky Dell computer bag I currently use to bring my stuff to work, by a long shot! I’m an electrical engineer who works at a Design Consultancy, so it’s all I can do to keep up with the stylin’ being done by the Design folks…this should help!

b) mini-metro in brown/black


----- Peter 19.03.09 09:04

We are getting married in June, and have been offered a trip to Rome. This will be our first time to Italy, and we are so excited. - We are borrowing a camera from family. We need something to carry with us (not a fanny pack) on our trip. - These bags are beautiful. I love the Metro Grey and Black!!!. - It would be so nice to have something stylish and extreemly functional to carry with us. Think of it as a wedding gift!. - Thanks.

----- Tommy 19.03.09 09:04

I am an avid spelunker and seasoned cave diver, and one time while exploring the deepest of caves in Ohio I came across a cave village of little cave people. As the messenger from the world above it would have been great to have had a messenger bag to carry goodies to share with the little cave people…what I mean is one day I was riding on my bike through Columbus, after hitting the grocery store, and my book bag ripped open. All my groceries spilt across the road. Ever try eating peanut butter mixed with street water and salt? It’s not good combination. The problem could have been prevented if I had a schnazy Mini-Metro, Metropolis in grey with a black stripe.

----- Matt 19.03.09 09:02

I would like this bag because I feel that by buying/using durable well made items that are built to last, we are empowered to live a simpler, less consumeristic lifestyle in which we can have fewer things that last longer and can be used again and again, rain or shine! pick me!

----- Inda 19.03.09 09:00

a) I live in the far north, weather is my enemy…
b) black baby, ninja style… :)

----- Lissie Johnsen 19.03.09 08:48

I need this bag in all its weatherproof goodness because:
My bike is my only mode of transportation.
It rains a lot.
Between school and all the lab work I do my computer and lab equipment would be happy to live in a chrome bag rather than a trash bag.
I travel a lot… most of those times in places with a lot of water… and I am a water person. It would be fantastic to have a bag that is too.

I really like the Citizen in the navy/brown combo.

Richmond VA loves Chrome.

----- Sarah 19.03.09 08:44

I need the waterproof goodness because I live in Eugene, Oregon—and our annual rainfall is 50.9 inches. Also, I have a bad habit of wearing bags that don’t distribute weight evenly across my body, causing unfortunate back pain (I’ve got to have my laptop with me at all times, right?!).

I love the Citizen in the brown/navy.

----- Laura Webster 19.03.09 08:43


I need it for my camera equipment. It would look soooo good! I really like the mini metro and the citizen in black or black/khaki or black/brown. So now I can go out with my rain coat AND the waterproof bag and take great pictures! Thanks for having the drawing.


----- Connie Kurtew 19.03.09 08:41

citizen in Navy/Yellow I need this because 1. I live in Washington State where it rains so much and 2. I ride my bike to work and after a particularly horrific crash my previous non chrome bag was shredded and now I use my boyfriends non chrome which he needs. Help a girl out!

----- Olympia 19.03.09 08:39

1. this bag will save me from having to use 3 separate bags every day for all my job equipment. i have to use 3 separate ones because they are all sturdy enough to handle my stuff, but unfortunately, they are all kinda small. alot of my stuff is paper though, so i need my bag to be waterproof and be able to hold my water testing materials. it would also be much easier to bike to my testing sites with a messenger bag.

2. a citizen would be large enough to fit all my equipment, a laptop, and my papers. a citizen in orange with a white stripe would be perfect. thank you!

----- krisitna chyn 19.03.09 08:37

Are you kidding me? I live in Seattle where I am constantly slogging through the wetness. Waterproof and style with a design that will hold all my crap would be a nice change. I would love the Metropolis that is black with the red stripe. Thank you.

----- P. King 19.03.09 08:35

(a) Yo Yo Notcot, I live in happy go lucky Cbus (columbus, oh) my bike is my ride and it would be awesome to have a weatherproof goodness bag to help me carry stuff around Cbus ever-changing weather. You would make my life fine and dandy like sugar candy.


(b) The mini.metro in grey/black strip, Would be sweet.

Thanks for the giveaway!

----- Patricia Garcia 19.03.09 08:35

Mini.Metro Royal/White!!
Because, Hey! The ice of Boston is muddy
And reflects no light, in day or night
And I slip on it every time

----- Courtney 19.03.09 08:32

i would LOVE the mini metro in the burgundy/charcoal stripe. i love this blog with the fashion,food, and overall appreciation of design. im going camping for the first time ever this spring break and this bag would be so badass. i love messengers and i could use this for school too!

----- stephanie 19.03.09 08:30

I need the Chrome bag so that I can protect my laptop from the stormy weathers in my country :)

I prefer the Citizen Metropolis Black/Black black buckle.

----- Bartal J. Djurhuus 19.03.09 08:24

I would love a mini metro in grey/orange - I bike to school and I need a comfortable bag to carry my books & computer in and I hear these bags do the trick.

----- Mine 19.03.09 08:21

I’m a co-teacher for an all black school in SE Washington DC; I’m Chinese. Though I love my job, I’m looking for something more casual to carry my papers in instead of the heavy suitcase I use now. I’d buy one of these if I could but teacher’s don’t get paid all that much. =\

----- Jasper 19.03.09 08:21

I’m always running around town with my macbook pro and my intuos tablet squeezed into my current, non-waterproof and falling apart book bag. I’ve had this bag for years and used it for all sorts of things, but the wear shows and the holes only get bigger.. I also don’t want to have to carry 2 bags to get all my art supplies from one place to another, so the bigger, tougher, waterproof bag would perfect!

Metroplis - Grey/Orange Stripe


----- Jon S 19.03.09 08:19

I am pretty sure i cant live without the metropolis flourescent green/navy stripe for any longer. it will make my life easier (as well as prettier) as my boss sends me on tedious errands around nyc, rain, shine, snow.. you name it. it will definitely brighten up my day… and stand up to the city elements, mostly subway grime and street dirt that somehow gets into and on to EVERYTHING..

please, i need. HELp!

----- TA 19.03.09 08:18

a.) As a photographer and designer I always need to keep the electronics dry. I bike everywhere I can at school as to save gas, money and energy. Southern Illinois is home to some very random and immediate weather which has resulted in me getting some equipment very close to being ruined. A Chrome bag would allow me to bike in bad weather and not worry about my equipment getting wet.

b.) A citizen in black with a red stripe would be amazing, but a black and red Warsaw would be even better!

----- Gavin 19.03.09 08:15

I need one for my epic quest into the heavens to find Thor the god of thunder… I hear it’s quite nice this time of year!

mini. metro! green/white

----- drewie 19.03.09 08:13

- TORRENTIAL SPRING DOWNPOURS batter me like porkchop at a Southern dinner. I need to be protected. Protect me (and my laptop) please!

- I would like the Metropolis Black/Black - Citizen size, ‘cause I’m classy like that.

----- Phillip 19.03.09 08:12

I like the mini metro in pink and red. I’m moving back to Minnesota soon. I can’t say I’m too happy about that because the winters are just evil. Evil. A spot of pink in all that gray would be a welcome sight. Additionally, if my belongings were not ruined by the time I got to my destination, it would be a change for the better.

----- Sarah 19.03.09 08:11

Why do i need an awesome CHROME messenger bag?

well for starters i live in Florence, Italy where i study sculpture…which means i either ride my bike or walk EVERYWHERE with TONS of stuff (LIKE CLAY AND MARBLE AND DRAWING MATERIALS) on my back and in my hands. Now i don’t know what you know about Florence weather…but it has been raining here since…October? In the winter i had to put a plastic bag on my bike seat as i rattled down the street and my raincoat become no longer water resistant…so me AND my stuff are generally SOAKED(like wet cat status!)
THEN to top off the fact that everything i own is constantly soaking wet despite being put in my backpack or carried by hand in plastic bags, a few weeks ago i was on a crowded bus and EVERYTHING got stolen out of my small bag as i held onto a sculpture for dear life…okay i was also straddling an old Italian lady as i hugged the pole with my neck… BUTTTTT I think that if i had a CHROME messenger bag: MY THINGS WOULD BE DRY ALWAYS?! AND MY CREDIT CARDS, PASSPORT, AND MONEY WOULD HAVE BEEN SAFE AT LEAST IN THE HIDDEN POCKET!

ALSO i have never won anything in my entire life… :(

so WINNING a super sweet mini metro in purple/pink would probably be the best thing that ever happened to things that i tote around all day, everyday:)

----- gabriella 19.03.09 08:06

Those bags look awesome.

I need something that is worry free (as in things don’t fall out) and easy to carry as I take the train in from Connecticut to job hunt in NYC.

Something that will protect my Graphic Design portfolio and other items that I will be bringing to interviews and client meetings.

I love the Mini.Metro in the Camo/Black Strip version.

Good luck to everyone!

Thank you for the opportunity NOTCOT!

----- Liza 19.03.09 08:05

Ooohhh i’d love an olive sultan to haul around my oversize laptop (17” 3:4 screens don’t fit well in much of anything.) but if it has to be a messenger, definitely the warsaw in black.

----- metis 19.03.09 08:01

a) I either walk or ride my bike to get around Baltimore. I never invested in a proper messenger bag, so any backpack I ride with flops around and side to side on my back with no stability. As a photographer I have a camera on me at all times, so the weatherproof factor is essential in protecting my gear.

b) Which bag would I want the most? The Citizen, BLACK on BLACK with BLACK BUCKLE. No question. Tell me a girl wouldn’t look good on her all black bike with an all black Chrome bag and pulling out her black phone, black wallet, black moleskine, and black cameras. So crucial!

----- Joyce 19.03.09 08:00

a) I live in the Pacific Northwest, so the weatherproofing will help save me from the higher amounts of rain/snow. b) I prefer the “citizen” sized ‘Metropolis Camo / Black Stripe’

----- Stacy B. 19.03.09 07:57

A. I just bought a beautiful new white single speed road bike and I need something to carry all my junk in!

B. I would love to tote my life around in the Citizen in fluorescent pink/brown

----- amanda mello 19.03.09 07:44

Hey holmesies!
I’m in dire need of a Chrome bag as I just landed in this city and I need a bigger bag than my tiny cheapo bag. I’ve slowly turned all of my everyday articles into design-oriented merchandise, but have yet to get rid of this silly Swiss Gear bag!!! Help me!

Metropolis in Pink/Purple.


----- Minty 19.03.09 07:43

Holy crap, I love Chrome bags. I hate driving in downtown Washington DC, so I’m out in the open a ton and when it’s not raining, I’m usually sweating enough to destroy my laptop with a regular bag. I’d pretty much kill for a Black/Red Soyuz, but if that’s not available, I’d love a Grey/Black Metro.

----- FiZ 19.03.09 07:34

a. I really need one of these fantastic chrome weatherproof bags of goodness because I go to school in Flagstaff and the weather is…pregnant. Really, it will be completely cold and snowing in the morning, 70 degrees in the afternoon, raining/hailing/snowing in the late afternoon, and calm and cool in the dead of night. Seriously, it’s like these bags were made to challenge Flagstaff’s weather. I will gladly and thoroughly put such a bag to the test.
b. I love the mini metro in Metropolis Navy/Lime Stripe, thank you.

----- Heather 19.03.09 07:32

I need the Metropolis black with pink stripe, because it matches my underwear…oh and I bike in rainy portland.

----- paul 19.03.09 07:31

Thanks for the giveaway!

I’d love the Citizen in Black/Red, because I need a reliable waterproof bag to hold all my gear when I assist the Deputy Coroners at the Sheriff’s Department where I volunteer at. We get calls to do body recoveries all over the county, rain or shine. Having this to hold my supplies would be ideal!

----- Adri 19.03.09 07:31

I’m not gonna whine about my 10 minute walk from parking lot to office, because its not your fault I’m too cheap to pay to park in the garage across the street, but this bag would sure keep my stuff dry. And I don’t even want to think about what my wife would do to me if anything ever happened to her Mac while it was under my supervision…

The Metropolis in Brown and Black look delicious.

----- Ray 19.03.09 07:28

chromed, waterproof goodness would help a lady out on her daily, 15 mile roundtrip from bklyn to times square and back. i’ve been doing the ride for two years now, been through a crap ton of bags and have yet to find one that doesn’t hula-hoop around me halfway across the bklyn bridge. or thrown my shoulder into crippling spasms. or leave me a sweaty mess.

i’ve been eyeing the chrome mini metropolis (in navy/yellow!) for a while now, but the same lack of funds that’s kept me off subways is also keeping me in craptastic carry-alls. help, please!

----- sandra 19.03.09 07:27

1. I need this bag because I work 3 jobs and go to school all at the same time and dont have time to go home between things - so I need something that can hold my office-job work and laptop, my nannying baby-stuff, my pre-school lesson plans, and school books… oh.. and lunch.
BUT also.. because I work with babies, teach preschoolers and also have to look spiff for my office research job, I need something that is practical, sophisticated looking and bike-able (I bike to and from everything in any weather, any dress-code). The waterproof-ness would be awesome too. Currently I put my shitty bag in a trash bag when its raining (which happens a fair amount in lovely humid philly).

2. The citizen in black black BLACK buckle would be ideal - black and straightforward. Looks nice but also SUPER useful for the pile of shit I carry around with me.

----- Amy Rea 19.03.09 07:25

Chrome bags = amazing.
I ride my bike to and from work every day, lugging my laptop, design books, clothes, and occasionally groceries around. A durable, waterproof bag would make me very happy. So happy in fact, that I would ride pantless. Wouldn’t even matter if I got arrested for being pantless, my bag would be waterproof!

My favorite size is the Metropolis, and my fave color is the Grey/Orange stripe!

----- Nicolas 19.03.09 07:19

(a) I live on the tropical island of Guam, where it can be raining on one side of the road, and sunny on the other side. I have had more than one occasion where my books have come out of my bag drenched in rain-water. I have yet to have this happen to my computer, but I don’t ever want it to.

(b) A metropolis-sized bag, with the brown-black color scheme, síl vous plait!

----- Paolo 19.03.09 07:08

i’d love to win one of these nifty bags because i’m horribly indecisive. i always end up shoving all sorts of things in my bag “just in case” i will need them. this usually includes more than one camera, a pack of tissues, a laptop, ipod/headphones, and anthropology textbooks. all of these are easily damaged by water and my severe indecision makes my head want to explode. i also have a tendency of destroying things with liquids (particularly laptops by spilling tea, water, and a whole glass of soy milk on them and myself) so i need all the help i can get. :D lastly, there needs to be more fashionable anthropologists out there.

i prefer the all white bag in mini-metro size!

----- wei 19.03.09 07:03

I would absolutely love to own one of these beautiful bags. Perfect timing, too: I’m moving to rural India in three months… I’ll be arriving at the height of the MONSOON SEASON. Everything I own will need to be waterproof!

The Citizen Brown/Navy bag would be a fantastic start to my waterproofing ventures.

----- Michelle Holshue 19.03.09 07:02

Need: For traveling. I don’t have many bags that are cute and at the same time durable and safe for my things.

Size/Color: Mini Metro - Metropolis black/pink stripe.

Also - Thanks for doing things like this.


----- Kc 19.03.09 07:01

I need a nice big bag to carry things while I bike around the NYC. Like carrying groceries from ctown or wholefoods. Or just carry some camera equipment around while biking.

Metropolis Khaki/Red Stripe

----- Jason 19.03.09 06:58

i’ve had the same bag since 3rd grade..a duffle bag i got from unicef, and i need something i can put my thumbnails when i walk to class. pastel blue/brown stripe

----- blgbird 19.03.09 06:55

oops! Any size or color would be just fine.

----- billie 19.03.09 06:47

I need one of these to give to my friend Kevin, because I made a short film and he wrote and performed the music for it, but I don’t have any money to pay him. He’s a bike messenger and would really use this bag everyday as he bikes for work. Giving him this bag would be the best way for me to pay him back for working on my film.

----- billie 19.03.09 06:46

I would LOVE to have this waterproof bag because of how clumsy I am- forget the rain, this would come in handy when I accidentally spill my entire nalgene bottle onto my things. OR when I am riding my bike past this giant mud puddle in front of my class and when I fall directly into it. OR, I can store the ice cream and pretzels I make at my shop directly in this bag.
OK, so maybe not. PLEASE!!
The metropolis burgundy/charcoal would stand out and be just right to keep the LPs and other goodies I carry safe!

----- Gina 19.03.09 06:46

a) I finally moved close enough to work to make bike riding a possibility and I plan on riding to work this spring.

b) Grey/orange Metropolis

----- Matt 19.03.09 06:41

I need this waterproof goodness because I do everything on my bicycle! I don’t own a car! I go grocery shopping on my bike. Often I’m carting art materials that get ruined in the rain. Starving artists can’t shell out 150.00 for a quality messenger bag like a Chrome bag…
(I love the Metropolis Burgundy/Charcoal stripe)

----- Allison S. 19.03.09 06:40

This spring or summer, I plan to travel all around the country. I want to do a lot of hiking and check out all the corny things the US has to offer… like biggest corn cob and stuff like that. I could use the weatherproof goodness to store my laptop and camera, ipod, and all that other great stuff that I can’t live without bu would be a little worried about taking with me in any normal kind of pack.

My fav is the metropolis in brown/black stripe

----- Allen 19.03.09 06:38

I need the weatherproof bag because it apparently will not stop raining this year in DC.

----- Eric Moe 19.03.09 06:35

I need a black/black mini metro to protect my junk because I think it’s much more important than it is, and anyone who has seen me knows that I could sure use a boost in style.

----- Nathan 19.03.09 06:30

I need this bag to complete and combine my life. My life as an artist and work-a-holic in Las Vegas… the artist side is more for my sanity and the work-a-holic side is… well to pay for life in general… I am constantly toting bags that are not quite big enough everywhere… to the park with my art supplies or to home with my work that I have to focus on… or to the park with both, my art supplies and laptop… this bag appears to be the answer to my search… sturdy enough to withstand the 100+ degrees and the dryness of Vegas… everything seems to crack here…and now to top it off… we actually get RAIN AND SNOW, in the blink of an eye, thanks mr ozone hole… anywho, If I am selected… I think I am in love with the metro/black with pink stripe!!!

----- Theresa 19.03.09 06:29

love it. want one to lug around my junk in the summer when I get to commute on my motorcycle.

----- chrismay 19.03.09 06:26

a. I’m currently on the final legs of my current messenger bag and I need something to keep my stuff dry in Tallahassee, FL one of the wettest states in the union.

b. size: Citizen color: Navy/Yellow Stripe

----- J. Kramer 19.03.09 06:20

a: I’m basically from one side of the city to the other every day, with books, netbooks and stuff. This could easily change my life, no kidding.

B: Metropolis/ Kelly/White Stripe!!1

----- Capitan Intriga 19.03.09 06:14

I am going to Egypt for 28 days. A tough bag would definitely help me a lot in there!!

I would love to get the Metropolis Grey/Orange Strip with a sliver buckle.

Thank you so much NOTCOT.

----- Andy 19.03.09 05:56

Does this mean spring is coming? Not in Canada!

----- Christina Gunn 19.03.09 05:48

Just spent all my money on my first bike since adolescence. Problem is I don’t have a bag that’ll stay secure and dry on me while I ride. Could really use the metropolis black/khaki.


----- Adam 19.03.09 05:48

Oh man!! I’d love an all black Chrome Metro! I’ve lusted after these bags for ages! I’m an all year ‘round bicycle commuter and currently unemployed! I’d be a dream to get one of these cool bags!

----- Brad Stapleton 19.03.09 05:36

i want it in order to place my stuff in there (laptop, books, some files i got from the office that usually can’t fit in my purse).
i’d want the Metropolis gray and black :)

Thank you

----- Oli 19.03.09 05:34

I need the weatherproof goodness of a new Chrome bag because I commute to and from work everyday possible in Minneapolis. We are now done with snow but the rain will come and I need to protect and carry all my necessities. I would love a mini.metro in black/khaki.

----- Jason Van Tassel 19.03.09 05:32

I need it to protect all my stuff (laptop, make-up, notebooks from school, books, even some food that i hide in there :) ).

i would like the Metropolis 6’1 with pink and black for flashy chicks :P

Thaaaanks :)

----- micky 19.03.09 05:32

I live in New Orleans, LA where it rains year round. During the summer, it can rain when the sunshine it out. And I won’t even go into the hurricane thing. So getting to and from where you’re going while trying to keep you laptop and various other sundry electronics dry can be quite a challenge, especially when you go most places on a bike. Having a mini.Metro (grey with orange stripe) would keep me stylish and keep my gear dry beneath the torrential downpours of South Louisiana. Can’t wait to hear the whispers of “hey, who’s that guy on the bike with that Chrome bag?!”

----- /david 19.03.09 05:24

I have no sob story to tell, or laptop to carry, but I bike every everywhere and need a way to haul my books. I’m a bit like a turtle, I carry all my things on my back…a biking turtle…not that I would live inside the bag, but it would be nice to have the option…this analogy doesn’t quite work. I bike a lot. I need to carry things. I like the mini metro in black.


----- sarah 19.03.09 05:04

I have had the same jansport back pack since I was 8 years old. Its not exactly weatherproof. The Metropolis grey/black stripe. Oh, I almost forgot, there is a hole in my bag too :(

----- jeremy 19.03.09 04:48

I need a weather proof bag for all the traveling I do with my camera/accessories so that everything is easy and at hand!

I would love the citizen in grey/black stripe

----- Kevin McFaul 19.03.09 04:46

I dont need it, but my boyfriend does. We are both IT’s and constantly having to lug around our laptops and cables and other tools. I would like a bag for him. Preferably the mini metro in black/khaki.

----- Stefanie B 19.03.09 04:43

I would like this as this product will sell itself and I will wear it proudly and blog about the quality as well as the ease of use it provides and who knows when I run for Prime Minister of Canada every citizen will have one ..I prefer the Metropolis black/black stripe combo.

----- tammy hedden 19.03.09 04:35

I would love a Chrome Bag, mini-metro in black on black, so that my traveling to and from Boston in style would be that much easier!

----- Tena Marie 19.03.09 04:19

i need a CITIZEN Metropolis KELLY/WHITE Stripe because i dont want to loose another macbook to soggy bag syndrome

----- richard 19.03.09 04:18

I would like a slice of the weatherproof pie as a London cyclist I endure a wide range of weather, especially rain! Plus my current rucksack has holes in and two busted zips :( This is indeed a cry for help!

If I am lucky enough to be selected I have my eye on the Black/Black Citizen.

Thank you :D

----- Hambowbow 19.03.09 04:17

quite simply, i love the chrome stuff, citizen in black/black stripe is a favourite, but i cant really afford it (being a student sucks sometimes)

//fingers crossed//


----- alex forsyth 19.03.09 04:15

I would like a slice of the weatherproof pie as a London cyclist I endure a wide range of weather, especially rain! Plus my current rucksack has holes in and two busted zips :( This is indeed a cry for help!

----- Hambowbow 19.03.09 04:14

I need the weatherproof goodness as I will be travelling Europe this Spring, and there’s nothing worse than soggy gear in Europe! It would be great to have such a bulletproof and waterproof place to store my stuff.

My favourite is the new Warsaw, or for the older models, the Mini-Metro in classic Black/Black with Black Buckle

Thanks to everyone involved and good luck to all the contestants!

----- Teng 19.03.09 04:00

I need it. really. Because I move around on my bikes, with the baby in his seat. and the laptop in the diaper bag, and the bottles and mashed fruits, and my camera (I am a journalist), and everything is a mess. The Khaki - Red will be perfect.
Please please me…

----- Hadar Gatt 19.03.09 03:53

A) I’d like this bag because it’s super clever and will be an excellent plinth for my NOTCOT badge.

B) The Metro Mini grey/orange is trés cool.

----- Tom Young 19.03.09 03:43

Like Metropolis Black/Black.
Well started windsurfing lessons - I need this bag!!!

----- Bojan Babic 19.03.09 03:41

I just need the red and black minimetro goodness because it looks fantabulous, and also because I ride my bicycle to work everyday and I have a small netbook to protect and books! Think about the books!

----- Eugen Suman 19.03.09 03:15

This bag will finally complete my bike messenger look. I am always jealous at traffic lights when i am on my bike and a messenger pulls up, with this i could at least pretend that i can skip lights and hop curbs, weaving in and out of traffic. Maybe this would encourage me to ride my bike in the rain too, who knows? I like the mini metro in Camo/Black

ps if i dont win i will have to buy one anyway because i like them so much and i am a weak person which means i will have to eat beans or dog food for the next month…again.

----- James 19.03.09 03:02

A black/red Warsaw would be awesome - i had it already three! times in the shopping cart, just missed the needed money… ;)

----- Jana 19.03.09 02:39

My puppy has recently gnawed through the strap of the Royal Mail postal bag I currently use… I’ve tied a knot in it but it keeps coming undone :-(
Mini metro in navy and yellow :-)

----- Kate Lay 19.03.09 02:18

I live in Belgium and I’m not a fan of wet sandwiches…

----- Nicolas 19.03.09 02:02

I live in Pittsburgh. Every week here during the winter when I’m in school, we have a different weather condition. Sometimes it’s freezing rain, sometimes its normal rain.. snow, sleet, you name it, we got it. I’m also a communication design student, so all those papers and my valuable computer need weatherproof protection!

In a black/red Warsaw, of course ;)

Thanks a lot, Notcot!

----- Justin Edmund 19.03.09 01:59

I keep getting flat tyres on my bike and it rains here A LOT. I need a weatherproof bag to hold over my head like a stupid hat to keep dry and help keep my spirits up while I walk home.

grey/black minimetro should do the trick!


----- David 19.03.09 01:39

Last time I stayed in the lab ‘til 5am+ (note the time of this post, and… I’m in the design lab looking at NOTCOT—naturally) I took my half hour dawn walk home in the rain.

My camera bag was almost soaked through, my comps in my backpack were wet, my socks were wet… not fun.
And that’s how I started my day. No sleep, wet crap, a pot of espresso and a critique with unenthusiastic peers.

Kremlin. Orange/black.
Mmm… huge bag. Maybe I could fit all of my crap in it. My prof. wants me to have a 3” binder for each class. I’m taking two, and can barely fit one in my backpack.
And extracurricularly… I can only imagine the possibilities. Stuffed with posters, stuffed with camera gear, stuffed with a change of clothes if I ever get laid again…

And a huge orange bag on my back might make DC drivers pay a little more attention to me on my bike. Improbable (because DC drivers will be DC drivers), but (almost) plausible.

And I wish a bag would last me four years. My most recent backpack is getting a little worse for wear.

Thanks for the opportunity to procrastinate some more,

----- david k 19.03.09 01:32

Pick me! Pick me! Pick meeee! I’m not too greedy! I’ll take a Citizen with black red stripe. Thanking you NOTCOT!

----- Alex Lui 19.03.09 01:32

I would love a black and red Metropolis because they’re just so dam sexy!!!! The fact that they’re waterproof is an added bonus. Lovely.

----- Michelle Bartholomew 19.03.09 01:30

I’m writing this as I have a bag,
but my bag is falling apart.
People always laugh at me,
it really breaks my heart.

All the chrome bags you have on show,
would look great on my back.
But because I need to make a choice,
I choose Grey and Black.

----- Dominic 19.03.09 01:25

living in sunny san diego encourages one to bicycle (even if the city’s spread doesn’t) and it’d be nice to be prepared for the rainy days that come and go. not to mention not having to worry about jerks with shaky hands in bars. of course kelly green is the greatest color and my stature makes the mini metro most apropos.

----- kelly 19.03.09 01:03

a bag weatherproof bag would definitely help me, since i’m a reporter and i live in jakarta, indonesia, a rough city for low-level bags…

i love the black/black buckle, it would go well with my favorite jacket!

----- andreas 19.03.09 00:41

I need this bag because the one I’m using now is an old messenger bag I bought in 1997 and it doesn’t keep his shape anymore.
I love the mini metro, in black.

----- Nadia 19.03.09 00:30

So I wont worry about my stuff getting wet and My favorite size would have to be Citizen in black so it hides durt, dust and spills.

----- Slaprabbjt 19.03.09 00:26

These are awesome. I just need one of those. (a) Because weahterproof is what one needs in times of crisis. ;) (b) I would love to win me a ‘Kremlin Black/Black Stripe’ one. Woohoo for Chrome.

----- Dav 19.03.09 00:24

I need the Chrome bag because I gave away my reload bag to my little brother over Christmas! And given the choice, I’d love the Citizen Black/White Stripe.

----- timoni 19.03.09 00:11

I’ve never been satisfied with any of my messenger bag purchases. I buy them because they promise to be the last and only bag that I’ll ever need. Unfortunately, they tend to disappoint and end up in a pile under my desk. They are still there, hoping for me to give them to redeem themselves, fat chance. Honestly, I’m tired of products that don’t live up to their own hype and expectations. Tired of getting my hopes up and having it all shatter like the precious cargo that I carry in those ineffective bags. I’m willing to give Chrome bags a chance, if you’re willing. I’m particularly fond of the Black/White stripe Metro. Don’t break my heart please, I’ve had too many disappointments already.

----- David 19.03.09 00:11

a: there’s nothing better than being prepared for any situation at any time - chrome bags are incredible protection for anytime i go walking or biking for hours in the rain.
b: Warsaw, grey, small or xtra small if possible.

----- sarah 19.03.09 00:09

I need a weatherproof bag because a drive each day on a scooter….
and i prefer the Metropolis Brown/Navy

----- yael 18.03.09 23:53

a)I need the chrome bag because when biking around campus in the rain, books tend to get wet. Wet books equals water damage on 300 dollars worth of “investment” in education.

b)I’d like the citizen black/white stripe, because I have a relatively small frame, and if the bag is any larger, it’ll look like it’s eating me

----- Brian 18.03.09 23:52

I would like to win one of these bags to give to my daughter. I got her a Timbuk but she never uses it(she says it’s to big). I’ll probably take over hers. Any color would be cool, never look a gift horse in the mouth. Surprise us.
Thanks for the chance, and the great info(as always)NOTCOT.

----- Itamimasu 18.03.09 23:47

Only if my incase sling pack was water proof.
I carry my laptop everywhere in that thing but I fear its not built to with stand the elements and it does not have a cross chest load stabilizer.
And I would gladly give it to anyone in need of a laptop bag(its in excellent condition),
thats only if I get the AWSOME CHROME Citizen Grey/Black Stripe Messenger Bag as a replacement.

----- Justin A. 18.03.09 23:44

oh and i forgot to say that because weatherproof and incredibly durable is exactly what i need while traveling into the city and going to class and on the ultimate field

----- Kyechin 18.03.09 23:30

i need this bag so i can continue toy carry babies!
i think they will appreciate the black/gray metropolis 22.5” so they can feel comfy!

----- nir siegel 18.03.09 23:25

a metropolis white with white stripe, because even though i have a lifetime warranty on my black/black citizen is going strong it never hurts having something bigger and to contrast. =]

----- Kyechin 18.03.09 23:23

I need a weatherproof bag cos I cast lvl 99 lightning.

Citizen, Black/Red. Thanks. :) *zap*

----- zeroblade 18.03.09 23:12

My citizen-sized grey with black stripe Chrome bag came to Europe with my girlfriend and I. Over two months and 5000 miles, it protected my laptop and documents, shrugging off snow, rain, and dirt. On the last day of our two month rail pass, on a cold Milanese morning in a cold train, I turned my back for a moment and it was gone.

----- Brian 18.03.09 23:09

I live in Portland, OR, where the amount of rain we get weekly seems to only be topped by the amount of water I wring out of every book, jacket, and even towel I carry around on my bicycle. Many are the days I’ve turned in an assignment slightly damp from my daily commute (I have recently resorted to wrapping books and papers in plastic bags); although my current messenger bag claims to be weatherproof, I remain unconvinced that it does much more than soak in the water spraying up from the wheels of every car that passes me.

The citizen-sized bag in grey/black stripe would be perfect for me.

If you could also install windshield wipers in my glasses I would be forever grateful.

----- Elizabeth 18.03.09 22:59

a) I need this weather proof goodness so that I can carry my girlfriend to school on my back while I bike. She hates being wet, and hates her stuff being wet too.

b) I would need the Kremlin to be able to fit her and her stuff in there, and I’d want the black/black/black combo because it’s much more slimming, and my girlfriend would hate to look chubby while being carried on my back.

c) The secret pocket is where I would store my snacks

----- Jake 18.03.09 22:59

Citizen Royal/White is my favorite bag/color!!!!

----- Derrick 18.03.09 22:52

(1) Leave a comment on this post with (a) why you need the weatherproof goodness and (b)which size/color you love most!

I love Chrome bags. Definitely superior to Timbuk2, which were ok but never worked well for me.

I’ve been riding a Vespa GTS everywhere for over two years. I don’t even own a car anymore. That means I ride in any weather. My pack has to endure adverse weather and being constantly exposed [to constant sunshine here in SoCal]. Also, the ability to quickly and easily equip and remove a pack are major selling points for me.

Does already owning a Chrome bag disqualify me from winning this contest? If so, oh well.

I have a Citizen right now in black with white stripe. I would love to have a Metro in royal with white stripe for times when I need more storage space.

----- Randall 18.03.09 22:50

a) can’t risk riding my bike AND carrying my Mac in just any ordinary bag!

b) am loving the Warsaw Gray/Red, but am also loving the metropolis royal/white bag!! oh, the decisions i’d love to make … pick me!

----- Tanya L. 18.03.09 22:47

Because I am a fish formed mammal.

----- Jonas 18.03.09 22:43

a) Recently I’ve had to buy another laptop because the rain demolished it in my crappy threadbare bag. I’m a student, graphic designer and a photographer so I am constantly carrying around my laptop and camera equipment. A waterproof bag would definitely be a godsend, especially for this summer when I plan on interning with Pixar, since I’ll have to carry my stuff and take public transit.

b) I’d love the black metropolis with the black stripe (black or silver buckle doesnt matter) and it would be the best thing ever.

----- Shelby L Chen 18.03.09 22:32

Why do I need this? I live in Vancouver, land of rain, and I just started biking again and plan to make it my primary means of transport. I need to carry these things around: novels (paper cannot get wet), a laptop, a notebook for art and writing, pens, musical instruments, at least one camera. All of the backpacks I’ve ever owned in my life have departed or been ruined, so I am bagless! I am currently riding around with a felted wool open-top bag that does not protest my stuff, hold enough, or promise not to rip. I hate waste and need something that will last forever, so I don’t have to buy more.

I like the citizen fluorescent green/navy stripe. I’m a little person who needs to carry a lot. It seems like the biggest I could handle safely. And bikers on the road need to be seen! The colours would go perfectly with my new/used 80’s-tastic seafoam-with-spatter hybrid commuter. The environment wins!

----- Meaghan 18.03.09 22:32

I could really use this bag as a.) I walk about 3 miles to work everyday in Michigan where the weather changes from minute to minute (No, really, it does) and b.) I also walk back and forth from school every other day. I’ve lost countless amounts of notes, books, etc because of torrential down pours, that its almost ridiculous. For instance, my last phone died because my current bag was flooded. I would love one of them Chrome bags. I like the Mini-Metro in the Orange/White combo.

----- Rich 18.03.09 22:30

I’ve loved NOTCOT for the longest time, so when I saw this, I just had to hop in for my two cents.
a) I’ve never had the money to spend on a decent bag, much less a nice chrome bag. I’ve wanted one for Christmas/my birthday for a few years, but I never got the money (and my parents can’t afford it, with the cost of tuition and all since my sister is going through college too), and when I did, I had to use that to buy books. I’ve been going to college at UC Santa Cruz for a good two years now, I still can’t afford a good waterproof bag. It rains quite often here, and I don’t even know how many times I’ve had to wrap my computer in a plastic bag before sticking it in my backpack, along with my camera or how many times my artwork has been ruined because of a sudden downpour. I’ve also wanted a bag big enough to carry all of my paints and markers and spray paints, because it’s hard enough being an art major- it sucks even more because I don’t have a decent sized bag to carry my stuff.

I also am planning on traveling abroad soon so I can study Literature in Bordeaux for a year, so having a sturdy bag would be a godsend.

b) the burgundy/charcoal stripe metropolis is what I’ve been looking at for forever, and I’ve been in love with it all this time.

Thank you!

----- Shelby Chen 18.03.09 22:24

(a) because i need a new bag to go with my new bike i’m getting and i know someone who owns a chrome bag and they look like they will last for ever. I’m also a kite freak. When i’m looking for the best wind on my bike i need a good bag to old my kite gear. seriously.

(b) i guess black 11 inch but seem all pretty

----- xavier 18.03.09 22:24

i need a chrome bag because i go to class 13 hours on tuesdays and thursdays and carry my laptop with me. my other bag gets so weighed down that the straps are ripping! that, and it isn’t weatherproof!!!

i like either the mini metro or the citizen, and the orange with a black stripe


----- david bohn 18.03.09 22:22

I need a pink and red Kremlin because I ride my red and chrome bicycle around Seattle; it rains here and I ride in the rain. It’s like a waterproof bucket on your back!

----- Rogelio 18.03.09 22:20

I could really use the waterproof bag because I’m a stage-manager who goes to school in Ohio. As a stage-manager means that my prompt book (a binder with the script and a lot of key paperwork) is all-important, which means that I have to carry it around a lot (college theater = not having safe places in the rehearsal space to leave it) to do my work, and also have to make sure that it never gets at all damaged. Since I go to school in Ohio, I often have to be out in the snow/sleet/rain/generally problematic weather in order to get from place to place. I need to protect my work from the elements, which is where the bag comes in.

Ideally, I’d love the Mini Metropolis, Grey/Red Stripe.

----- laura c 18.03.09 22:11

Ooh I would love a black one in Metropolis size.

My partner has a Chrome Bag already, It’s ancient and starting to fall apart but he refuses to part with it.
We don’t drive (for a better planet) so it’s a must-have when he’s out riding his bike, the only problem is that it’s not completely waterproof anymore.
(Did I mention he’s one of those crazy cyclists who will go out in ANY weather condition?)

He has used it to transport everything from a weeks worth of groceries to stock for our business and even a huge art print or two.

I would love to win the bag - not for me, but for him - as a thank-you for being my personal courier - rain, hail or shine.

----- Kate 18.03.09 22:02

a) I need this bag- I’m in high school right now and I carry a purse, bookbag, and at least once a week a double bass (no wheels or anything to drag it, I literally have to carry it to its destinations) along with an occasional textbook in hand. I don’t get any help carrying anything (it’s an all girls school: every girl fends for themselves with heavy objects) so just imagine an average-sized person with a huge bookbag, a purse on a shoulder, carrying a double bass (both hands used to it) AND a book somehow. It’s a lot haha. Now I can’t get rid of my purse, it has EVERYTHING-from a book just in case i get bored to a swiss army knife to a first aid kit to packets of sugar (in case i get stranded on an island or my plane crashes) to my cd player to my wallet to a pocket constitution…etc etc. I hope you got the point. I don’t use my locker in school because it’s in a completely useless location so I have to carry ALL my books. And the double bass…well, it’s what I play in my Chamber Ensemble class. Now this seems like the PERFECT bag for me to combine my bookbag and purse into one. Besides…we need a Modern-day Mary Poppins and we can’t have a Modern-day Mary Poppins WITHOUT her bag that has everything. :) I’d hella appreciate it having one but if not, thanks for letting me rant. :D

b) warsaw in grey! but if not…metropolis in kelly/white!

----- alia 18.03.09 22:01

My Jansport backpack reminds me too much of high school.

I like the mini metro in grey+orange.

----- Natalie G 18.03.09 21:56

i need one cuz i live in seattle and it rains all the time/mini metro, navy/yellow stripe

----- fauxataraxia 18.03.09 21:54

I need a Metropolis because I am duct taping holes in my current bag. In orange/black, so I stand out and won’t get hit.

----- Ken 18.03.09 21:33

Oooh, I love the black one. I have to admit, a guy who’s wearing a chrome bag gets about 20 sexy points from me. Hottt!!!

----- Zac 18.03.09 21:31

i commute daily on the boise greenbelt and need a place to stash my stuff. been agonizing for over a year about a messenger bag and a metropolis black on black would suit me quite nicely.

a perfect compliment to my ride and lifestyle. thanks for the daily inspiration and the awesome giveaways!

----- matthew harrison smith 18.03.09 21:28

I need the weatherproof bag to carry all of my school supplies and my laptop, and look great! I’m also unemployed since it’s tough in these hard economic times.

The citizen in black and red would be superb!

----- Jesse 18.03.09 21:26

A) Because I just went through THREE bags in two years as a college student in Denmark, Holland and England. Three! Now that I’ve returned to NYC, I need a reliable bag to maintain my urban sherpa lifestyle.
B) I love the new Warsaw bag in grey! I’ll be able to take everything with me.

----- Robin 18.03.09 21:24

im a photographer and it would keep my camera and prints dry when i ride my bike around the city. i carry 16x20 and 20x24” prints around all the time and it would be usefull to have a big waterproof bag

----- Tzam 18.03.09 21:18

Being a collage student, I’ve got my books, computer and random other things to carry to and from school everyday. If I had a nice, big, waterproof bag, I’ll never have to worry about not having enough room, or having my homework (and more importantly, laptop) get ruined by the rain!

----- wesley yendrys 18.03.09 21:17

I need this bag because my 12 year old daughter is being treated for a brain tumor at St. Jude Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. I do most of my work in the hospital cafeteria. The weather here is crazy…snow one day, rain the next…I find myself bagging my 17inch MacBook Pro to keep it from the Memphis elements. I am a web developer/designer and am devoting my life to building a social network for families of childhood cancer. This bag would help me make that vision come to life!

----- Anthony Conti 18.03.09 21:16

Having an all-weather bag for my daily bike commute to work in blustery Boston (rain or shine, or snow) would be a godsend!
..and being a bag that turns into my grocery bag, suitcase, gear bag, and beer cooler (try it— it’s awesome!) at moment’s notice makes it all the more coveted.

Metropolis in Royal/White to compliment my trusty, rusty, 2-wheeled steed.

----- Mariko 18.03.09 21:14

I’ve been eyeing these bags for awhile now, and have heard nothing but great things about their durability and usefulness.
There’s a reason I need one of these, I love art. Specifically photography, so the waterproof aspect for my camera or even my sketchbook, is definitely the first thing to draw me in. Plus, when doesn’t a messenger bag come in handy? I mean, I might be a guy, but I still need something to carry all my junk around in.

Also, I pimp NOTCOT to everyone like it’s my designer baby, so it’d be awesome to win something from the site.

----- Kevin 18.03.09 21:03

I’ve been eyeing these bags for awhile now, and have heard nothing but great things about their durability and usefulness. The one that’s caught my eye is the mini-metro in the olive green and black combo.

There’s a reason I need one of these, I love art. Specifically photography, so the waterproof aspect for my camera or even my sketchbook, is definitely the first thing to draw me in. Plus, when doesn’t a messenger bag come in handy? I mean, I might be a guy, but I still need something to carry all my junk around in.

Also, I pimp NOTCOT to everyone like it’s my designer baby, so it’d be awesome to win something from the site.

----- Kevin 18.03.09 21:03

Everyday I ride my nifty mercier bike to school… everyday through the tough terrain that is… UCLA apartment life. Sprinklers… oi vey, up hill… downhill, the amazonian rainforest! By the time I get to class, my textbooks are jankey and my lunchables crushed and soaked with lord know what! HELP! I need this… if you saw what I looked like, you’d have pity on me too! At least… give me the dignity of having a fashionable back.

----- christina 18.03.09 21:02

i live in jakarta. the weather is unprdictable. i move place by place with my motorcycle. so i need that metropolis brown/black stripe to carrying my macbook and wacom tablet.


----- saputra 18.03.09 20:59

I would want the grey and orange color in the metro size I think. I need one because I live in the Pacific Northwest and it rains alot.

----- ALLY in WA 18.03.09 20:57

Well, that weatherproof goodness could be very useful riding home from my night classes in san francisco fog and rain. I need to protect my papers and sketchbook! it would be the death of my design career if my portfolio were wet :\

citizen black with white stripe is a prime looking bag

----- Franko 18.03.09 20:50

i need waterproofing because i’m an architect, and architects are fundamentally just like boy scouts—we need to be prepared for everything.

warsaw in grey!

----- adrienne 18.03.09 20:49

My current laptop bag is not taking the daily abuse of lugging all my things to class and the studio. The straps are literally ripping from the bag, which has me fearing for my laptop. A Metropolis in Black/Red Stripe would be a lifesaver.

----- Allie B. 18.03.09 20:42

i would want a Chrome bag because clearly, i love the look/sound of it!
i’d need one because im unemployed, am about to get into college with a course where i’d need to carry my laptop and a graphic tablet around, and as i have a passion for photography i do wander out with a camera too, mostly and the chromebag would be great for it!and because all my older bags are now only just about fit to store my pebble collection in,no better.
also, because im clumsy enough to be trusted to fall into a pool with my bag, or pour a bucket of orance juice on it accidentally.

b)the metropolis BLACK/BLACK black buckle would be most convenient! although i wouldnt mind the grey warsaw xD

----- shrimp 18.03.09 20:42

i would want a Chrome bag because clearly, i love the look/sound of it!
i’d need one because im unemployed, am about to get into college with a course where i’d need to carry my laptop and a graphic tablet around, and as i have a passion for photography i do wander out with a camera too, mostly and the chromebag would be great for it!and because all my older bags are now only just about fit to store my pebble collection in,no better.
also, because im clumsy enough to be trusted to fall into a pool with my bag, or pour a bucket of orance juice on it accidentally.

b)the metropolis BLACK/BLACK black buckle would be most convenient! although i wouldnt mind the grey warsaw xD

----- shrimp 18.03.09 20:42

I have no bag and am in neeeeeed! I like the small all black metro. That would be off the hook!

----- Ben 18.03.09 20:36

1. chrome bags are awesome.

2. i’m awesome:)

3. chrome bags + me = result better than crossing ‘proton pack’ streams.

* bag of choice: metro in grey & black (smiles for all:)

----- jayson ramos 18.03.09 20:35

I’m a poor college student and I am tired of walking/riding around campus and having my things get wet. I would love a Mini Metro in Orange. I love your blog by the way.

----- Jeremy 18.03.09 20:31

At my age I could use a new…sack! Lovin’ the Mini-metro (20x11.5x6) in black with a red stripe.

----- Joe W. 18.03.09 20:25

I need a weatherproof bag because I must battle the schizophrenic weather of New England every day!
I would prefer a mini.metro in burgundy / charcoal.

----- Marc 18.03.09 20:17

I need a weatherproof bag because I must battle the schizophrenic weather of New England every day!
I would prefer a mini.metro in burgundy / charcoal.

----- Marc 18.03.09 20:17

Seems like almost everyone is from New York
I’m from rainy Vancouver Canada! (don’t forget about us we’re above you!)

I go to film school, one of my classmates has a bag, I tried to steal it from him on many occasions. It has not worked.

Something that wasn’t mentioned enough is how COMFORTABLE they are to carry around.

I’d love one to lug my books, I’m a girl, so for all my excessive girly things, my laptop, my photography camera, my film camera, my sketchbook, and all my little robots. To have everything fit in ONE bag. Wow.
My bike doesn’t have a basket either so riding around with 3 bags on the handle bars and on my back gets so insane and I’m so little it’s so much! And in Vancouver, it’s up hill both ways, it’s not so funny.

The metropolis black black oh goodness!
Please let me win?

----- Azia 18.03.09 20:15

hmmm, do you want the list of reasons alphabetically or in order of importance? basically, it could carry all my crap without judgement, criticism or complaint. after all, that’s what it was built for, right? i think a black metropolis could be my new best friend and perhaps signal the beginning of a beautiful and life-long relationship. it’s virtually impervious to almost everything - rain, snow, crude language and even poor fashion judgement, like “what is up with that shirt?” a cool chrome bag would never make fun of me in front of my friends, would it? i don’t think so. also, and this is admittedly based on conjecture and best guesses, i think a chrome bag would be a great listener. not that i do a lot of talking. i’m actually a pretty quiet person. usually. most of all, since my recent divorce - and subsequent state of poverty - i have to sell my beloved 1980 volkswagen vanagon, so i could really use a big comfy bag to schlepp all my crap to and from the office. that or a shopping cart like that guy from The Road but without all the zombies, cannibals and post-apocalyptic smoldering fallout. even if it were the apocalypse a chrome bag would come in handy. plus, it would match my mountain bike. yup, i think me and a big black metropolis chrome bag were made for each other.

----- boomslang 18.03.09 20:14

a) Why do I need the waterproof goodness? Think about it. Central California, April showers, student on the go. The rain will be my biggest enemy in the coming months and I think the Chrome bag would be a great way to move my materials while keeping them try. :)

b) The Citizen in Metropolis White/White Stripe is my favorite combination, hands down! :D

Hope I win. I haven’t won anything from here yet. haha. :P

Have a great day.

----- Victor C 18.03.09 20:14

I need this fab bag because spring is coming and I go for walks in the rain. Having a dry place to keep my water, apple, and writing paper would be beautiful. Please choose me. I love the metropolis in black with the pink stripe!

----- Sam 18.03.09 20:12

to carry my books when im on my bike in the rain, and my laptop the minute i fix the darn thing. And if i ever decide to be a hurricane reporter, something like this will be perfect!

likeing the olive/red combination, but the sleekness of the white/white is always appealing. Citizen probably, if i ever saw someone with a kremlin, i would think they were lugging around bodyparts

----- Robert 18.03.09 20:11

a) I would love to ride my dirtbike to work, but would look pretty weird showing up with riding boots and a jacket! I would use the Chrome bag to carry my work clothes so I can transform into a respectable employee when I get there. This would be perfect, too, to make me more visible on the road and for the off-chance that I get stuck riding in nasty weather!

b) I’d sport the Grey/Orange for sure!

Thanks, Jean!

----- ann 18.03.09 20:11

a) I need a new, bigger, tougher bag than my current 10 year old Eastsport backpack because I’m a vagabond, a constant traveler. My home is someone’s living room floor, and my backpack is just not big enough to hold all my stuff: a laptop, 3 notebooks, ferret food and supplies, a week’s worth of clothes, my camera, and my puppets and fortune telling equipment.
b) Because I need something capable of hauling my belongings, I’d want the Kremlin size in Purple/Pink(to match my hair).

----- Sybelle Darling 18.03.09 20:06

Weatherproofing is important to protect my baby macbook pro, my sketch book, and other scraps of material I find along my travels. Its especially important since I have a habit of walking across a chest high canal every once in a while. All black with a black buckle is pretty clutch!

----- Christopher 18.03.09 20:05

a) I’m an off-campus university student which means I don’t have the luxury of getting my own locker nor the convenience of putting my things in my residence. So I’m usually carrying all my books, food and laptop around campus.
b) a civilian in metropolis black/back stripe please :)

----- Susanne 18.03.09 20:05

I would like the bag because I live in Vancouver and it is spring which equals rain. And, I bike everywhere. 2. Citizen in brown and navy.

----- Jonas 18.03.09 20:01

My life would be so much better with a Metropolis black/black stripe.

----- Leslie 18.03.09 20:00

well after receiving an ego shattering 66% on my poli sci midterm (which i blame on the inclement weather we have but four times a year), i believe a grey and black citizen would be a good pick me up, and i would be fully prepared for the other three days of bad weather, due to the fact that it is weatherproof goodness.

----- daniel bishop 18.03.09 19:57

i need the bag because i’m a university student in frozen winnipeg with no money and a laptop that is ill protected from the elements by the bag i have now.

i would prefer the Metropolis in black!

----- Aliyaho Pearce 18.03.09 19:57

I’m in college and would love a bag that could actually hold my 14x17 sketch pads and news print life drawing pads so i dont look like such an cute dork carrying them around. lol. also all my paints, china markers, T square and brushes!!

Citizen - Black/Black belt buckle (cant beat the classic black :D)

Pick me and i’ll do some sketches for NOTCOT!!!

----- Numb Ly 18.03.09 19:56

I could really use this when I ride my scooter in the rain. I love the Metropolis Red/black stripe!

----- jeremy 18.03.09 19:53

i would love that back and bag the fuck out of it

----- jake dockter 18.03.09 19:50

…Hmm considering I dont have a bag for my laptop, and whenever I have to bring it somewhere I have to wrap the cord around the entire thing, I guess I need it pretty bad. Its scheduled to rain on monday…

----- hrhkat 18.03.09 19:50

Why I need it: in simple terms, Dean by day— writer/photographer by night. I need to carry items for the morning job and the evening job all the time. Most times this includes my Nikon D40 and my laptop— I need strong, reliable bags that I don’t have to stuff into a plastic bag whenever it rains to make sure everything inside is safe— it seems these bags will do this for me. Gimme, gimme please and spare me from using multiple bags.

The all black mini-metro will do, I think. =)

----- saki 18.03.09 19:48

The weather-proof bag would be perfect for me when i have to walk across campus in the rain…also i can’t even decide on which color is the coolest, so many to choose from!

----- dan erickson 18.03.09 19:43

I’d be nice to retire the 4+ year old Timbuk2 bag that I use now to carry my laptop and other things.

I like the Orange/Black Metropolis.

----- Ryan 18.03.09 19:43


----- Khanh Nguyen 18.03.09 19:41

I need this because I live out of my current bag and this would be an upgrade from a studio to a two bedroom.

Love the Metropolis Black/Pink Stripe

----- Danielle 18.03.09 19:37

Grad school and research have a lot more heavy books and laptop uses than I anticipated…so I’ve become quite inseparable from my arsenal of non-weatherproof heavy books and laptop. The Metropolis Chrome would be a perfect fit, especially for its fantastic weatherproof construction to keep my investments dry while lugging them around the world! I love the black with the red stripe - it’s sleek enough to go anywhere, but has just enough color to stand out. Ciao!

----- Kerry 18.03.09 19:33

I def need a weatherproof bag. I just got my first fixed gear bike (yay!!) and am using an eastpack backpack at the moment to transport my macbook to work. Ha I know it sucks but I do not have 160 to buy a bag this good. This would be AMAaaaaazing. :) Thanks so much Jean!!! NOTCOT is thee best place on these internets! I love not having to look for stuff myself. ;)

----- JG Rodriguez 18.03.09 19:32

WOW the bags look awesome!!
yes i really, really would love to have one. i am constantly on the road for work and i cannot tell you how often do i have something unexpected leaked in my bag :( with this bag not only do i never have to worry about lotion, shampoo, etc. leaking, it would be awesome to put differnt things ie iced cold sweaty water bottle in one slot, put books or notes in the other and not worrying about smearing the notes.
Citizen’s my favorite!! i love the black/red one!!

----- Irene 18.03.09 19:28

I have a Chrome bag now and I LOVE it! This is my second, my first was stolen and this one is beat to hell. I have been looking at new ones, but they are so expensive. I’m a big fan of the smaller ones I think I have the Mini.Metro in all black right now. The new Mini.Metro with the black/red looks sexy. I ride about 11 miles on my bike every day so the Chrome bags are a MUST. Please pick me to win!

Also, I love your posts an post a lot of them on Twitter under my account @swichi293

----- Brian Swichkow 18.03.09 19:27

I’m starting graduate school in chicago in the fall. books. chicago. need i say more?

love the metropolis brown/navy

----- mary 18.03.09 19:12

Because I live in San FRancisco…

----- GEnevieve 18.03.09 19:05

Wicked contest. I love the new Warsaw and am in need as my old Chrome bag has been abused from years of riding on the ‘pristine’ streets of Toronto. Kept my drawings and notebooks dry but, to be honest, the Metropolis is HUGE and something smaller would be nice. Awesome bags for whomever wins!!

----- Jeff 18.03.09 19:04

I live in Florida, is that enough of a reason for having a waterproof bag?

I dig the citizen, and the olive/red color combo.

----- Ryan 18.03.09 19:03

I’m at school 9-6 four days a week (both as a student and working as a math/english/spanish tutor), and in need of a decent bookbag! Also, I’m digging the Metropolis Grey/Orange.

----- eskimo 18.03.09 19:01

I’m a bike messenger in chicago and i need a (new) chrome bag because my old Bailey Works bag got stolen, and I don’t make enough money to buy a new one. black on black is the way to go btw.

----- mark 18.03.09 18:59

i obviously dont NEED this…

but it would help greatly…i just had to put my college design degree on hold indefinitely due to financial problems…so now im just planning on freelancing and making it happen on my own…

i have very little money, social life, or any earthly possessions at all, only thing i have a lot of is positive energy and ideas…hopefully those will steer me in the right direction…

anyway..the bag would be a great for my bike rides and lugging my laptop and supplies around the city

keep up the good work chrome and notcot

----- rich hollingsworth 18.03.09 18:58

metropolis - olive/red; because i’m going to need a way to carry my stuff out of the office when we run out of work and i get laid off.

----- adam 18.03.09 18:52

I need this bag for two reasons. I want to be the only man in TRIBECA who doesn’t carry a purse. ALSO, my backpack got stolen at sweet paradise last week. It had my camera in it, and other irreplaceable shit I can’t remember. HOOK IT UP!?

----- Kevin Magee 18.03.09 18:52

My current bag is giving me back problems (scoliosis runs in my family) because I’m a student and have so many things I need to carry- textbooks, notebooks, binders, etc. Hand in hand with that goes the issue of size- my current bag often doesn’t fit even half of what I need with me on a day-to-day basis, and I’m stuck holding my jacket, two textbooks, and a binder, just because there’s not enough room in my current bag. I live in San Francisco, where the weather is completely unpredictable in every way, so the waterproofing is a NECESSITY that I don’t have with the bag I’m using now. On top of all of that, I don’t have a lot of money and it would be amazing to own a bag that’s waterproof, better for my back, and something high-quality that wouldn’t need to be replaced for the rest of my life.

My favorite is the black/white Metropolis!

----- Julia 18.03.09 18:51

(a) Why you need the weatherproof goodness - As a recent graduate who is paying off $55k in loans and a part time teacher who walks/scoots to school, I need a weatherproof bag to contain all the papers from students. I know students think tests and papers deserve to be destroyed in the rain, but they are a vital part of education, so the waterproof goodness would come in handy!

(b)which size/color you love most! - Well since you asked, I would really love the Mini.Metro in the Black/White Stripe.


----- Rachel 18.03.09 18:50

I need the pastel blue/brown mini bag to haul my mini acer pc to my last semester of classes in the variable CA climate because my handbag is totally washed!

----- Jessica P. 18.03.09 18:48

i’m about to move back south and my transportation mode no longer be a car, but instead a bicycle. there is no better way to zip around with a macbook than with a weatherproof chrome bag. minimetro black/black would be tight!

----- beth 18.03.09 18:46

I need a weatherproof bag to protect my gear while I gold explore in Central America. The Citizen in Navy/Yellow looks good…

----- Ryan 18.03.09 18:44

oh wow! You have no idea how badly I need this. I’m an art/design student and ALWAYS carrying tons of stuff around with me and cramming it into bags that 1.)don’t hold it all, and 2.)don’t keep it safe. Chrome looks like it would serve me well in that department….
and I have a waterproof LouisV that NOTHING matches! Finally, I found something that I can carry with it: the Metropolis Brown/Black Stripe!
: )

----- Hunner 18.03.09 18:37

I need the waterproof goodness because I work, run and ride through wetness all the time on my daily romps to art school. It would hold my art supplies and would be fucking sweet. I would Love a Metropolis sized bag in Black, Pink stripe.

----- Michael N. 18.03.09 18:36

I need the weather proof goodness of this chrome bag to protect my laptop and camera when I ride my bike to classes everyday.

I’d like the all black Warsaw bag please :)

Thanks for the opportunity to win a really cool bag!

----- Mark 18.03.09 18:36

As a dirt poor college student living in a town that is in a black-hole for weather, I would love the Citizen Grey/Orange Stripe, ever so tenderly. My few wordy possessions would be honored to be inclosed in such a well designed creation!

----- Anne 18.03.09 18:31

Why do I need the Metropolis Pastel Blue/Brown Stripe bag? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because I like to take walks in Central Park in the summer and need a place to store my picnic and books. Maybe because I giggle excitedly at the vision of riding my bike while drizzle falls from the sky with my laptop safely stored away. Maybe because I know that on days when I just don’t know what bag to wear for Brooklyn trips, I’ll turn to its dependability and utility.

What more could you ask for from a messenger bag?

(Can it cook?)

----- Nadia P 18.03.09 18:23

I need this why?
1. So I can match my fiance
2. So I can carry more groceries
3. Because they’re beautiful?

I love the gray/orange mini metro bag

----- jill 18.03.09 18:22

Definitely the Metropolis Brown/Black Stripe. The perfect travel pack when riding on the scoot. Weatherproof and just the right size for commuting to and from work. Che bella. Ciao!

----- JACK 18.03.09 18:13

(a) I need it because every messenger bags where I live (Quebec, Canada) are kinda sad and/or wayyy too expensive. Besides, I never figured out how come we don’t have bags like these. Our winter lasts almost 6 months, and the other seasons have some spare rain all year long. Hey, I would even use it when it is NOT raining, isn’t that incredible? (I think you do agree it is a valid argument, and that a random winner is me, please please please!)

(b) a Citizen Black/Black Black Buckle would go with just about anything I can think of, plus you gotta love the black belt, really makes the logo of Chrome pop out. Hey, it’s almost as if I’d become a walking ad for them, that’s worth a messenger bag right?

----- Gabriel 18.03.09 18:11

oh i need the bag because i live in portland, oregon.
i just moved here on impulse.
threw my bike on the plane and i’ve been looking for a job ever since.
oh i would love to win one. i’ve been wanting one for a while, but from just moving, i’m pretty strapped for cash.

i love the civilian in white/white
i’d look great dirty after getting road spray all over it.

plus i read this site every day.

----- Patrick 18.03.09 18:09

OHHHHHHH! SOOOOOO I’m a art student (how typical) in Los Angeles I commute on bike everyday and I don’t own a car, this bag would be a exponential improvement to my daily life.

I love the new Warsaw bag in the black….thank you… :)

----- BROWNE 18.03.09 18:09

Weatherproofing protects overpriced textbooks; my bag of six-some years is falling apart at the seams.

The Black/White Stripe is pretty swell.

----- bchouston 18.03.09 18:06

I’m a architect/designer trapped in the unemployment tsunami, it’ll be a good idea to keep my laptops out of the elements until i find a new roof over my head. bag strip buckle - I didn’t pick all black because i’m an architect… Well, maybe it’s a subconscious decision?

----- andre james 18.03.09 18:04

a) I uhhhh work for uhhhh a super uhhh top secret organization where I uhhhh dont even know where I might end up sometimes. My job is to take pictures of missiles, cars, people, dogs, and sometimes even ants so I need a weatherproof bag to keep my super top secret 20 dollar camera safe from whatever weather is thrown at me by the weird places i encounter.

b) metropolis black/black black buckle

----- toymaker 18.03.09 18:01

I need a weatherproof bag because all I ever tote around are books, art supplies and baking/baked goods. None of that stuff is very good wet, let me tell you.
and how perfect would a delivery of cupcakes be if the little boxes presented in a stunning all white metropolis?

----- Mikey 18.03.09 17:56

I ride by the San Francisco Chrome store on a daily basis with a bag that is well past its prime, I can’t carry my laptop in the rain or depend on it to protect my camera. the window serves me as a reminder that I should move up and get myself a bag that will let me comfortably and reliably carry my equipment through the San Francisco rain.

I love the citizen and breaking from the black and white of the bike kids in San Francico.. I’d love a classic Olive and Black.

----- Zack 18.03.09 17:54

why you need the weatherproof goodness and (b)which size/color you love most!

the morning commute
can get a little dicey
cycling through Portland

a khaki and red
Metropolis messenger
could beat the weather

----- matt dodge 18.03.09 17:51

weatherproof carriers becox: they can last, and i love to go green and buy less bags….

size: mini metro
color: metropolis flourescent pink/brown (please!)

----- jessica.A 18.03.09 17:48

The last messenger bag I bought was from LL Bean about 12 years ago. I was a graduate student. The poor bag is now covered in cat hair and one of the plastic rings that the strap attaches to broke and is sort of mended with duct tape. I am a part time college teacher now, and my classes were cut down to a bare minimum. My current bag makes me LOOK like a part time college teacher who had her classes cut, and I don’t want to look that way anymore! I love the Citizen - perfect for toting lectures and student’s assignments around, and the brown/navy combo is ideal. Thanks for the giveaway! Hope I win!

----- Julia 18.03.09 17:47

hi jean!

i need a Chrome Metropolis in grey/orange stripe.

Why? because i live in NYC and i walk a lot and i prefer my books, change of clothes and computer to stay high and dry, nawmean? THANKS!

----- jason 18.03.09 17:45

because i love those bags, and i never win anything…EVER!!! so it’d be a nice to win this…if i do red with black stripe. the metro would be lovely…thanks!!!

----- jay jay jay 18.03.09 17:42

a) I need this bag for biking to and from school and work. My parents gave me some money to buy one for Christmas, but unexpected bills appeared, and the money for the Chrome bag disappeared :(
b) I would love love love to have metropolis red/sky color

----- Amanda Edge 18.03.09 17:39

I need a Chrome bag cuz a year ago while I was backpacking through Europe in the middle of summer, my Russian friend had the clever idea to buy stuff to make some sandwiches and she got a butter stick, she put it in my favorite bag which had a lot of stencil art on it which everybody loved, the butter stick melted all over my clothes and after that i could get rid of the butter smell and stains on my bag and on my clothes, so pretty much im screwed with my messenger bag and using a school bag to deliver stuff doesn’t get me respect in the streets. And since you were so nice to ask i would love a Metropli blk/blk stripe. Thanks a ton!

----- DAVE TAPE 18.03.09 17:35

a. i totally need the weatherproofing because it rains a lot where i go to school, and I have to protect my precious macbookpro when i walk to and from the busstop! not to mention all of the sketches and other studio-related work that i have to carry back and forth. i’m also getting ready to travel to europe this summer for a school-related trip, and having a waterproof bag would be great for when we get caught walking around in the rain.

b. i love the mini.metro in the black with the pink stripe.

----- Ashley 18.03.09 17:34

A) I’m about to move from Miami Beach back to the frozen midwest.. I think a weatherproof Chrome bag would make a great consolation prize!
B) I’d have to go with the Citizen in Navy/Yellow. Although I’m lovin the grey Warsaw too!

----- Jason 18.03.09 17:12

I’m a sewing, designing, freelancing, house-sitting, unemployed, wreck of a person right now. My current bag is over 5 years old and has gone everywhere with me for the sole fact 1)I can’t justify paying more than $20 for a bag that 2) possibly will not live up to the bag I have.

----- Madness 18.03.09 17:06

OMG - I need this - and I need something good to happen to me for a change!
I am using a freakin gold hobo bag and I sling it on my back like it is a messenger bag - but it isn’t and it sucks. It has worked so far but it is going to die any day now. Please cheer my unemployed ass and give her (me) a Mini.Metro Black/Pink Stripe so I can pack my resumes with out them getting wrinkled up!


----- Courtney 18.03.09 17:04

Quite a bit of competition for a bag, huh? Well, A) I’d love a Chrome bag because it makes the most sense to have an awesome waterproof bag when you’re a starting law school kid in Seattle. B) I’d gladly take a mini metro off your hands in the metropolis black and white striped colorway.

----- Vince 18.03.09 17:03

I’m heading to Africa this summer and it’d be nice to have a bag to badass the rain/cold/hot with. The metropolis orange/white might attract some friendly rhinos or lions? :)

----- Genie 18.03.09 17:02

i want this bag because it can help keep my sketchbooks/homework dry on rainy days. hate it when my stuff gets soaking wet after a heavy downpour.

love the mini metro in black/black.

----- claire 18.03.09 17:00

Greetings NOTCOT!

I am a robot being upgraded piece by piece, by my mad scientist creator and owner. Until today, he had only fashioned me human fingers and human eyes, but now he has given me a human-like back! In the 150 years I have been in existence, I have been dreaming of this day so that I could wear a Chrome bag and feel its Cordura shell upon my heretofore nonexistent back. Indestructable, just like me!

The burgundy/charcoal stripe Citizen matches my welding details perfectly.

----- Leigh Shapiro 18.03.09 17:00

Its Autumn now, I would love some Weatherproof goodness to protect my belongings from the rain and tears (N.B. tears that are caused by winter doldrums).

A black on black mini metro would most befit the oncoming season.

Thank you!

----- Pip 18.03.09 16:58

First, NOTCOT is the JAM! Second, the Warsaw bags look amazing! Its a really nice balance between to big and to small. I would really like a bag to help me transport my school stuff (laptop, pens, pencils, paper, etc.) to and from school since I only ride my bike :) thanks for the opportunity!

----- tako 18.03.09 16:57

I sure could use a chrome metropolis in triple black. I’m taking on a new job as an aircraft mechanic officer in south dakota. I’ll be on the flightline in all kinds of weather and will need a reliable bag to carry my papers and laptop around.

----- Jimmy 18.03.09 16:55

Wow, so many people want this bag! I need this bag to carry on my bike every day as I go out looking for photos for my blog, photodeclamo.blogspot.com. It’s a great exercise in creativity for every day of the week, and I would love to carry all my gear in a Citizen size Gray/Black Stripe bag!


----- Robert Fisher 18.03.09 16:48

Hi … my reasons (a) to get in line for one of these nice pieces of luggage are:

- my old tucano is falling apart

- I’m staying with a friend for a while, so even the old tucano is packed with lots of stuff and is more of an office-stuff storage unit than any kind of transportation unit …

- spring hasn’t really arrived in munich yet (we call it “april-weather” when the weather can’t really decide if it wants to be winter or spring … even if it’s march or may …)

- I travel mostly by bike

- I use to many plastic bags instead of a nice bag :( and boy, it sucks to ride a bike with a plastic bag on one side of the handlebars …

- I will be moving to rainy rainy denmark in some months (well, by my own free will of course … )

and (b) since your so kind to ask, I would go for the citizen size and for color I would go the Henry Ford way: “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is BLACK” … so black with black buckle it is …

----- Daniel 18.03.09 16:45

Love the Mini.Metro bag in Metropolis black/pink stripe! So cute! I need it to carry all my books around…I’m a college student in Central NY, and dainty bags just don’t cut it in negative 10 degree snow!

----- Adeline 18.03.09 16:43

My timbuk2 is getting beatup and looking worn, need a new bag for my bike ride into work.
I’d like the Citizen black/red strip messenger bag. thanks

----- 5chw4r7z 18.03.09 16:43

I need a strong weatherproof bag because I’m starting a small design office and to save overhead I’m using my own equipment and lugging it back and forth from the new office everyday via bike. Laptops and Wacoms are of value to me and my partners. These things need protection.

I’d appriciate a Metropolis in the classic black/black motif.

Thanks for being awesome.

----- Jason 18.03.09 16:42

In a place where a northface bag fails merely years after purchase, New York City shows how brutal it can be. Between longboarding around town or taking night trips to new places where you can see the stars, a metropolis black bag sounds like the perfect match.

----- Mark Forsman 18.03.09 16:42

There have been so many times that my items have been soaked just from a little rain! I would love a waterproof messenger bag (currently my messenger bag get’s soaked like someone stabbed holes in it) to protect my sketchbooks and cameras.

The Metropolis with gray and orange stripes looks great!

----- Christian 18.03.09 16:34

a) As someone who relies on public transportation and bicycling, there is always the inevitable rain. For years, I have tried to a bag that would withstand all these storms but to no avail. I take great lengths to make sure my papers and cell phone don’t get damaged by water. Granted, I live on the East Coast and rain doesn’t occur everyday but it would be nice to have a bag that would withstand all the drizzling weather whenever it happens. (You know, instead of going to CVS and taking plastic bags to wrap everything in.) A Chrome bag would be even handier when I move to Portland next year where, as everyone knows, rains like its nobody’s business.

b) Citizen Black/Red Stripe

----- Emily 18.03.09 16:32

A. I need the bag because I am a freshman Scenic design student, and on my first day in college, my old bag (from Queen Bee creations) got stolen with my entire portfolio of original work inside it!

b. Love the classic metropolis black with black stipe

----- Michael S. 18.03.09 16:30

There I was on my bike… laptop in my messenger bag draped over my bike. I look up at the sky and *boom* downpour. What I would have given for a waterproof bag at that point. (laptop fried and books for class soaked beyond repair *headdesk*) Would you be so kind as to prevent such a catastrophe from ever happening again?

Citizen Black/Brown

----- Jo 18.03.09 16:29

Why? Because they are so versatile and stylish. The epitome of form and function.

p.s. Love the site, been reading for a while now.

----- barry 18.03.09 16:26

Why do I need a chrome bag? I need one because I ride my bike everyone, and the old Canvas bag that I’ve got now has been stitched with dental floss by me over and over again, and it seems like it’s time for a new one.

----- Jake Sepulveda 18.03.09 16:26

a. It would look quite dashing as I ride around on my Honda Ruckus!
b. Citizen, black/black

----- Alex 18.03.09 16:25

i’m a grad student. got to get the laptop and whatnot to school somehow…

i like the mini in olive with the black stripe

----- Allison 18.03.09 16:23

I don’t need but would enjoy a) not soaking my laptop from the rain or in tomato soup while riding my bike to work b) citizen size - olive black color

----- brian kelly hahn 18.03.09 16:23

Why I could use a new CHROME bag. I am a Colorado native, and will be moving to Denver in the spring to hopefully start my first bike courier job. YEAH! I have always loved the story of the guys from Boulder making these bags. It has been my dream for quite some time to be a Bike messenger, and I am almost certain that you can not be a good bike messenger with out a good CHROME bag. Denver is hit every year with all kinds of weather; snow, sleet, rain, hail, you name it Denver gets it. I can almost see it now, me jumping on my homemade Fixed Gear cruising through Downtown Traffic, with the wind in my hair, the sun on my face and my new CHROME bag strapped to my back.

Metropolis Black w/ White


----- GLEN 18.03.09 16:20

I need weatherproofing goodness b/c I ride my bike day and night, rain and shine and I need to keep my laptop, books and camera all dry, safe and snug!

as for the size and colour I’d have to go with a Citizen in Kelly green/White!

----- Mark Durling 18.03.09 16:17

I really need this bag as biking student in seattle, where it rains 8 days a week. plus i want the coolest color combo, navy/lime!! please and thank you!

----- zoey 18.03.09 16:16

(a) I need it for taking my laptop to the architecture studio in the rain…

(b) I would look best while doing this with a 22.5inch Metropolis White/White Stripe bag from Chrome…

Make me look good!

----- TQ 18.03.09 16:15

i enjoy walking but i hate carrying umbrellas, and a waterproof bag will help protect my camera and my laptop.

i would love a metropolis navy/yellow stripe!

----- Miak Siew 18.03.09 16:15

I like that Warsaw one in gray. I ride my bike to school all the time, and as an art student it’s hard to carry your paintings/laptop/wacom/etc in just a regular backpack/portfolio combo. Riding with one hand is dangerous but necessary most of the time. Then there is the fact that I cannot find any type of basket to attach to said bike, which makes it impossible to fix the situation. All those pockets just waiting to tease my OCD personality. Looking at the diagram of the Warsaw makes me feel that there is hope!

Gray stands out better in a biking situation. If there was a red I’d have a winner, but I’ll take whatever stands out more in the dark.

----- LMD 18.03.09 16:07

I need a new bag for a few reasons. One, my backpack is not only beat up, but is tiny and can’t hold all the stuff I need on a regular basis around town and campus. Two, it’s spring in michigan which means lots of rain and I sure could use something that can stand up to the weather! Three, I don’t know, but these bags are sweet!

All the bags have huge amounts of storage… so I’m going to go for the Mini Metro in Brown w/Black Stripe


----- Lukas W.P. 18.03.09 16:06

I love chrome bags, only from a distance thus far in my life.

I live in MPLS and our weather changes roughly every minute…as I say this temperature dropped 20 degrees. A weatherproof bag will help protect those items that are not weatherproof (i.e. laptop, camera, puppy- I wouldn’t really put my dog in the bag)

I just built my own bike, silver bullet I like to call it. The Citizen Metropolis in navy/lime would look stellar in contrast to the bullet.



----- Bethany Hall 18.03.09 16:05

the mini.metro in black on black is screaming my name! as a commuter to NYC, i am in DIRE need of a sturdy bag that can fit my photography supplies, my reading materials, and a change of clothes if the situation arises!! i’ve had my eye on these babys for quite some time. but as a ‘starving artist’ my budget never seems to be able to afford one!

----- Morgan 18.03.09 16:01

I always have to walk across my college campus in the rain and weather, and my books always get wet. The weatherproof-ness would be great! I love the Mini-metro Orange/White striped ones!!

----- Twiggy 18.03.09 16:01

I bike to my college campus every morning, taking with me at least one 10 pound textbook and laptop in a makeshift messenger bag I sewed for myself junior year of high school. I’m deeply attached to my stylish bedsheet turned sling, but the budjet of a college student cannot afford to replace missing lunches, calculators, lab goggles, (that I’m sure fall out of my bag during my morning and evening commutes) or a new backpack.

I’m too little to go through another school day without my turkey sandwich. This bag will drastically improve my diet and social life, making me the coolest 5 foot biochemist on campus.

The mini metro is perfect!
I’d be happy with any color however, burgundy/charcoal stripe, navy/lime, and black/white best reflect my chakra color.

----- Selina 18.03.09 16:01

I’m an aspirating comic book artist who travels the nation to comic book conventions, hoping to catch my big break into the industry. I need a sturdy bag to carry my portfolio, prints, and art supplies that can survive the hardship of constant traveling, smelly taxis, and zombie fanboys from San Diego to Chicago to Baltimore in all sorts of weathers.

Bag of choice: Metropolis (to fit my 11x17 portfolio/prints) in Black/Red stripe to match my studio colors.

----- Luan 18.03.09 15:52

Well I am on my bike 24/7. I need a bag that can withold the weather and stay comfortabley on my back. I live in Sacramento so the weather isn’t always so bad but it is unpredictable. Basically what i carry around with me all the time is my laptop, extra clothes, ipod, and school stuff. So i could REALLY use a nice bag like this. I would love a black/black/black buckle citizen :)

----- Tiffany 18.03.09 15:52

I am in television production and have been looking for the perfect all weather bag to carry my camera gear. This bag would be more than perfect, durable, waterproof and smart looking! perfect for all my electronics staying safe.
——mini.metro - burgundy/charcol

----- Jenna Levine 18.03.09 15:52

I want it because.. as a first step to get my dream laptop. So once i get it.. I just need to get the laptop .

color.. of course black on black on black. WOOT!

----- rini sugianto 18.03.09 15:52

The reason i need the chrome bag is firstly, to carry my laptop and tablet on weekdays, and they wont get wet on rainy days no more yahoo!!!. That will make easier to move all my stuff in the bicycle and therefore will improve my health. Also, my old backpack is kind of falling apart so what better replacement than a chrome bag!!!!….its also a beautiful bag btw.

i prefer the mini.Metro in black/khaki

----- Samuel V 18.03.09 15:52

I need need need waterproofness, because I cycle always, everywhere, exclusively (gave away my car 3 years ago). And I love love love the mini metro olive/red.

----- danielo 18.03.09 15:50

Because you need to look awesome while picking up things from your now ex-husbands house MetroPolis= Flourescent Green

----- RB 18.03.09 15:49

A) It wouldn’t be for me, but my husband who needs a new good bag to take to work. And it’s been raining a lot here lately; )

B) The citizen in Grey/Black

----- SuzyCat 18.03.09 15:48

i’m actually entering this giveaway for my boyfriend and he:

(a) not only needs the weather proof goodness to schlep his laptop, books, digital slr, and other essentials back and forth between campus, work, and his internship — but he totally deserves it for working so hard and being an awesome boyfriend. he really needs a sturdy bag that’ll contain/protect his stuff while he’s riding his bike to above mentioned locations.

(b) i’m gonna go ahead and say he’d like the mini.metro because he’s a small dude and the other sizes would overwhelm his small frame. i’m also going to say he’d probably want the mini.metro in grey with the red stripe because the grey is versatile enough for everyday use, but the red would give it that pop of color he likes (plus red is one of his favorite colors).

----- Paulyn 18.03.09 15:42

I would like a bag that I never had to take off because I am always late… I think if I could shower with it on I could easily shave 2 minutes off my morning routine.

Metropolis Black/White Strip

----- AJ 18.03.09 15:42

I’d love one of these in Metropolis Black/Khaki. It reminds me of a bag I had when I went to Iraq that ended up getting stolen.

----- Hansel 18.03.09 15:40

I need a new weatherproof bag as I live in Melbourne, Australia and you never know when the weather is going to turn! I would love a Metropolis grey/black stripe combo.

----- Matthew Pham 18.03.09 15:40

I totally need one of these to carry all my work gear - laptop, my camera, accessories, notebooks, and ipod while I’m out and about on shoots and festivals. Having something waterproof would be amazing especially if I’m outside a lot. I really dig and want the Metropolis black/Red stripe :)

----- Pamela Lin 18.03.09 15:38

waterproof goodness = commuting goodness = environmental goodness = earth goodness = TOTAL GOODNESS

size goodness: Citizen
Color goodness: Camo/Black Stripe

----- Ibarra D. Padolina 18.03.09 15:35

The Metropolis Black/Black/Black Buckle makes me all giddy on the inside and slightly warm in the loins. If I’m not using it’s waterproofing to protect my valuables from inclement weather as I’m riding my bicycle, I might opt, if I win one, to use it as a sort of newfangled umbrella. I really hope I win one. -APH

----- Alec Petunia Holmes 18.03.09 15:34


Here’s the thing about me & messenger bags: I have four. Two timbuk2 (both give my neck the rub of death), a free public radio timbuk2 knockoff, and my dad’s free public radio timbuk2 knockoff.

They are heinously boring, and they’re all somehow designed to be worn on the left shoulder.

I would love nothing more than to rock the pink & purple metropolis IF ONLY they made it for a right shoulder kinda gal. Honestly, I’d go either way JUST to sport this bag.
My bike is pink and purple! My life… not so pink and purple. Imagine a girl in San Jose, California, with a pink and purple life. I would want to be her friend.

With love for the best color combination since peeps and grape jelly, panties and bras, furbies and chrome bags,


In the secret compartment, I will put a pink and purple My Little Pony. Irresistibly cute, especially when I forget about it for months.

Also, grapefruit and sour blueberry jelly bellies.

----- elaine 18.03.09 15:31

1. I bike to campus everyday and when it rains, it pours. My timbuk2 that was a gift since middle school just isn’t up to par anymore. With my laptop, books and workout clothes, it just doesn’t fit as much nor is it as waterproof as it used to be.

2. I would love the Mini.Metro in Black with the White Stripe

I’ve always wondered what brand this messenger bag was as I saw it all around my college campus, and now i know. Thank you! The seatbelt clip is a fantastic idea for quick-release. I tend to get stuck trying to get my timbuk2 shoulder strap over my head.

----- Cameron 18.03.09 15:31

Why not(cot)? Black/black Metropolis please :)

----- Brian 18.03.09 15:30

(a) I’m a full time college student and freelance web developer, so I lug my laptop around almost all the time, along with sketchbooks and the like. I love the waterproof goodness because it keeps all my stuff safe. I’ve had a timbuk 2 before… ended up in a rainstorm with two ruined moleskines.

(b) I’ve used a Citizen bag in camo, but I occasionally find myself really wanted an all black metropolis.

----- Zac Clark 18.03.09 15:30

A Fluorescent Green with a Navy Stripe bag would be awesome for keeping everything secure, dry and most importantly visible to car drivers, when cruising around on my bike.

----- Mike Rogers 18.03.09 15:29

Cos I need to ride in style!
I love the black warsaw.

----- Caelie 18.03.09 15:28

For couriering of course!
I have been ogling the chrome messenger bags for Quite some time now and they are beautiful. Like, Really beautiful. AND WATERPROOF?! Ohmygosh. I gots my fixie, my helmet. All’s I’s need’s is a bag to match.
Burgundy and charcoal Citizen.

Has anyone ever told you that you were great?

----- Alison 18.03.09 15:26

I need one because biking 365 days a year in chicago can be messy sometimes. so it would be nice to keep a dry pair of pants in it for use after those long wet days! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?!!? and i would just love a florescent green/navy kremlin or metropolis. (beggers cant be choosers)

----- Haley 18.03.09 15:25

I need to be prepared for when the sea level rises high enough to swallow San Francisco and only way to get around is swimming or canoeing from one skyscraper roof to another.
Citizen Black/Pink Stripe

----- Jonathan 18.03.09 15:24

Hi! loVE the buckle! It’s the first time I see these bags and I just need one ;)
I like the black/black stripe, size - mini metro

----- Einat Gavish 18.03.09 15:23

a) who doesn’t need one of these? i’ve had my eye on them for awhile and never could swing the price. they’re perfect for toting flutes!

b) I love the pastel blue/brown stripe metropolis :)

----- Emma 18.03.09 15:18

I need a new bag because I have a tendency to be accident prone … making full use of the life-time guarantee ;)

Favorite one would be the Metropolis Black / Black Black Buckle

----- Heidi 18.03.09 15:16

I need it because it’s damn wet in the Bay Area in winter!

Warsaw. Black all the way to the bottom.

----- no names 18.03.09 15:13

Oh man, I need one of these! For all the late library books I’m trying to carry along with 2 baggies of snacks, a bottle, a sippy, a few diapers, some loose change, some strange sticky wrapper I find in the bottom of the bag…while I’m pushing one kid in a stroller and making sure the other one doesn’t get run over by a car while riding on her bike. We’re tragically uncool. We need a cool bag.

----- Elisha 18.03.09 15:12

this is awesome. i study physics and sculpture in providence, RI = tons of random amorphous/big crap that I need to safely/securely move up steep hills on my bike. I NEED THIS BAG. I would love the new warsaw backpack in grey/red.

----- Aaron 18.03.09 15:12

I need a chrome bag because finding parking in San Francisco is killing my soul.

(the bag would release me from such obligations to drive, and bike instead)

Since biking at night in SF is very much rolling dice with your life, I’d like the mini-metro WHITE. That way cars can see me and I don’t have to find out whether there is an after-life just yet.

Thanks Jean!

----- David Ngo 18.03.09 15:10

Just like Eskimos have a hundred or so words for snow… folks in the West of Scotland have a lot of words for rain. I work in Glasgow and need waterproof! As the Big Yin (Billy Connoly) once said… theres no such thing as bad weather… only the wrong clothes. If that’s the case and I believe it is… the Chrome Kremlin in very right… to protect my MacBook, moleskines and various books that I always have with me… like Linus’ blanket.

Kremlin in green would be fabby.

Love notcot - its one of my daily goto sites.


Thomas aka Headphonaught

----- Headphonaught 18.03.09 15:09

I need water proof goodness because i commute by bike. I need to keep my laptop dry, along with some papers… work.. papers. Plus if i win a sweet new chrome metropolis in sweet pastel blue and brown, i can relegate my ragged old bailey works to gym bag duties.

----- Josh 18.03.09 15:07

A) I’m in need of a waterproof messenger bag because I’m a slob and spill things constantly. My current messenger bag color is “stained” and it’s not a washable bag so I live with it the way it is now. I’d love a waterproof bag to protect my laptop and ipod from my “dropsy” disease.

B) I’d love the Metropolis in Black/Pink Stripe because it reminds me of Good ‘N Plenty candy.

----- Michelle 18.03.09 15:05

Why does someone living in Sunny Southern California need a waterproof bag? Well, the problem is, we actually do have a rainy season. And because I’m no longer used to planning on rain, I never have an umbrella or a raincoat when I need one. The soft cotton bag that I port my electronics in ends up getting swathed in plastic grocery bags, and the wet always manages to seep in anyway. With something as stylish as a Chrome bag, I’d carry it every day, and thank my lucky stars that I did every time the rains came.

Because single shoulder bags throw my back out, I’m going to cross my fingers that the Dually is on the giveaway list, and state my fondness for the Brown/Black. Never have to worry about what color shoes and belt go with it? ;-) (Though I secretly wish it came in Burgundy/Red.)

----- Lucia 18.03.09 15:05

I don’t need it. But my brother lives in Vancouver BC, and it rains there a lot! His only mode of transportation is also a bicycle, so it would suit well. Colour: Black with black buckle. Size: Citizen


----- Jes 18.03.09 15:01

I am a full-time student at the University where I live in the Sierra Nevada’s and because of the weather in the winter, I need the weatherproof goodness to protect all my precious work from snow and rain! I prefer the Mini.Metro in Burgundy with a charcoal stripe. Please and thank you!

----- Paige M. 18.03.09 14:59

I need a new bag because my current bag has to be covered in bin bags and gaffa tape so that I can ride in the wet and I’d love the Metropolis white on white, most of all cause its a little bit different. Thanks

----- Luke Ngakane 18.03.09 14:57

waterproof eh?
staring at the orange and grey one for a while now. I would use this bad for school…with the economy, i might get the perfect teaching position, BUT wherever i end up…student work is safe in these babies…or so it seems…would it be safe?

----- Marcelo 18.03.09 14:56

a) Well, I live and go to school in Oregon, and my options for grad schools include either staying in the northwest (still incredibly rainy), or going to the northeast (rainy AND snowy), so no matter what I’m always battling the elements. (Really, I wish I’d had a Chrome bag for my adventures here in the Czech Republic - it keeps trying to snow.) I’ve had many a notebook or even textbook made a bit soggy (or ruined entirely) by the Oregon rain, and I am wary to bring my laptop with me to school when it’s raining. I also struggle to find a bag big enough and comfortable enough to lug all my stuff around Salem and Portland, but also light-weight enough that I could just throw a couple of notebooks and a book in there and wander around town.
b) I love the Mini.Metro in burgandy/charcoal.

----- Maggie 18.03.09 14:55

I need a chrome messenger bag because I live in NYC, I am a student, and I do not have a suitable bag to carry all of my books with. Not to mention since it it the fashion capital of the US the bag would come in handy because it is also stylish. I know I sound like one of those women on the shopping chanel but in all serious it is a sweet ass bag.

Royal white, metropolis, or black black always works!

----- Hannah 18.03.09 14:52

a: With this bag, I will save the world. Trust me.

b: Metropolis Grey/Black = Yes Please.

----- cole 18.03.09 14:51

(a) I need this amazing bag to protect and carry my art supplies, art, my husbands videogames/consoles, laptop, etc.

(b) Metropolis Olive/Black Stripe - Citizen size.

----- MaryAnne 18.03.09 14:50

so here’s the thing. I live in Upstate NY where the weather is absolutely unpredictable, and I end up getting caught in the rain waaaayyy too many times for me to be happy. I’m a student, which means i’m always carrying around a backpack.
backpack+rain=wet papers; Wet papers=unhappy student and unhappy professor.
there’s some basic logic for you.

the Burgundy and charcoal Citizen is amazing :)

----- grace 18.03.09 14:50

(a) I need this bag for my nearly daily bike commutes to work! Also for playing around town.

(b) I love the new Warsaw in grey. that bag looks like the bees knees. I loooove that it holds boxes like that.

----- Jay 18.03.09 14:50

I have always wanted one of these bags. I see them all around Chicago during the summer time, and I would love to bring one to Ohio State to show off how awesome they really are!! I carry my MacBook wherever I go, and this bag would be perfect! I already stand out on campus, but I would still love to have the florescent green/navy strip, or the mini metropolis in black/black!

----- Michelle 18.03.09 14:46

Can I just say that I’ve had one of these for years and I didn’t know that hidden pocket existed until today! I love both of my chrome bags but it’s unfortunate that their customer service is so terrible.

----- Joshua 18.03.09 14:45

These bags seem to be made for me!

As a tour guide for street art and subcultures in Berlin, I need a bag that’ll withstand jumping fences, climbing walls and exploring abandoned buildings.
As a student of product design, this bag seems to be vesitile enough to haul all kinds of projects and materials.
As a musician and dj, I know this bag is up to task of storing all my cables and hauling my laptop and controllers across Europe after long nights ;)

If I should be so fortunate: Metropolis Brown/Black

----- Jaan Ugrinsky 18.03.09 14:41

I need a weatherproof messenger because I live in Syracuse, NY - where we get an average of 115 inches of snow yearly (160 inches so far this year). And messenger bags are just the best! A Black/Black stripe Citizen would be great!

----- Mark A 18.03.09 14:39

The citizen in black/red… because Portland is rainy! And that’s where I am.

----- Joe Wasserman 18.03.09 14:37

I really really need the metropolis pastel blue and brown bag because hey its so darn pretty. And I am sick of all my by bags breaking after a years worth of use. And I carry allot of different sized stuff. And I’m a woodworking, art, and Design student. Needing to lug my laptop around from wood shop, to metal shop, to home, to design studio, and classes. And I am constantly biking everywhere. And I wicked student poor and very much in need of such a versatile and wonderful bag.

----- Spencer Agoston 18.03.09 14:34

I’m a college student who has to deal with the unpredictable weather of Indiana. Where you go into class with bright blue skies and come back out to walk in a torrential downpour. Also I’m apt to take a trip out West this summer, to Oregon maybe and I hear it’s pretty rainy out there. I’m thinking the black&white Citzen messenger bag would do quite nicely to protect my belongings.

----- Emma 18.03.09 14:33

Probably fit into a lot of the people on the board, I can use one of this sweet bags because, as an interaction designer, I am always on the go doing studies, tests, etc and need to carry my laptop, notebooks, sticky notes, etc.

On a more personal note, I tend to have a 4 month lifespan on any messenger bag I own and am desperate for something with a little bite to it.

I would love a Black or Olive Metropolis make

----- david farkas 18.03.09 14:33

i need the weatherproof goodness of a chrome bag because i find myself cavorting around the city at all hours and times and it would be good to have backup clothes that would be protected from the elements. plus, i think i’m the only bike messenger in new york that uses a shitty backpack to do his deliveries. i would def love to have the mini-metro in black with the red stripe.

----- emmanuel cruz 18.03.09 14:33

I’ve been carrying my stuff in the same bag that I’ve been using since the 5th grade. Its a good day when i am able to open my bag up and get my school work out of there. I am now in college and would LOVe to be able to ride my bike and have a functional bag.

Metropolis Black/Black Buckle

----- Em 18.03.09 14:33

a) I need this bag because I’m going to camp this summer and unfortunately last time, I almost died from hypothermia because my clothes and I were soaking wet. It was the crappiest trip of my life.

b) I think metropolis white/white stripe will make me the envy of the crowd!

Ed - !_!

----- Edward Wong 18.03.09 14:32

I live in Portland, Oregon, one of the wettest cities on the planet. Combine this with the fact that I don’t own a car and am therefore riding my bike or walking around outside a lot and you will understand why I need one of these beauties to protect my laptop and my other goods.

Naturally, a Citizen in Black w/Red Stripe would handle this job nicely.

----- Evan Rowe 18.03.09 14:29

Mini Metro all black.

I want one so I could look in style when I’m taking the trolley, on the bus, and riding my bike on my way to and from school. It could also make my life easier by carrying all my lacrosse gear, laptop, and books for school! Come on this is the new age no one wears backpacks. It’s all about Chrome!I parkour too! So this would make free running a little easier than a regular backpack.

----- Melody Nguyen 18.03.09 14:28

I am currently an AmeriCorps Vista for the Red Cross in New Hampshire. Not only do I not have the money to purchase one of these fine bags but I also have a hard time finding a sturdy messenger bag that keeps my documents and equipment dry when in the field out doing assessment work. The mini.metro Royal/White is a quite a sight and would compliment my uniform.

----- Chris 18.03.09 14:26

Living in Vancouver, this could be really useful. Raining today outside too. The Metropolis navy/yellow looks sexy.

----- shimei 18.03.09 14:26

I need a chrome bag for it’s waterproof goodness because i live in Vancouver where I commute everywhere in the rain. It will keep my laptop and important belongings safe and dry while being showered with northwest rain drops.
I love the Mini.Metro Flourescent Pink/Brown.

----- Jen 18.03.09 14:24

I need a nice bag to put all my sketch books, laptop, camera, phone, ds, etc. in while riding my bike to work. Metropolis Black/Black Stripe, Citizen size plz.

----- Wendell 18.03.09 14:23

I really need a waterproof bag over on Kauai. I also think it would be a good idea to get your product some recognition on the islands. I am one of 3 people that rides a bike around this island. And I think that with your bag, I wont get yelled at by bikers saying “get a motor!”

----- Zaq 18.03.09 14:23

I need a Chrome bag because I just got a new MacBook Pro and what better way to carry it across my college campus than a Chrome bag - a Black/Red Citizen bag! Been looking at picking one up for a while now…

----- Jarrett Fuller 18.03.09 14:23

I need a mini metro bag! So many great colors, but my choice would be metropolis grey w/orange stripe. I ride everyday, rain or shine, so waterproof is a must. And to stay streamlined, I prefer to pack light and use the smallest bag for the job: the mini metro looks perfect.

----- Michael Konrad 18.03.09 14:17

I need the mini-metro black/black for the SECRET POCKET!

----- Ryan Garcia 18.03.09 14:16

I need the weatherproof chrome bag to protect my macbook of the pouring weather of paris! prefer the Metropolis black/black citizen size thanks

----- alex france 18.03.09 14:16

Just moved to NYC from Southern California for school. Haven’t really had to deal with the wet before, so a waterproof pack sounds nice.
Mini Metro - Olive/Black

----- Derick 18.03.09 14:15

(a) The weather here is always so unpredictable and a waterproof bag would be more than perfect. ESPECIALLY when cycling. (b) Metropolis sized Burgundy/Charcoal Stripe.

----- Michael F. 18.03.09 14:14

I would love to own this bag.

----- Emily F. 18.03.09 14:14

Being that I live in Florida, and it rains with no warning, and I mean, IT RAINS; I need this weatherproof goodness to protect my gear! I’m in college for audio engineering and need my laptop and other gear to go with me. Preference would be Metropolis, Pastel Blue/Brown. Thanks so much!

----- Tyson 18.03.09 14:13

It’s rainy in my area. I would enjoy the Citizen in Metropolis Grey/Black Strap. Thank you!

----- Matt 18.03.09 14:11

As a year-round bike commuter, having a waterproof bag is crucial. I’ve tried the Chrome shoulder bags on before and they are comfy!

Though I’m eyeballing the rolltop bags they sell, I’d still love a mini-metro in stealthy black to share with my girlfriend!

----- Mat 18.03.09 14:11

I need this amazing waterproof bag because I use my bike to get to school, work and run all of my errands everyday. Not only is Chrome the only bag that can handle the load but it will look hot hot hot.

I love the Metropolis Orange/White… it will match my bike AND help me stand out to cars!!

----- Katrin 18.03.09 14:09

I’ve never had a waterproof bag, nor a real messenger bag. For years I’ve made my own, but I’m burnt out now and using a tiny purse bought on sale for 500 yen, and a series of two or three tote bags. I’m into triathlons and photography, you see, so I am always loaded with stuff. I need a bigger bag! Living in PDX, I need a waterproof bag. The Mini.Metro Burgundy/Charcoal Stripe is calling my name!

----- Susan Kelley 18.03.09 14:08

Chrome + Kah / New Zealand = Indestructible travelling.

Metropolis, black/black/black.


----- Kah 18.03.09 14:07

Why: I live in rainy Oregon and lack a weatherproof bag to carry all one needs to carry with her (a haul from the library, craft store, or note books with plant guides and vittles). A Brown with black stripe Citizen would be lovely. Cheers!

----- Taryn 18.03.09 14:05

I need a chrome bag for bike commuting in rainy Brussels and for carrying my new tablet PC. My favorite is the Pawn olive black one. But to pick up a Messenger model one I´d go for the mini.metro/black.

----- Jose luis Criado 18.03.09 14:04

I live in a super rainy town, and none of my bags keep my stuff dry!
I like the pink/black mini metropolis

----- Rachel K 18.03.09 14:02

I need this bag because it would aid me in the transportation of my Mogwei.
The mini metro in black w/ white stripe should do the job.

----- Sean Radford 18.03.09 13:58

I’ll be carrying my laptop every day from now on — preparing for my diploma in Sinology and Econ — and I need a tough bag for my precious MacBook Pro.
That computer has my life on it and that’s why I treat it with great care.
Then again I live in one of the wettest cities in Germany, so I can really use a tough, weatherproof bag.
I’d like the Soyuz in black/red, although I’m not sure if that one is part of the giveaway.

----- Alex 18.03.09 13:58

Seriously—I’ve been carrying my personal effects in cloth grocery sacks that are neither water resistant nor attractive. And I live in downtown Seattle, land of perpetual drizzle and epic style. My lack of uberbag is clearly preventing me from becoming an urban ninja. This is pathetic. Help me, NOTCOT, you’re my only hope. I need to ninge bitches, but I look like a bag lady, and not in the hot way.

I’m smitten with the Citizen in grey/black, but to be honest, I’d probably carry nearly all of the bags displayed with pride. Except pink. Urban ninjas do not do pink.

Many thanks.

----- Libby Bulloff 18.03.09 13:57

I have dealt with far too many rainy walks home…I could use some waterproofing. (30lbs of wet clothes kind of sucks btw)

I rather like the Metropolis Brown/khaki

----- Finch 18.03.09 13:54

Utility meets sexy fashion

the White/white minimetro looks so good!!

----- Dan Pham 18.03.09 13:53

I LOVE Chrome bags. I would be so happy to get a black with white stripe Citizen!! I live in San Francisco, ride a bicycle, skateboard and ride a motorcycle. All of which would make perfect use of a Chrome Citizen.


----- Bjorn Pave 18.03.09 13:52

I fancy the citizen black on black on black because let’s be honest, it will never clash with any ensemble. I too live in an area, in a state, in a country, where weather can sometimes be utterly craptastic but I’m not perpetually doomed to consta-rainy days, so does my precise location even matter all that much? I’ve never had a fancy-schmancy messenger bag but I do like the thought of owning one to lug around my wondrous junk in. My large barse (ie. bagpurse) is currently housing all of my general knick-knackery including but not limited too 1. a singular hobo glove that’s lost it’s match but you never know when you just might need to floss a little MJ flavor 2. a large bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce because really, everything is better with Frank’s.. except cupcakes maybe, but that could change in one kitchen experiment I’ve yet to tackle and maybe once I do so I’ll start a trend of savory-not-sweet cupcakery 3. two faux but made with human hair mustaches in a classy Tom Selleck circa Magnum P.I. and Fu Manchu style that’s purposes have yet to be served but I’m sure will be donned in a super top secret and utterly debaucherous manner.. and those are just a few things. Aren’t you totally intrigued now by my giant bag-o-tricks? I’m serious about the mustaches and all, and I’m also seriously stoked on stashing them in that secret pocket. I’ll admit that I’m not one of those totally hip fixed bike kids, and I don’t own a Vespa. My bag was never stolen, ripped, totally jacked up, or a present from an ex-lover that’s causing emotional turmoil with my current (insert “utterly bajiggity” here) girl/boy/fish-friend. I will say that I am a pedestrian of the crafty nature that’s contents of one’s bag truly is their life and a proud member of the non car owning club. OH! and I do like to think I’m the MacGyver of the girly realm that could fix the run in your stockings with twine and a nail file, imagine what I could do with a bag full of unnecessary inanimate objects?

Even if I’m not a winner, rambling this off was pleasure enough.

----- Bunny Von Fuhr 18.03.09 13:51

I love the Metropolis black/black stripe combo…Im from Chile and we dont have this awesome bags here…it will be so cool to get the firt one !! Need to carry my laptop, ipod, pencils, and my dog toys when we go around…

----- Maurizio 18.03.09 13:51

I’m growing tired of 9 month winters with constant snow. If it isn’t wet, it’s cold. “Waterproof durability” would be my new best friend. Metropolis Black/Black and I would get along nicely.

----- dealmaker7883 18.03.09 13:49

A> I love the bag (thanks for introducing me) and I love my dog. Therefore, chihuahua in bag = more love for everyone!
B> Black/Black Stripe Metropolis
Thanks! and keep up the great work!

----- Rav 18.03.09 13:48

I really need a messenger bag, particularly a Chrome Mini Metropolis Grey with Black stripe. I work for the Design Firm Formation Design Group in Atlanta, and don’t have a serious bag to carry my equipment while riding my bike…especially something as functional as a Chrome bag. My existing bag isn’t waterproof, and it’s made of single layer canvas, and has torn many times, it’s holding on by a thread, and is on it’s way out, however like my bike it is unique, tells a story, and inspires emotion, like a good design does. I know the Chrome Mini-Metro would be the perfect canvas for my next phase in life. Thanks for reading,

Sincerely yours,

----- Mark Kruse 18.03.09 13:47

I need a waterproof Chrome bag because I live in Chicago, where it’s snowy 1/3 of the year, rainy 1/3 of the year, and iffy 1/3 of the year (with only a few nice days in between). I’d like a Mini Metro in Royal/White, but I’d be happy with just about any of them!!!

----- Leah 18.03.09 13:47

I need that waterproof goodness in grey with black stripe, cuz its not cool when your laptop gets wet or you drop it in spite.

----- James D 18.03.09 13:46

I need a happy and waterproof place to stow my life when I move to Seattle. I’m working my butt off doing three jobs to swap for a bike and dough to move so this would be icing on awesome-cake.
I like black on black or black with the pinky stripe.

----- zoe 18.03.09 13:45

i absolutely need one of these because my DIY seatbelt messenger is finally dying and i’ve developed a very close relationship with it. it saddens me a great deal knowing i’ll have to replace it, but a chrome bag would help ease the pain. not to mention the weatherproofing would be nice considering i have to keep my MBP in two neoprene sleeves. a citizen grey/white stripe would be nice. thanks for the site.

here’s my poor dying bag:

----- bo ramos 18.03.09 13:42

I live in Portland, Oregon so with the rainy weather and the bike friendly lifestyle, chrome bags are a must. I currently haul my stuff around in some gross old cotton bag that slips around but I’d look hot in the citizen in black and khaki.

----- Alexis Harris 18.03.09 13:42

YES PLEASE. I haven’t gotten a new bag in years. Citizen Burgundy/Charcoal. And I need all-weather-proof because I am a “There are no rainy/snowy/wrath-of-god days” sort of person.

----- Noah 18.03.09 13:40

in two weeks i will be laid off from my proofreading job in manhattan and returning to baltimore to work as a bike messenger. it would be more than nice to save some money and get a good bag.

anything large in a street color would be great. thanks.

----- monk 18.03.09 13:35

the simplest reason is i just want and love them. the other is my life is in my bag, and i need to protect it as best i can, hence the Chrome bag. and i am either on my bike or waiting at a bus stop, in Vancouver BC… it rains a lot here! and if I’m not dry at least the rest of my stuff is :)
love your site too ;) and i love the grey and orange but I’m not that pickey when it comes something i like a lot.

----- kent wilson 18.03.09 13:35

Okay, I think I deserve this bag because I just graduated from College… I am a freelance CG Artist / Consultant and I am riding all over LA with a Jansport! Really, a Jansport… I lug my Laptop, Wacom, Hard Drive (With all my work) as well as all my repair kits, medial kit and food / fluid. Stuffing all of that into a Jansport and navigating LA traffic on a bike is a B!tch! Plus, I think i am getting back pains due to the weight and the way it sits on my back… So, if anything, let me win this bag so I can live a life without back pain! And it would be a kick ass grad gift from a kick ass site that I visit everyday!

----- Mike Bennett 18.03.09 13:35

I need the weatherproof goodness because I was just hired as a bike messenger in Baltimore City. The weather here can go from sunny to a torrential downpour in a matter of minutes without the slightest warning. So to keep the people happy, I gotta keep their goods nice and dry.

I’m diggin’ the White/White Metropolis.


----- Jon Prucha 18.03.09 13:35

Every bag I own is worn with holes and rain-stains :(

----- Jo 18.03.09 13:34

the simplest reason is i just want and love them. the other is my life is in my bag, and i need to protect it as best i can, hence the Chrome bag. and i am either on my bike or waiting at a bus stop, in Vancouver BC… it rains a lot here! and if I’m not dry at least the rest of my stuff is :)
love your site too ;)

----- kent wilson 18.03.09 13:33

I need the mini.Metro in grey/black for 2 reasons: (1) I live/work in soggy Seattle and (2) grey is like camouflage in Seattle

----- arCh idoL 18.03.09 13:33

a) I’ve been riding my bike more to save money, but my existing pedestrian messenger bag doesn’t cut it.

b) I love the citizen size, in the olive/black colorway.

----- dukerayburn 18.03.09 13:28

Because I life in Seattle. :/

----- Ian Nguyen 18.03.09 13:28

I work for my cousin who a few years ago started what is now the largest green building supply company in Ohio. With that said, Ohio, as you may know is known for it’s wacky weather predictions. Most of the time this sucks for those of us who ride our bikes to work because only god knows if its really going to rain (flip a coin). A lot of the times we ride to work we are transporting samples of materials, valuable binders and work related documents as well as a laptop. These can not get wet! also it can be difficult to cram so much into a backpack. I would like to win this for him. He just had his first born a couple weeks ago and with riding season on its way id like to give him something nice and completely useful that he otherwise would not want to spend so much money on.
The company colors are light green, orange, and grey, so im thinking the grey/orange stripe would be best pick. in this case the bigger the better! thanks guys.

----- garet 18.03.09 13:28

(a)I need to carry my essential stuff around for the day when I’m taken by aliens to be their new leader. You never know what the weather would be like there.
(b)Mini-metro in orange and white; I don’t want to get lost in the crowd with colors that blend in the background (with the preassumption that the other planet isn’t orange) and there’s only a little bit of me.

----- suzy 18.03.09 13:27

a-) i do live in são paulo, and it rains A LOT, almostevery day, yesterday it rainned a lot, the city stopped because of the rain….

b-) citizen / blue brown stripe , i have a lot of stuff to carry


----- svetlana bianca 18.03.09 13:26

I need a new bag, like a need another hole in my head.
Where’s the drill!

----- Steve 18.03.09 13:26

(a) Cycling to work every day in New Zealand - waterproof is essential! You can leave home in sunny goodness and arrive at work in a torrential downpour and by the time you’re dry and dressed its sunny again!

(b) Metropolis in orange/black stripe is good for visibility.

----- Warren Chaplin 18.03.09 13:25

I’d love to win the metropolis in black/pink stripe. Waterproofing would be great b/c in SF, a nice day can rapidly turn grey and drizzly.

----- Sarah 18.03.09 13:24

I need the waterproof goodness because I’m currently living in Denmark where it rains EVERYDAY. Also - the Warsaw grey/red is pretty sweet (ie looks absolutely wonderful!)

----- Stoney 18.03.09 13:23

I need a weatherproof bag, because if the MTA subway fare increase goes into effect next week I will be riding to work even on the worst rainy/snowy days.

I like the mini.metro in kelly/white stripe.

----- JennG 18.03.09 13:22

i don’t need the bag even though i love it. but i want to say hello, that’s all :)

----- cindy 18.03.09 13:21

I need a new bag because the crappy backpack I found in my grandparents basement ripped this morning as I was walking out my door. And being a Industrial Design student in Philly means I have lots of stuff to carry to class everyday.

I like the metro grey/black stripe

----- Carson S 18.03.09 13:21

Im a 23 year old guy, born and raised in the biggest city of the world. To survive each day in Mexico city is a complete hassle and adventure in huge urban space. Around 22million peeps live around me. The metropolis camo/black would be perfect to keep my things organized while going from A to B, running from crooked cops, narcos, gang members, snobs, and every kind of danger around me, including acid rain. With this bag i could probably survive the rest of my life here !


----- Andres "drushk" Carrillo 18.03.09 13:21

Sometimes, when I’m taking my 6 year old to school, it starts to rain. When I have my 18 month old with me, she gets scared of the water falling from the sky. If I had a metropolis black/white, I could put her in there for the walk home and then she’d be happy and dry!

I’m just kidding by the way. Have a great day!

----- Jason Morrison 18.03.09 13:21

I need a mini.metro in olive/black so that I can carry around my umbrella and warm layers for this up and down minnesota “spring” weather!

----- Simone 18.03.09 13:21

a.) I need the weatherproof goodness because I’m afraid of riding to work with my camera in my regular bag and it getting trashed. Plus, how will I get any street cred with the hipsters if I don’t have a Chrome bag?

b.) The metropolis black & pink would be the perfect size and color for carrying around all my crap: camera, sweatshirt, laptop, lunch, and tons of receipts.

----- Louise Yang 18.03.09 13:20

I photograph in Vancouver in Seattle and something waterproof is key!
Warsaw in purple/pink would be awesome.

----- Brian Watson 18.03.09 13:20

I need one of these bags because I’ve been hacking around with the same old Crumpler bag for 5 years now and I need to look good on the streets of NYC again.

I would love the Metropolis White/White Stripe

----- Joel 18.03.09 13:19

My need for weatherproof goodness is quite simple. I live in Seattle. It rains a lot. I prefer the Metropolis black/black stripe combo.

----- jGo 18.03.09 13:19

Need the black/black/black buckle so I can stealthily get to my classes in rain/sleet/snow/whatever else Montreal throws at me and my books.

----- Max Campbell 18.03.09 13:19

I’m a pedestrian who lives between the Tropic of Cancer
and Capricorn who’s always busted by surprise-rains
during winter, having paper casualties after the event,
so I would like a lovely waterproof
Metropolis Black/Black Black Buckle
to prevent deforestation in the Amazonas Jungle
due to paper water-desintagration and loss.

Tanks for the giveaway! =)

----- JLoor 18.03.09 13:17

a) So that I can match the fixed gear that my boyfriend brought me for my birthday last month.
b)Metropolis Black/Black Stripe


----- Lilly 18.03.09 13:15

i need a chrome bag because i am the biggest klutz when it comes to anything involving liquids, my bike, and camera gear. seriously, my whole world should be waterproofed. i love chrome because they’re completely weather/disaster-proof, hold just about anything you can think of, and look cute doing it!

my favorite is the black and hot pink citizen bag. :)

p.s. notcot rules. you’ve totally changed my life.

hugs, partly cloudy with a chance of awesome (sunny).

----- partly cloudy with a chance of awesome 18.03.09 13:14

I need this bag bc im fixing to get a scooter and plan on being on it the majority of the time. this would help alot!

----- David Sparks 18.03.09 13:13

Well… It’s that time of life again.
It’s time to get up, go, leave, move, heave off and otherwise go to the Yukon. Yes. This summer, I am between hurricane ridden halifax and the ever daylit northern Yukon; training huskies for winter dog sledding tours. We have 68 of 127 dogs to get in shape for the coming winter. Long trips, camping, biking. Stay dry, Stay happy.
Citizen: Pastel blue/brown stripe.

Enjoy life,

----- Matt 18.03.09 13:13

(a) So I run out of excuses to NOT bike to work and actually do it.
(b) The Metropolis Gray/orange stripe is fetching.

----- Darrel 18.03.09 13:11

Happy to enjoy this giveaway. I love both NC and CB.

A) I need this wonderful bag primary for carring my Macbook. I need a new trendy bag and wich better choose of a Chrome Bag? Secondary I would like to show this to all brazilian, just because I’m from Brazil. But I’m not brazilian I’m italian…

B) I like the Mini.Metro size in Navy/Yellow Stripe fashion.

Hope to win, anyway I continue to follow this superb blog.
MacBook Nero

----- Glauco 18.03.09 13:11

I live and cycle in RAINY Dundee, Scotland, and definitely need weatherproof goodness, also,this place desperately needs bike messenger stylishness!

I love the Mini.Metro Grey/Orange Stripe…

----- Smilla 18.03.09 13:11

I would love to have a chrome bag because I travel around a lot, whether it’s in the US, Europe, or Asia. I have a backpack that I’ve been using for a long time, but it’s starting to fall apart, and I’d love to get a good replacement, especially because between the 3 continents, the weather changes a lot!!

My favorite bag is the citizen burgundy/charcoal stripe bag.

----- Emily Robertson 18.03.09 13:10

i need a waterproof bag ‘cause i live and bike in the subtropical new orleans. and during the summer there is an afternoon shower almost everyday.
the metropolis in orange/white would be nice and bright for the bad drivers here in NOLA to see.

----- anthonyturducken 18.03.09 13:09

I really need this because my current beloved messenger bag has broken for the second time. It’s coming apart in multiple places and I need something to carry my books/laptop to class.
also I love the metropolis in black with the pink stripe ^,^

----- SammiB 18.03.09 13:08

i absolutely need one of these because my DIY seatbelt messenger is finally dying and i’ve developed a very close relationship with it. it saddens me a great deal knowing i’ll have to replace it, but a chrome bag would help ease the pain. not to mention the weatherproofing would be nice considering i have to keep my MBP in two neoprene sleeves. a citizen grey/white stripe would be nice. thanks for the site.

here’s my poor dying bag:

----- bo ramos 18.03.09 13:08

I like the Mini.Metro in black/khaki! My husband needs one of these for his bike commute :)

----- bethany 18.03.09 13:08

I bike. Or walk. Everywhere.
Oh yeah… IN CHICAGO.
This is the bag that can handle it all.

Mini.Metro in Pastel Blue/Brown Stripe!!!

----- Tammi 18.03.09 13:07

I’m never prepared. For anything. At all. Weatherproof goodness would help me out quite a bit…and I fancy the grey Warsaw.

----- swankifiedjello 18.03.09 13:07

Hi! I would love a chrome bag because my boyfriend has wanted a really nice messenger bag for awhile (tends to feel like a high school kid with his backpack, plus it’s cumbersome). Also, he just got a great industrial design job, and it would be a great way to say I’m really proud of you, here’s a cool bag for work.

favorite style: Mini.Metro
favorite color: Metropolis grey/black stripe

----- Maya 18.03.09 13:06

I’d definitely want a Metropolis Blak/Grey stripe (only because it isn’t available ;-) )

Just kidding! My current bag is falling apart, should have bought one in the first place!


----- Jeroen 18.03.09 13:05

I should have said I need the mini size. I spend most of my time on my scooter and this would rock to slap on my back when I’m scootin around.

----- Brooke 18.03.09 13:05

And duh- that would be Metropolis Black/Black/Stripe. Because I’m so unhip I couldn’t put that information in the first comment.

----- Jay 18.03.09 13:04

I need a weatherproof, rock-solid bag because I’ve just accepted an internship in a place called Yellowknife in Canada. It’s a small little city in the middle of the Arctic tundra, and it has the worst weather I’ve ever experienced in my life. It reached -27 degrees Celsius yesterday - that’s -20 Fahrenheit - in the middle of March! It gets intense rain and sun in the summer, blistering cold and wind in the winter, and is one of the places that car companies come to test cars under the most inclement of conditions - because it’s as bad as it will ever get for any car they sell.

In sum, I need this damn bag. I’m moving up there to help administer their Drive Alive transportation safety program, and that means I’m going to be on the go almost constantly - organizing bike rallies in the summer, snowmobile safety programs in the winter, you name it. I need a bag that can take a serious beating, whether it’s bouncing off the back of a skidoo in December or being drenched in freezing cold rain in June. I need a bag that can deal with some of the worst weather you can find in North America. If Chrome is up for the challenge, I would love the chance to find out how tough they are.

And since you’re asking, that Warsaw in black is just lovely. Or the mini-metro in olive/black…whatever you have.

----- Andrew Matthews 18.03.09 13:04

I need one because, well, doesn’t everyone need one? I have a ton of crap to carry around on a daily basis. I like the Metropolitan Black/Khaki.

----- Brooke 18.03.09 13:03

Why do i need a Chrome Bag?

Most importantly, i don’t have a car, I love my bike!! AND I live in Buffalo,NY. The world capital of crazy weather, one day there will be snow flurries follow by sunny skies mixed with a chance of crazy sideways rain. And that’s just the week days!!! haha Throughout all this weather, (my) chrome bag will be for my Mac Book and design utensils to keep them together, safe, and most importantly…DRY! Unless in a far chance that i am eaten on my way to work by the Abominable Snowman (i swear he lives here!) then i am screwed!

My Favorite Color combo would be the Citizen Messenger Bag in the Grey/Orange Colorway!

----- Nick Domiano 18.03.09 13:03

I’ll put it this way: Minnesota winter + Laptop + School books = not a fun walk to class to me or my computer

I really like the Citizen in olive with black stripe.

----- Ben 18.03.09 13:02

I need a weatherproof bag so’s I can take my goldfish along whilst I go cycling… Mr. Fins and Scaly McGee would be so happy!

the mini metro in grey/orange is pure svelt!

----- Timothy Smith 18.03.09 13:02

well i’m probably gonna be left out on the street pretty soon if business doesn’t pick up, so i always believed if you gonna go out, go out with style. black/black/black. thanks for the giveaway.

----- DaveC 18.03.09 13:01

My last bag was stolen on the Metro (it had my raincoat in it too!)

mini.metro in black/white stripe, Would be Rad!

----- Iain 18.03.09 13:01

Forget weatherproof, are these bags me-proof? I’m not the most graceful rider and I’ve ran through my share of bushes, trees, puddles …and those pesky car doors. My retired bag is spending time in the trauma ward.

An orange and white mini-metro would be perfect for a tiny me that needs to stand out while night riding.

----- Darby Kim Thomas 18.03.09 13:01

I am going on a cross country tour with my band this summer. Were going to be traveling for a month and a half and living out of our bags, so I need a durable one that will last. I really like the Mini.Metreo in Burgundy/Charcoal stripe.

----- Dave 18.03.09 13:01

(a) I live in Seattle, WA and it rains here 423 days a year. I ride my bike to work and I carry a 17in laptop. I could drive, but then I would need a car and I would be murdering the environment. I could take the bus but it smells and I might get murdered. So biking is the best way and this is the best bag. You don’t want any murdering, right? :) (b) Citizen, black on black on black. Thank you!!!

----- Dody Osbone 18.03.09 13:01

I need a new bag ‘cause my ratty GAP bag is 7 yrs. old. And Ratty. And a GAP bag. I like the Metropolis Black/Black Stripe quite a bit.

----- John 18.03.09 13:00

So here’s why I need to be the winner of the awesome Chrome bag.

I’m 40 years old, and everything cool that I ever buy is for my children. I’m always on the trailing edge. My messenger bag isn’t even a messenger bag - it’s a Jansport backpack!

So now this is my chance to actually be cool simply because of something I own. And pretty much it’s my last chance. Because after 40 - well - really, you just aren’t trendy any more. Not even if you’re Madonna.

----- Jay 18.03.09 13:00

i hate bringing a backpack for books and laptop and another small purse for wallet, cell, keys, etc. to school, but there is no way i can fit everything in my jansport bag. this bag seem like the perfect fit to carry all of my things in one. it would make my life a lot practical! i love the metropolis white/white stripe! =D

----- hanna 18.03.09 12:58

I need it because every messenger bag i’ve used busts a strap in under one year.

I totally dig the Metropolis Orange with black stripe in citizen size!

----- Jordan 18.03.09 12:58

I need a metropolis grey/orange stripe bag because my citizen with grey/black stripe is just undersized for me now. Hauling notebooks, folders, gym clothes 17” macbook etc… just overloads its and makes it quite uncomfortable for the bike ride home. And when i have it over stuffed with random things hanging out of it, it really doesnt allow it to be as waterproof as i would like.

Plus with my wife back in school, my bag mysteriously dissappears quite often hmmmm…

----- Corey 18.03.09 12:56

I won’t get any sex until I have a new messenger bag!

My current Timbuk2 bag was a gift from an ex-girlfriend, and now my current girlfriend holds this against me and gives emotional grief at every chance. So I won’t hear the end of it until I get a new bag, and I can’t replace it with the same kind either. “That’s not good enough!”

True story

Citizen black/white stripe

----- Jesse 18.03.09 12:56

Why I need a weatherproof bag? :)
First of all, everytime I drive on my scooter after it has rained, all my documents in the front of my bag get soaked because the wheels spray the groundwater onto my back. Secondly, I’m a sailing instructor. When the weather gets rough you need a waterproof bag. I don’t have one yet, they’re expensive and look very bad… I believe I could do with a trendy notcouture worthy bag ;)
If I were to win, I’d like a Citizen Black/White stripe.

This is a nice way of advertising an interesting product! Props for that.

----- Lezl 18.03.09 12:55

I would love one of these. I work for our state’s emergency management agency and went hurricanes threaten we get deployed to the disaster area. I’m the graphic artist and carry a lot of equipment that needs to be protected but I don’t have a bag that will really ward off the weather. Not only that but I prefer to be the most stylish person on scene. =)

----- MasterGeebo 18.03.09 12:55

I need one of these because i go to school in Syracuse New york and it rains about 11 1/2 of the 12 months here. As a communications design student i have a lot of valuable paper projects that need a safe harbor from the elements when i am riding my bike or walking around campus which my current backpack, a combination of a brown paper bag and duct tape, does not help me with. I like the metropolis black/khaki because it looks professional and badass all at the same time.

----- Cyrus Blais 18.03.09 12:55

metropolis in olive/red :) i’m still carrying around the old tiny purple timbuk2 i dumpstered years ago. i like to say that it’s a purse masquerading as a messenger bag— it fits a jacket and my bike tools, and that’s about it! just the other day i had to add yet another patch to the shoulder strap, where it’s been unraveling. now that i’ve gone completely carless (i ride my bike everywhere), my bag isn’t cutting it anymore!

----- xue 18.03.09 12:54

Hey there, NotCot!

I would love to be the proud owner of a black/black Citizen sized Chrome bag because I am myself a Citizen of New York. We wear black. Until they find something darker to wear.

Anyhoo. I’m a pedestrian who considers himself far from pedestrian in his luggage needs. I spend most of my days out of the house and walking about, so being able to haul my Assorted Stuff on my back like a armored, speedy turtle would be ideal. I also never seem to remember an umbrella, so a weatherproof pack is essential to the well-being of the aforementioned Assorted Stuff.

I hope I win.



----- Steve 18.03.09 12:54

a> I need the weatherproof goodness because I am awesome. No not a good enough reason? Ok. My current chrome bag is too small to fit all my groceries in (I like to ride my bike to the supermarket instead of polluting with a car).
b> The Metropolis fluorescent pink/brown in Metropolis size would be orgasmic.

----- Liz 18.03.09 12:53

a) When I go out with my actual bag, I embarase my 10 year old who thinks I should have thrown the poor worn out thing a long time ago. I’ve started agreeing with him when one of the last time I took it some of my stuff got wet, including some precious books. I now put a bag inside my bag to make sure it does not happen again. So yes, one of your beautiful bags would be more than welcome! And I think they just look awesone.

b) The size/color I love most: Citizen in Grey/Black

Wonderful contest. Good luck everybody… but I hope I win:)

----- patricia wood 18.03.09 12:53

ive loved chrome bags since meeting a couple bike messenger folks when i worked in the SF financial dist. as a dj, and as someone who always has his laptop/other sensitive electronics with him, materials are a constant focus. i gotta keep my ish safe yo! not to mention that an under the radar design aesthetic means you look cool but doesn’t broadcast the fact that you are walking around with a small fortune in gear on your back.

i keep a bunch of stuff with me and being able to throw a jacket in the bag, especially in bay area weather, is pretty crucial. so if the internet god aka chuck norris sees fit to bless me with a chrome bag, im gonna list the metropolis (25.5” 14”) in black with the white stripe as my fave.

----- dj brigidope 18.03.09 12:53

Oh my god this would be perfect! I’m getting a scooter in a month and this bag would be absolutely perfect! So…
A.) Perfect first bag for my first scooter!
B.) The Citizen in Gray/Orange!
Wooo! Thanks NOTCOT!

----- Ryan Cunningham 18.03.09 12:53

A. My wife will be delivering our first child this Fall, and I will need something weatherproof to protect my designs from errant food/puke/poop.

B. I would truly appreciate the Mini Metro Olive/Red.

Thanks NOTCOT!

----- kyle 18.03.09 12:53

Being a college student with no car means riding my bike everywhere. Sometimes it rains and it is hard to keep everything safe in a regular cotton bag.I think with a Mini Metro messenger bag in Royal/White Stripe, I would be able to transport vital items on my back while biking to class, work, or any of the other places I tend to dwell.

----- Jessica 18.03.09 12:52

I love the Black on Red Mini Metro, It would be great to be able to ride to work with out my lunch getting soaking wet!!!!! Wet peanut butter and jelly is just gross!

Also Have loved these bags ever since my buddy got back from an internship with the company last summer.

Bas ass bags for sure!

----- andrew 18.03.09 12:51

I bike in Seattle… nuff said.
The new Warsaw looks near perfect.
Warsaw in Black/Black/Black Buckle

----- darkblue 18.03.09 12:50

I’ve been traveling a lot, and I need a bag that will keep my laptop and tablet safe and dry and still have enough space for regular drawing materials and travel essentials. My regular bag isn’t waterproof and it’s starting to sag from holding stuff. Plus, if I ever come across a sad, wet puppy that needs rescuing, I think it would just fit in the mini metro (orange/white stripe).

----- Emily 18.03.09 12:50

i def need the waterproof goodness because i’m going to be traveling around soggy, soggy scotland soon and i need something that will keep all of my extra socks and thoughtful travel diaries nice and dry. also, it’s my birthday soon. does that win points? april showers bring waterproof bags!

i like the olive/red citizen bag.

----- aimee 18.03.09 12:50

(a) I need this waterproof goodness so I can ~*travel*~ the world in finesse! All the rainforest creatures will be green with envy.

(b) The large black one…. Hah. ;P

----- Shoko 18.03.09 12:49

I walk. Everywhere. Because if I don’t I get fat from eating candy working at my computer all day. Must. Remain. Tolerably. Attractive.
Metropolis - Orange & white!

----- BlackCloud 18.03.09 12:49

Since the prices of gas going up and helping my my dad pay for hospital bills he accumulated last year, I have bought a bike and have been using it extensively. However, I’ve been using a crappy $25 messenger bag I bought from Staples to hold my laptop and whatnot and it’s falling apart.

I love the Citizen in Black/Black with the Black buckle. It matches my all matte black bike. Thanks for listening!

----- Andrew Danger 18.03.09 12:49

(a) why you need the weatherproof goodness?

I need a new chrome bag, bag about a month and half back, I was riding my bike on a mainstreet in anahiem,ca when a gardening truck with a bunch of tool hooks on the side of it snagged the loop on my backpack, picked me up and threw me 15 feet! No joke. Luckly, all I suffered from it was a large raspberry on my bum, and a broken wrist. Unfortunately thought my beloved messenger bag was ruined (it got diced from the bottom and the straps aren’t salvageable). Please NOTCOT, i would love a new bag to get me back out there and charging the streets.

(b)which size/color you love most!
I am going to be slightly unoriginal and go with a black on black on black (black stripe, black canvas, black buckle) Metropolis.

Anyways, thank guys for having the competition, i really need a new bag!!!

----- Neptune 18.03.09 12:48

I love the metropolis grey & orange bag and I need it because I bike in Brooklyn and Manhattan in all weather!

----- Andrew 18.03.09 12:48

I need it to get my stuff around and in good health. I always take 4 things essential with me almost everywhere: A4 size paper, a pen, my laptop and my bike. So I find that the black Metropolis could really help out.

----- Andrei 18.03.09 12:47

A: I carry my goodies my goodies my goodies in reusable grocery bags.
B: Metropolis/ Kelly/White Stripe!!1

----- Julieeeeeeeeeee 18.03.09 12:47

I need the weatherproof goodness—my office is moving and I will have to bike to work in the rainy, smoggy, dangerous bike lanes of downtown Brooklyn. I’d love a black on black Metropolis model.

----- Andrew 18.03.09 12:47

Hi! Well I would love a Chrome bag because I live in Eugene, Oregon and we get tons of rain! I ride my bike everywhere including work where I use my laptop every day. Sad story time. A few days ago my backpack got stolen out of my car along with my laptop and I could really use a good bag to replace my other one. Thank you!

I would love a black or olive citizen. :)

----- Winter Gibbs 18.03.09 12:45

I need one of these because i am trying to reduce my dependence on my car by (the plan is to anyways) get a scooter of some sort and ride my bike everywhere. but my shoulder bag sucks for biking.

i would want the grey/orange and probably the citizen size or metro.

----- Erin 18.03.09 12:45

a. i live in rainy portland. nuff said.
b. mini.metro in black/white stripe, please.

----- erica 18.03.09 12:44

I need weatherproof goodness to get my books and laptop to class here at engineering school in New York! And also to head to my summer job: penguin keeper at the Denver Zoo! Also for camping trips in the Rockies this summer and riding my longboard to class in the fall :)
Favorite size: Mini.Metro
Favorite color scheme: Metropolis Black/Pink Stripe

----- Kaleigh Gerlich 18.03.09 12:41

My need for the bag is simple: I need someplace to put all of my stuff because my pockets are full of sunshine. I like the black Warsaw, since you were kind enough to ask.

----- Kevin 18.03.09 12:40

I need the weatherproof goodness to protect my laptop and Wacom tablet on the go! prefer the Metropolis black/black stripe combo.

----- Tom 18.03.09 12:39

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