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The Varnish (inside Cole’s)- 03.06.09

varnish1.jpg I’ve been racking my brain as i photoshopped these pics and realized i didn’t take pics of the magical door between/behind the booths you enter through…. or the crazy neon signs i love so much outside Cole’s… i thought about telling you how you had to find your way in yourself, but here’s a peek at the inside, but let’s be honest ~ i was having too much fun, and really just took a few snapshots while inside!

For those who don’t know ~ Cole’s is an LA institution ~ (there’s an age old rivalry as to whether Cole’s or Philippe’s invented the French Dip) ~ and it’s adorable! And has an adorable bar in the front already, and old school booths and walls with pics of days past… and now, when you go through the door in the back with the little martini glass on it, you step into one of LA’s latest speakesy-esque spots, The Varnish. Complete with old school cash register, industrial lighting, wood paneled booths, retro phones and more… my favorite detail is probably the flasks… and the giant ice… and the metal straws (which you can apparently purchase)… “The venture is a partnership between Sasha Petraske of Milk & Honey in New York; mixologist Eric Alperin of Mozza and the Doheny; and Cedd Moses, owner of the newly remodeled Cole’s” according to Angelenic… So take a peek at the pics on the next page ~








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I can’t get over how amazing your day-to-day is. Is it possible to be an iota of you when I grow up? =D

----- Grace Yu 06.03.09 18:14

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