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Hunter Stabler at Papershapers- 04.12.09

hunter0.jpg Hunter Stabler, your work literally made my jaw drop, and my xacto knife hand tingle a little… i think some of the most amazing art blows your mind in person even when you’ve seen a dozen images of the piece… and every time you walk by it grabs you all over again with new details. At the Scion Space last night ~ the Giant Robot curated Papershapers show was nothing short of epic, and every artist there could have easily been the only artist showing and it would have been incredible ~ in combination it was inspiration overload.

But back to Hunter Stabler. OMG. The intricacy of his multilayered cutouts ~ the shadows they created ever so slightly lifted in their framing ~ the remnants and slightest imperfections of cutting and pen and pencil marks remaining were leaving the viewers in constant debate about whether he used laser cutters or xacto knifes (for the record, he’s a hand cutter)… and i must admit that seeing the pieces that weren’t cut out next to those that were, made me feel like they were unfinished! So take a look at some of his pieces from the show, and the DETAIL, it’s pretty amazing… pics on the next page!







Here’s a little more Hunter Stabler ~ see more info on his site


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Yes, I agree with the above, pretty spiritual! Thanks for the great pix. Hunter Stabler will soon be shown in Berlin, at our “Strich & Faden” exhibition, a show with epic ambitions as well…

----- Kunstraum Richard Sorge 15.04.09 12:50

I’m in awe! Mind-blowing, super intricate cutout. I thought I was pretty good at wielding X-Acto knives. (Clearly not!) Insane is the right word. It’s like a shrine that you just have to sit in front of and stare in silence. Great work, man!

----- Imelda Suriato 13.04.09 07:20

That’s just clearly insane. I’d be afraid of cutting over another already-cut-part. But aside from his cutting detail… his designs are very intricate as is, without the cutting.

----- Ruben.T 12.04.09 15:06

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