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In LA with the 2010 Prius- 04.12.09

prius0.jpg Ooooooh car lust. Was giddily surprised when i was picked up by one of the 2010 Prius Prototypes tonight to go check out the Scion/GR Papershapers show tonight ~ more on that later ~ but the car… in person… SO cute. SO quiet. And so many little details to gush over ~ but really, maybe part of me just really wants a car with a solar roof?!?!?! The displays and iconography are beautifully mesmerizing… The shifter is strangely small and toy like… almost like a travel mouse? (really thin and easily to wrap your fingers right over) It’s also tauntingly placed where even as a passenger i was so tempted to shift it (but i didn’t!). The toyota logo has a blue outline to it (it was a coincidence that this car was blue, the logo colors do not always match the paint colors) ~ apparently these will be on all of the upcoming hybrids (and the Lexus ones in red). And the angularity of the rear and sharper lines on the sides made me far more drawn to this latest design… so tempting! For more real info on the new Prius, take a peek at their site and for more real world pics, see the next page!

Ok i’m a bit deliriously tired at the moment ~ but wanted to get something up to show you! And for a sneak peek at the truly epic Scion/GR Papershapers show, see the images here ~ i’ll make more logical posts out of those tomorrow!



I don’t know why i was so drawn to the angularity tonight…

Here’s that bluish logo…







It’s really a bit overly tiny? But adorably cute? It felt like the one element that really visually jumped out from the rest of the interior…

You can even switch into FULL Electric mode ~ but you have to go at quite a crawl to use it without auto switching back to hybrid…

Impressive instrument panel ~ Vacuum Florescent Display!

This is the Touch Tracer Display ~ basically showing you the steering wheel buttons in an overlay display…

Here it is as the valet from the show pulled it up…

And since i just snapped some shots between drinks/gallerying ~ here are some from the 2010 Prius site! Like the awesome solar roof………

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6 Notes

Who did the site design? really nice interface and animations.

----- brian 17.04.09 14:40

Solar panels, at last. Makes me wonder why it took so long to do it.
I also wonder (as a French individual) about the english / french notice? why french? Would have expected Spanish.

----- Roy 14.04.09 00:34

As a prius owner who has the 2010 already reserved, I am exited for its arrival. I have an 04, and while I love it, I have said I will buy the next model when it first comes out. Although im a tad dissapointed about the exterior (I think the front looks a bit like other cars toyota has already)Im super jazzed about the interior. I LOVE the new center consol, which extends down and fills up the useless space that was there before, and where the new directional stick is placed. Im not sure about the dash display though, I have seen it in person, and I looks like a few things overlap, but I guess I will have to get over it. I love the panels on the roof, I cant wait, and that it cools the car before you get in. I live in the desert so I am very exited about this feature. I wish it charged the battery as well, but, Im sure within a year someone will have that down. What I think makes the Prius stand out is the new blue light-up logo, which Im sure will be copied by many other makers. Cant wait, so happy you showed it, and I hope it arrives soon (they told me mid-May).

----- hrhkat 12.04.09 23:28

Look cooler! The Prius is our preferred car when we are renting a car.

----- At Home with Kim Vallee 12.04.09 18:29

Bout’ time they put a solar panel on a mass production car (the kind that sell well). Is there much in the way of just removing lead-acid batteries all together in favor of a solar panel?

----- Lone 12.04.09 16:56

Ooooooh,nice. I envy you for getting to ride in it!

----- Chinda 12.04.09 10:11

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