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Monocle LA- 04.06.09

monocle1.jpg So last night i finally got to meet Tyler Brule!!! Pretty sure he has no clue who i am, but he was totally on my list of people i looked up to (as far as fun lives and awesome careers…) Unfortunately people are seldom as amazing as you build them up to be in your head, right? (Perhaps this is why i freak out about meeting readers!) I was slightly saddened, although not all that surprised, that Brule said LA was casual to a fault… (more juicy details coming up in the LAist interview Kemp did while there)… and can you believe it’s all run on only 35 people? Tyler and his super nice PR folks popped in from Tokyo and London, and many were popping off the next day already…

ANYHOW, the most exciting thing of all? The second international Monocle store has opened! And right in one of my childhood hangouts, the Brentwood Country Mart! In fact, i still hang out there, the food and shopping is so delicious and chill (mmm mrs beasleys, burritos, james perse, and that awesome apothecary). But i digress… adorably cute shop, set up like a little living room you can settle in to, read some Monocle, browse the website, and the best part? Finally we have a local shop to check out those gorgeous Porter bags, notebooks, candles and more! Personally i may need to go back and grab some of the adorable posters! They wouldn’t let me take pics inside the shop, but you can however see just about everything from outside the super cute space! Take a look at more pics on the next page!

I was surprised how incredibly low key and what a mixed crowd this event was! It felt more like a picnic than a launch party…




There’s tyler talking to folks… (standing next to the miserable looking little kid)







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6 Notes

Bespoke has to be the most pretentious word in the English language. Especially when used in the States, but also when used over there.

----- Duff 10.04.09 08:12

Their logo looks very similar to Martin and Osa’s. I got a little confused at first…

----- Sara 08.04.09 16:23

Now I will have to go check it out, hopefully it wont be as pretentious as the man you met. I love the Brentwood Mart, havent been in awhile, but now I have a reason to go.

P.S I love the look on the servers face, there are probably only negative things he’s thinking.

----- hrhkat 08.04.09 05:38

Ahh.. I missed the grand opening.. I was looking forward to this. I guess I will check it out sometime soon then. It looks pretty neat, small but neat.

----- Ruben T. 07.04.09 21:29

Thanks for the info! Must check this place out!

----- Alice Yoo 07.04.09 20:28

Do they sell monocles like Colonel Klink’s?

----- Bill 07.04.09 19:21

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