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Bell & Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber- 04.07.09

bellross0.jpgMmmmmm carbon fiber. But have you ever seen it COMPRESSED? into a block… and them formed into a watch body? Sure the Monocle products were fun, but when introduced to Robert of Bell & Ross, and this beautiful BR 01-92 Carbon Fiber watch (available Nov 2009) ~ i was mesmerized. And ironically he claimed that there isn’t enough interest from the female demo for carbon fiber (so, no smaller sized carbon fiber beauties for us)!!! Yet Julie of LAist and i couldn’t take our eyes (and fingers) off this watch! The details are gorgeous, perhaps even more so in person than in these pictures… but i blame the flowing champagne and my attempt to shoot pictures while carrying on a conversation… It was also cute that amongst the impromptu pitches he gave me, he started showing me pictures of watched and displays on his iphone too… see more images on the next page!





Here’s an overview of the BR 01-92 line… the Carbon Fiber was just announced at Basel ~ and isn’t even on the site yet!

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I’m a woman and I love carbon fiber.

----- mle 13.09.09 15:24

That excuse almost makes it worse. AP screw heads line up on the Royal Oaks, and no one would accuse them of not being handmade.

Sinn or Damasko for me!

----- Jonathan 09.04.09 16:04

Funny you should mention the screws ~ he actually went out of his way to tell me about how they intentionally dont align them so it has that hand made feel, and you know that they are there to actually hold things together. Every part of their design is apparently functional and not purely for aesthetics…

----- jean/NOTCOT 09.04.09 12:13

For the price, and the fact that they use an ETA movement, it’s kind of inexcusable that the screw heads don’t even align.

----- Jonathan 09.04.09 12:10

Ugh. More carbon fiber??? What is this-2004?

----- Bendy 08.04.09 09:47

supposed to retail just under 8000 i think…

----- jean/NOTCOT 08.04.09 06:39

I love this watch, I have a thing for large watches. I think women with huge watches are very very chic, so I say go for it and wear the hell out of it. Did you ask what they would retail for?

I dont know why, but I think that watch would look very appropriate in a submarine…

----- hrhkat 08.04.09 05:46

Shaved hands ? Is this what we have come too ? This watch is just about as pretty as my carbon bike ! Looks like the pictures do not do justice to the cabron weaves.

----- Marc 08.04.09 04:41

B+R watches are generally brilliant. However, they’re so substantial that men with smaller wrists (me) can’t enjoy them. Oh well.

I suppose I will still nab one when I buy my first sailboat.

----- thatkidthere 07.04.09 19:46

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