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NOTCOT in Straits Times Top 50 Websites- 04.05.09

dl090.jpg So amongst some of the family reasons i needed to be in Singapore suddenly last week… NOTCOT was featured in the Straits Times! I thought it was only a tiny article somewhere and possibly only digital, but when i arrived friends and family had saved me a few copies of this big pull out section - Digital Life - from the March 25th 2009 Straits Times of the Top 50 Websites!

See some pics of the actual pull out section on the next page ~ and when i get more unpacked will do some proper scans! It is truly one of the strangest top 50 lists for websites i’ve seen… but still immensely flattered to have made the cut!

For you kiasu ones, please note “The sites on the following pages are numbered, but the numerals are for neat visual order and not to signal any order of merit.”






For the digital versions i found the list over at asiaone - 1-25 and 26-50.

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u deserved it!
notcot is one of my daily hero :))

----- el 12.04.09 21:16

I actually found your site through this article. I enjoy surfing at Notcot. Great concept

----- Weech 08.04.09 10:40

Congrats! That’s great. I make sure I turn people on to the site when they think they’ve reached the end of the internet.

----- thatkidthere 06.04.09 19:35

And this surprises you because?

----- michael 06.04.09 13:57

Congratulations NOTCOT !!!

----- Santiago 06.04.09 09:06

What a treat that is. Way to go!


----- Natalie 06.04.09 06:45

Thanks everyone for the kind words! and Ken… trust me, i noticed ;)

----- jean/NOTCOT 05.04.09 23:41

Congrats! But the copy is for notcot.org, while the image is notcot.com

----- Ken 05.04.09 23:13

Congratulations! I know how it feels to see ones work and/or website in a publication. It is very gratifying and a testament that what you are doing is definitely appriciated, recognized and looked at by other creatives. NOTCOT is the wall creatives bounce off ideas from and are constantly fueled by inspiration.

----- Ruben Trelles 05.04.09 22:21

you guys are brilliant!!!!

----- Ant 05.04.09 22:13

Awesome! I personally think my life is better for having found NOTCOT.

----- Jasmine 05.04.09 21:45

This should not be a surprise to anyone that follows notcot.com.
It’s one of my most used tabs on my browser. My two girls and I look forward to every new edition. A very warm congratulations! Go notcot!

----- Alan Lamb 05.04.09 21:30


I checked out love-lines.net, and I think it’s notcot worthy!

----- Ysidro B. 05.04.09 21:00

That is amazing (and well deserved) :) congratulations !! Amazing !!

----- Clara Charlotte 05.04.09 18:48

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