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Talenti Sorbetto e Gelato- 04.20.09

talenti1.jpg Ok, don’t laugh. This heat wave is unbearable. I just finished up the remains of the Talenti Roman Raspberry Sorbetto that was in my freezer… and now all i have is the awesome Talenti plastic container sitting in front of me wishing i had more. And wondering why i didn’t photograph it for a post earlier, since i obviously bought it because it was so pretty… so none the less, here’s a post about the deliciousness, which may have been partially influenced by the fact that i just wandered through their flavors and gallery and wondering which one i wish would magically appear in my fridge next. Why is it so hot?!?!?!?!?!

Bottom line? DELICIOUS. And i think i want to try the Hill Country Peach Champagne Sorbetto next… why isn’t Whole Foods 24 hour? See more of the deliciousness in reusable screw cap plastic packaging on the next page! Yummmm…

Not convinced how hot it is? Check out my video of a squirrel that ran up right next to me and was pancaking in the water on the next page too…










Here’s the crazy squirrel trying to survive the heat with me!

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That squirrel has something abnormal in the nutsack area. Either it’s a pregnant female squirrel, or there is something seriously un-kosher going on. They don’t generally have growths that large, lie on their stomachs, or walk with a slow clamber - heat or no heat.

----- dipperwell 10.05.09 21:21

Bought this ice cream because of your post. It is lovely.

----- Sabina 02.05.09 10:01

do squirrels have a pouch? or was that his nut sack?

----- junx 23.04.09 07:38

We could use a little of your heatwave in upper michigan right now. Just had a bit more of a blizzard yesterday.

----- Michael S 21.04.09 05:50

Ha, how funny that David and I both thought the containers looked like cosmetics and facial cream. I dont use any, but it seems all the facial cream ive seen are in clear containers, with natural colored creams, dark lids, and dark fonts. It looks like expensive homemade cosmetics.

The scale really is difficult to tell. It does show it in a bowl, but then the container is pushed back, far from the bowl. The one picture with the spoon and the gelato on the spoon, really makes you think the spoon is huge, or the raspberry gelato container is tiny.

Its still a unique product with a functional life after the food is gone.

----- hrhkat 21.04.09 04:53

The ice cream packages are cool. The screw tops are definitely a good idea plus the clear container is synonymous to the lighter gelato/sorbetto compared to ice cream. I also agree with: HRHKAT, because the containers can be reused. And about the face cream… I have no idea what you guys are talking about… this does not remind me of face cream at all.

Oh and the squirrel… poor lil fella! you could tell by the walk, the heat was really bringing him down. I heard in some parts of L.A it was like 107?… the heat was also draining me out today.

----- Ruben T. 21.04.09 01:13

Hmmmmm i think the scale is kind of thrown off in the pics ~ or i’ve never bought my facial cream in PINTS! =P

It looked really pretty with the colors/freshness showing in the ice cream aisle next to all those cartons ~ maybe the size of it and context helped?

----- jean/NOTCOT 21.04.09 00:07

I don’t know, the sorbet/gelato packaging looks a lot like facial creme or cosmetic packaging. The shape doesn’t look very appetizing to me. Though, I do like the idea of making it transparent so the color of the treat shows through.

----- David Ngo 20.04.09 23:50

That ice cream looks like some sort of face cream in a jar lol. Yummy face cream though. It has a very cosmetics look to the packaging.

Love the idea for a screw top, I could have hundreds of these just holding little odds and ends. I would have a desk full of them.

----- hrhkat 20.04.09 23:50

Oh wow, poor thing. At one point he looked at your and looked like he was pleading for salvation! Aw. I wish we had a heat wave in Toronto and could justify me eating more ice cream!

----- Jane 20.04.09 23:17

that video was sweet. i hope the ice cream is just as good!

----- Emilie 20.04.09 23:08

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