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Garrett Smith’s Massager/Bag Hook- 04.20.09

massager.jpg This is Garrett Smith’s brilliantly simple table support for heavy backpacks that doubles as as a massager for back ‘knots’ caused by heavy backpacks! Or… purses? Perfect for all of us ladies with the giant ever growing purses and those silly table hangers barely hold them up sometimes (not that i’d trust my dslr to be suspended in a busy restaurant by one!)… And the massager option is so nice… except for the part where you’d need someone with you to help implement it properly? Anyhow ~ this is one of many fun projects being shown by SAIC in Milan this year!

Get a preview of the many projects and exhibitions here… Garrett Smith’s project is part of the THE EXPANDING CLASSROOM Exhibition - News ways to live and learn - at FuoriSalone - Danese Milano April 22 - 27 at Via Canova 34-20145 Milan, Italy. “Students from SAIC, in collaboration with Danese Milano and American designer Jonathan Olivares, examined contemporary behaviors and contexts of education, study, and learning.” See more images of this project on the next page…



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I realise this isn’t a very good comment but it made me smile!

If the opposite of pro is con, then what must be the opposite of progress?

----- Viva Tannous 24.12.10 08:43

Thanks Kate, it’s not in production yet, but you can get more info at:


----- Garrett EB Smith 30.04.09 21:23

OMG I WANT ONE!!!!! I can’t tell you how many times a day that would be useful in NYC - i hate putting my expensive bag on the floor especially at a bar. Can you share the link where to buy?

----- Kate 22.04.09 15:54

Well I’ve never heard of getting knots *there* from a heavy backpack…


This has to be a joke?

----- Matt Goodall 21.04.09 04:55

Great idea that it was created for 2 uses, I like the shape. But for some reason it somewhat reminds me of a wish-bone :/

----- Ruben.T 21.04.09 01:18

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