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Lobotomy Bock + other labels- 05.12.09

lobo1.jpg On random late night posting ~ while doing the usual wandering through Whole Foods ~ on packaging based shopping, i gave in to some awesomely packaged beers. Really, how fun does the box and label of that Lobotomy Bock look? And take a peek at pics of that as well as some other fun beers and their adorable bottle caps too. (Slightly disappointing that Lobotomy Bock didn’t have a crazy bottle cap… its just solid red) ~ see all the pics on the next page!









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I actually lived in the town next to where the brewing company is. They make incredible flavorful brews, and it’s in this tiny town with not much more than an airport a gas station, a feed store, and loads of sand called Inyokern.

----- Donielle 15.05.09 13:09

Ooh cool beers!

I work in a bar that sells quite a few special beers - a lot of them have some really cool bottles and labels!
One of my favorites must be “Delirium Tremens” beer from Belgium (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delirium_Tremens_(beer)).

Another rather interesting beer is another Belgium beer. It’s a so called Trappist beer. What I like about that particular beer is that it’s limited edition(thus making it harder to get hold on) and there is no label on the bottle - all the information is printed on the bottle-cap :) (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_BxDwlkjd6xY/SHXyzuZOnZI/AAAAAAAACSs/tnIXbdIXm_E/s400/westamlle.jpg)


----- Camilla 12.05.09 22:52

I love the Kiuchi bottles as i am partial to owls and the bottle caps would be great reused/recycled into buttons, magnets, jewelry, etc!

----- Johanna 12.05.09 11:43

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