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Cardboard Safari Rhino- 05.08.09

rhino0.jpg Why, yes, that IS a Cardboard DIY Rhino! And seriously ~ who doesn’t need a laser cut, build it yourself, cardboard full bodied Rhino for their desk? (This is only Rambling Robbie JR. by the way ~ there is a larger dachshund sized one as well as an even tinier one!) If these feel familiar, you are probably thinking of Cardboard Safari’s others ~ like their Moose Head Trophy for your wall, which i’m still so tempted by! These Rhinos are their first full bodied creatures.

For those following my tweets ~ these are the pics that i was getting those funny looks from neighbors and passing cars over… but to be fair i was crouched in the grass in the front yard shooting a cardboard rhino? But still! Anyhow ~ impressive to see how perfectly cut these are ~ take a peek at how organized (tabbed!) the pieces arrive… fun detail shots and many more crazy rhino shots on the next page.













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HA! that’s so funny because I totally remember that tweet.

The pictures are FABULOUS! email them to your neighbors ;)

----- tula@whorange 12.05.09 10:22

I have been waiting (and I don’t know why) to get the animal head trophies for my place for months.

I even have sheets of paper on my wall where they would go to make sure the placement is right. Everybody asks what the sheets of paper are for and I just tell them it’s an art installation.

----- Chris 11.05.09 06:52

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