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Ørgreen Optics + Artsee “Playground”- 05.17.09

play0.jpg Ørgreen Optics and Artsee’s “Playground: Where Danish Design Meets Japanese Perfection” ~ was an unexpected surprise as i turned the corner near the Standard NY while wandering the meatpacking district… you know i can’t turn away from a room of balls… especially a room of pink, silver, and black balls! Unfortunately it was a bit of a tease, since they were only about ankle/shin deep ~ so no ball pit diving! Oh, and how can you ignore the huge hot pink glasses outside too…? Unfortunately they were closing the doors as i wandered past, but it is Ørgreen handcrafted Danish architectural eyewear Solo Exhibition at Artsee Gallery - See more pics on the next page!




And this whole time… all i could think was… XKCD… and what it means to be a grown up…

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That looks like fun, I would have liked to walked inside there just for the very reason of sinking my feet in there. I love the comic strip! so funny.

----- Ruben. T 17.05.09 22:24

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