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Shigeru Ban - Artek 10 Unit System- 05.18.09

artek0.jpg There are some things you can read about and only when you play with it and get to take it apart in person do you fully understand how awesome it is. It also doesn’t hurt to first see it in an awesomely large grouping arranged like a sculpture on the 3rd floor deck of the The Standard, New York with all of NYC as the backdrop… and then again back down on the ground in a shipping container both intact and taken apart…

Of course i’m talking about Artek’s 10 Unit System by Shigeru Ban! Both Artek and Shigeru Ban are known for their love of beautiful simplicity, functionality, and sustainability ~ so it’s no surprise that this 10 Unit System emobodies all of those qualities wonderfully. “Systematizing, Standardizing, Making It Accessible.” This is the chair who’s motto is boldly “One chair is enough”… and being constructed of 10 identical L shaped pieces, one can create chairs of varying designs, stools, coffee tables, and even combine them for benches and more. When feel like a quick change, simply rearrange the pieces! These are made from ProFi, an environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite - non-toxic, sustainable, and recyclable, it utilizes the surplus materials from the label stock production of UPM. (Artek also used this material for the Artek Pavillion that was sold by Sotheby’s as well as floor tiles.)

Take a look on the next page for images from the The Standard, New York deck ~ in the Playful New Finnish Design 09 shipping container ~ up close ~ press photos ~ and even the really fun propoganda cut/paste/photocopy zine looking booklet!

Here’s another look at the collection of chairs together on the The Standard, New York deck ~ overlooking NYC…

Stepping into the Playful New Finnish Design shipping containers…

… you see it in both chair and bench and table forms…

A closer look at one 10 Unit System and one of the L shaped pieces. The tiles are also made of ProFi

The only place you will find the Artek logo is in the hole where the pieces are joined together…

A deconstructed chair… and some press kits…

The CD/postcard…

Seriously, how playfully fun is this cut+paste looking zine?




From the CD -

Here’s a composite of two photos by Romain Sellier or Shigeru Ban and a few pieces from the new system…

A composite of images from Aino Huovio of the pieces of the system…


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