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Rolls Royce 200EX Auto-adjusting Purse Holder- 05.27.09

rollsroyceA0.jpg A Rolls Royce engineer’s wife mentions that she doesn’t know where to put her purse when she’s in the car. Solution? A purse pop out section of the back seat complete with wings to support the width of the purse, and as soon as it senses your purse, it automatically has a piece that slides up to give it a little squeeze and hold it in place. Yes! I’m serious. There’s a video on the next page to show you. And in case you are wondering, their design team is a tiny 10 person team in the UK, and the only woman is their color & trim specialist.

Ok so to backtrack a bit ~ this morning i was invited to the Rolls Royce 200EX preview in Beverly Hills. This concept car launched in Geneva and is currently making its worldwide debut city by city ~ and will go into production in 2010. While i’ve never quite been a Rolls kind of girl, i was impressed with the details, and it was fascinating to see and hear the design stories. So for this post, we’ll focus on the details, and work out to the car and event itself through pictures on the next page…

First thing’s first ~ see this fancy purse squeezing feature in action… i didn’t think you’d believe me unless you saw it for yourself!

It was fun to see the retractable Flying Lady up close… “The Spirit of Ecstasy is one of the most well known motor car mascot in the world. Designed by Charles Robinson Sykes, The Spirit of Ecstasy has adorned the radiators of Rolls-Royce motor cars since 1911. This wonderful mascot was modeled after a young woman who had bewitching beauty, intellect and esprit - but not the social status which might have permitted her to marry the man with whom she had fallen in love.” (excerpt from “Spirit of Ecstasy”)

LOVE the fonts…

… the doors have their standard built in umbrellas, ready to go at the push of a button.

How do you like your a/c? Off? Soft? Med? High? Max? The man who jumped in the car with me was joking they might as well make it Tall, Grande, Venti… considering 80% of Rolls Royces are bespoke, i wonder whether the Starbucks guys have done that already?

their whole interior was a beautiful combination of retro styling with cleanly integrated technology…

I couldn’t help shake the feeling that i’d turn and see a “keep calm and carry on” button somewhere…

Beautiful isn’t it?

Gorgeous V12 isn’t it?



Pre-unveiling ~ love the look of sketches on sheer curtains…

CEO, Tom Purves, and Chief Designer, Ian Cameron spoke briefly at the start…

… then he unveiled the prototype!

There were also breakfast offerings before, and lunch offered after… i really dont know how people manage to shoot pictures, take notes, chat, and eat all at once! And i usually love multitasking!

An overview of the Ace Gallery Beverly Hills.


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7 Notes

Love the wood - like a handcrafted sports boat.

If my wife would stop wasting money on purses, I might be able to afford something like this one day!

----- Ed Birmingham 24.05.10 06:13

I bought a Bentley GT 5 years ago, Then 3 years ago I heard they were bringing out a “baby” Rolls….So I put down my deposit knowing nothing about it. I’m due to go and see it in London 10th June…and I can’t wait !! It looks great….although I hope the finished model does follow some of the sketches…I don’t want it to square.

----- Mark Jenkins 31.05.09 05:44

You have to love this car, a place to put my purse when I’m being chauffeur driven… I wish! hehe. Really nice car, good post.


----- Carly 30.05.09 07:39

I didn’t see any cup holders. If it doesn’t have cup holders I’m not interested! One doesn’t hold a diamond crusted Crunk Mug in one’s lap.

----- Demetrius 28.05.09 14:49

oooh scones!!! yum…..

I do have to say, that this rolls looks a tad like a bentley continental, its way more rounded than a regular rolls, dont know if thats good or not…

I do have to say that I love the wood in the car, I love cars that have beautiful wood on the interior, its so sad that so many cars are not using wood anymore…I think it harbers back to old stage coaches, many had beautiful wood and carvings inside…to bad those days of craftsmanship are over….

----- hrhkat 28.05.09 13:24

This is awesome! For a mere $250k, my wife has a place to store her purse! Hahaha…

I do have to say, you really can’t appreciate that kind of car until you get up close and really see the amount of detail that goes into it. Gorgeous!

----- Kristiano 28.05.09 08:18

Well I want one!

----- Douglas Wilson 27.05.09 21:30

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