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GIVEAWAY! Creativity and Technology Tix- 05.29.09

creativity1.jpg I’m in NY! Again! And one of the events i’m really looking forward to is the Creativity and Technology (CaT) conference on Weds! SO ~ here’s the question:

1. Are you CREATIVE?
2. Are you in NY?
3. Are you free Weds - June 3?

Leave a comment (one entry per person!) with what speaker you’re excited about~ and on Monday morning i’ll pick 2 lucky winners to come hang out and be inspired at CaT!

The official description is “CaT is a gathering of brand creativity professionals and tech-side development companies for a discussion of furthering creativity through technology. Both conference and trade show, CaT gives creatives, producers and marketers the chance to see what’s coming next, to get the big picture from thought leaders across a range of creative and technology areas — and learn, hands-on, about the latest technologies driving the best work.” ~ but really, take a look at the agenda ~ it’s one of the first i’ve been excited to check out in a while! Awesome lineup, sounds like a fun take on things…

… and to get your creative juices flowing, check out the conference opening video by Mekanism on the next page!

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I am free Wednesday… and it’s my birthday… and this would be AWESOME! and i totally wanna nerd out over your camera. I wanna see kevin slavin, director of product marketing Mike Hoefflinger, just cause of the breast milk/neo-nazi debacle as of late

and cause it’s my birthday. and you owe me

----- Matthew 01.06.09 06:10

Hope it’s not too late! I really want to attend this conference which I just learned about. The intersection of creativity and technology is my “sweetspot” - how do we as marketers design/develop programs, products, promotions that bring these seemingly disparate disciplines together? I want to learn from all the presenters and attendees how people are doing this today and where we can take this type if approach

----- Anne 01.06.09 05:57

1. Are you CREATIVE? It’s practically my middle name.
2. Are you in NY? But of course.
3. Are you free Weds - June 3? Check!

I am absolutely fascinated by Nick Bilton and his work. I have dedicated much of my short life to both reading and working on newspapers and magazines. And media-wise, my love for the NYTimes is second only to my devotion to The New Yorker, where I’ve interned. While we don’t quite know whether newspapers will survive, it’s clear that multimedia holds the future of news. I’d love to see what Bilton- clearly an expert(guru, even!) has to say on the topic. Plus, he’s kinda cute in a geeky sort of way. Or maybe I just have a thing for smart boys with glasses.

----- Kristina 31.05.09 22:36

i’m free on wed. Mike Lebowitz is who i’d like to hear

----- dima 31.05.09 22:27

I would like to hear from Dr. Kuchera-Morin. It seems like we both have a large interest in the same topics.

----- Danielle S. 31.05.09 21:52

Bruno is who I need to see. I’ll make myself free.

----- Jake Neske 31.05.09 16:13

I would like to see Mike Hoefflinger. My love/hate relationship with Facebook is an ongoing internal battle…

----- Jaimie 31.05.09 13:32

As others have said, it’s difficult to to pick just one, but the ‘Open source everything’ talk with Ben Fry and Carlos Ulloa seems the most interesting to me. With the emergence of the HTML 5 standard and innovative Javascript libraries like Processing.js, I think we will see a resurgence in both design solutions and fine art within the web and mobile web browsers, with open source technologies leading the way. I’d love to hear what the creator of Processing has to say on the subject (and of course be inspired as well!)

----- Henry 31.05.09 10:34

It would only be proper ;)

----- Seph 31.05.09 09:02

it’s really hard to choose. I grew up hearing these names and reading about what they do. It’s time to meet them!
Nick Bilton, Design Integration Editor at NYT because I had no idea of who he is nor what he did but I think it would be great to hear what he has to say.

----- Francesco B. 31.05.09 05:39

I’m not creative, I’m not in NY, and I’m not free Wednesday, but if you really twist my arm I’ll make my best effort to be at CAT. Mike Hoefflinger, Michael Lebowitz, Benjamin Palmer, Pete Caban, all the rest, the demo sessions - yeah, they’re ok. I suppose I could tolerate them. Hey it’s only one day, right? You kidding me or what? My role models. My passions. My business. All in one place on one day? I am there!
Looking forward,
Dave B

----- David 31.05.09 04:35

I am looking forward to listening to Mike Hoefflinger, Director of Monetization Product Marketing at Facebook. I want him to really get into the guts of “revenue-generating products for brand marketers.” Exciting and valuable stuff. I especially want more on his take about how brands build and stay in relevant conversations in these social media spaces - balancing between listening and storytelling.

My background in business and industrial anthropology gets me really excited to see these kinds of new environments where consumers can “interact” with brands and how that effects the other spaces where consumers have traditionally interacted with brands.

I got some great questions for Mike and hope I win the tickets and get to ask them!

----- Dennis Schleicher 31.05.09 01:06

I’d love to hear more about what Total Immersion is doing next in the exciting new world of Augmented Reality

----- paul 30.05.09 08:26

I’m actually a bit surprised more people didn’t mention Nick Bilton yet. I can’t imagine a group of people doing more (under totally shitty conditions) to bring a newspaper and information in general to the masses. Plus he cofounded the NYC Resistor, where I’m taking 2 classes this weekend, so I have a personal interest.

----- Dara 30.05.09 05:50

The Evolution of Storytelling Throwdown,. Being so close an everchanging society and community such as New York, Im very interested to know the evolution of the stories and the creative ways people have found of telling a scenario that captivates the minds of the individuals that live here.

----- Adrian Mojica 29.05.09 20:08

I want to be there when Ben Palmer speaks.

----- Kevin Su 29.05.09 18:25

Im most certainly creative!

I dont live in NY but in PA and would be willing to take a bus or plane to see the event!

To be honest i dont know anyone of the list of speakers, but it seems like it would be an enlighting event for an art student like myself. I’m looking to be a concept artist and would love to hear some professionals speak about the creative industry before i move out of american to germany in a month :)

----- Joshua 29.05.09 18:02

I would love the opportunity to see Mike Geiger. Aside from his astounding work as a digital designer, I am most curious about his business background. With thinkers like Daniel Pink, who wrote “A Whole New Mind” (Discussing the merge of design as not a subset of business but a compliment), I wonder what advice Geiger can give to emerging designers.

----- Grace Jun 29.05.09 17:09

1. Yes, 2. Yes, and 3. YES.

So many (undeniably brilliant) male speakers — but it’s not merely to buck the trend that I say I’m most interested in Dr. Kuchera-Morin at this year’s CaT. An electro-acoustic composer who incorporates N-dimensional mapping of the time dependent Schrodinger equation? Irresistible.

----- LeeAnne 29.05.09 15:36

I cannot recall an event I’ve anticipated more. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of where creativity and technology intersect and fantastic brand marketing initiatives are born.

----- Jason 29.05.09 15:26

hey jean - without hesitation its HAS to be Matias Hansson of Hyper Island. I’ll be landing ashore at the island (the stockholm location) literally less than two months from now as i was accepted to the Interactive Art Director program which commences this august. all i can do is think about hyper. hyper hyper hyper! ;)

----- amanda voss 29.05.09 14:24

Bruno, Bruno, Bruno. I am enchanted and, don’t tell Mom, intoxicated by the neuro-possibilities/effects of augmented reality for brain and being.

----- Kat 29.05.09 14:19

These speakers are so many people I’d like to hang out with. Nick Bilton in particular will be speaking of a thing close to my heart: how we consume media. In the passed few years I moved up and down the chain of content creation and consumption and a discussion about technology, user interface and storytelling is just what I need. I just spent 5 months away from computers (and from NY) and going to CaT with you would make me marvelously happy.

----- Alexis Trepanier 29.05.09 12:44

1. yes 2. yes 3. yes

Remaking media and creativity in a social world.

----- Ruben Sun 29.05.09 12:10

I wouldn’t mind hearing what Michael Lebowitz thinks is coming up next

----- Jeff 29.05.09 11:55

Without a doubt, Brian DiLorenzo! He’s so dreamy!

----- Jesse 29.05.09 11:33

I’ve been struggling about whether or not to vigorously apply to UCSB’s media arts, technology, and music PhD program, so seeing Joanne Kuchera Morin talk about the Allosphere would have an impact of particularly keen interest to me.

----- Omar Z. 29.05.09 11:31

It’s Nick Bilton for me: a journalist, a hacker and an entrepreneur. Dreamy! I will walk to NYC - any clues on how long it will take me from DC?

----- Maria Fenton 29.05.09 11:08

The whole conference sounds super awesome, I’d have to pick Ben Fry speaking about open source development because that’s just up my alley. SO many exciting names that would be also be amazing!

----- David 29.05.09 11:04

Ah, clearly Loni from Zoic is the speaker not to be missed. Not that the other speakers don’t capture my imagination too.
Zoic does such creative, exciting work - always breaking the mold. Can’t wait to see what Loni has to say.
In fact, i’m so excited i’m willing to brave the early morning traffic just to hear him speak!

----- Michael Porte 29.05.09 10:56

Michael Lebowitz, hands down. I researched most of the speakers the day my (web design) boss brought me an AdAge magazine with the CaT ad on the back. But once I saw that Michael Lebowitz was going to be talking about the “role of digital communications” I was sold. I even watch Big Spaceship’s “Creative Inspirations” segment on Lynda.com every once in a while… for inspiration. Dan LaCivita from Firstborn is giving a talk (of which I am also a huge portfolio follower) but I just had to see Michael’s talk. I’m taking a vacation the first week of June just for this conference because my company won’t pay for it so here I come. First time in NYC and I’m super excited.

----- Adolphus Nolan, III 29.05.09 10:52


I would be very interested in hearing what Nick Bilton of New York times has to say.

Also, these are two panels I would find very interesting - “Information Vizualization” (Joanne Kuchera Morin - very interesting speaker and “The evolution of storytelling” .

Best regards,

Pavla Burgetova

----- pavla burgetova 29.05.09 10:49

I’m mostly excited to see Michael Lebowitz present. I’m a big Big Spaceship fan, like big big big. Their Pretty Loaded concept is awesome, I’m really looking forward to incorporating it into some of my future digital campaigns. I really want to attend this event, bad. Like big bad. So please help me do this!

Big Ups,

----- Colin James Rhoads 29.05.09 10:32

Wow what a great opportunity. It all seems so interesting I don’t know where to start. I’d love to hear what Ben Fry has to say about “Processing” which is teaching me computational design. I’d like to thank him personally for the advances I’m experiencing due to his work. He Rocks! Looking forward to it.

----- Anthony Tammaro 29.05.09 10:07

1. Are you CREATIVE? - YES!
2. Are you in NY? - YES!
3. Are you free Weds - June 3? - YES! (well I can be)

I would be really stoked to see the whole event, but the “Remaking media and creativity in a social world.” seminar looks like a great set of speakers.

Let me know! Thanks for the offer!

----- MDavid L. 29.05.09 10:03

I’m much more interested in the event as a whole, than I am in a specific speaker. As a student I believe this would be a great learning opportunity. Seems like a great opportunity to get some insight in how I can pursue my passion for design and technology.

----- Emmanuel 29.05.09 09:57

I’m either crashing this or getting the free ticket. :P So…the speaker I’m most excited to see… Benjamin Palmer, Co-founder, CEO, The Barbarian Group. He started the company and functioned (and maybe still does to certain degree) as the Creative Director across all the business. I had a drink with him once and I asked Ben about the contradiction (or so I thought) of a CD functioning as CEO to which he responded, “Michael, when a creative person is no longer at the helm of Barbarian Group, we cease being a creative company.” Brilliant words. (Sorry if I’m blowing up your spot Ben).

----- Michael Romanowicz 29.05.09 09:48

I am free on Wednesday, June 3rd. What a coincidence.

Honestly, I’m excited for every part of this conference. Of them all I’d say I’m most interested in the talks by Winston Binch and Mike Geiger. I’m an ad guy myself and I’m interested to see what they’ll say about some specific technologies in their most recent campaigns as well as future thoughts. What kind of balance will they achieve between the idea and the vehicle of the technology itself? What about adoption rates for cutting-edge technology. Is it worth using something in its infancy for its WOW factor even though a lot of the target hasn’t seen or have access to it? All questions I’d like to hear answered.

----- Dylan 29.05.09 09:36

I’m definitely interested in hearing Aaron Koblin talk about “data art.” It’s another way of saying “information can be cool in itself, if presented properly.” Which is really a kind of science-fictional concept. In an age of overwhelming data, finding ways to make that data aesthetically pleasing, and therefore more “natural,” is going to be incredibly important.

----- miconian 29.05.09 09:34

I’m most excited about Ed Ulbrich’s talk, from that description… though it’d be wicked cool to meet Ben Fry since I just finished my first application in Processing. :D

----- Ari 29.05.09 09:19

I would definitely be interested in hearing from Winston Binch and finding out more about CP+B’s work process. They put out some some really awesome work.

----- Brandon 29.05.09 09:10

Wow, I want to see EVERYONE, but I’m curious about Steve Sprang. I love how The New Yorker just integrated his iPhone Brushes app onto their cover.

----- Rosemary 29.05.09 08:55

Give me Bruno - I am obsessed with augmented reality,

----- dana Russell 29.05.09 08:47

This event sounds great! I am free on wednesday!

----- casta 29.05.09 08:38

It’s difficult to pick just one, but I would have to say Daniel Ilic is the person I look forward to listening to

----- Steve 29.05.09 08:34

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