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Shimna at ICFF- 05.17.09

shimna1.jpg Stand out at ICFF that i walked away still lusting after? Shimna! Based right here in NY, their tag line is “avoid the aesthetic of the moment” ~ and it just about sums it up perfectly. It’s like rustic meets modern ~ but not rustic modern. Soft and cozy meet hard and rough ~ but not hard and cozy. Outdoorsy meets urban chic? The only descriptions i can give you sound ridiculously juxtaposed ~ but they have struck a beautiful balance in their juxtapositions that i’m in love with. I can see their pieces in my rustic modern loft… or my modern ranch/cabin in the woods…

OH, and i didn’t even get to talking about the 80$ ebay stuffed rabbit they placed on the bright red couch yet. Details like that really draw everyone into a booth… even adorably mesmerized babies (see pic on next page to make sense of this!). Also the bed, those drawers are slanted! So from afar, you wouldn’t even guess there are 4 large drawers of goodies hidden beneath ~ it just has sleek lines underneath… and then next to your head there are drawers for your glasses and jewelry… but not for your partner/lovers. They even have gorgeous updated variations on what felt like a trunk that evolved into a seat/coffee table that still opens up to provide tons of storage space… and apparently coyotes went from near extinction to overpopulation ~ so they are doing their part by using some of the special culled coyote skins on their cozy chair… and the couch is incredibly comfy/cozy and mounted on gorgeous woodiness… anyhow, see the juxtaposition of press and real world photos on the next page!




The Shimna Beam Sectional Sofa

Shimna’s Beam Coffee Table

The Liffey Bed




The Shimna Susquehanna



The Shimna Pawnee Media Console

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3 Notes

This furniture is wonderful. Does anyone know where it can be bought online?

----- Helena 31.05.09 10:15

This style of furniture is so awesome. I am in love with that bed. Seriously. It’s just beautiful!

And I know it’s a little off topic, but I can’t stop staring at those lime green headphones in the last picture. Any idea where I can find something like them?

----- Elizabeth 21.05.09 15:02

Wow i love this furniture, its cool and simple but the wood gives it warmth. Perfect.

----- Julia 18.05.09 13:31

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