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Hero 365 at ICFF- 05.17.09

hero1.jpg I’m extra giddy about this one ~ my old grad school friends from the Domus/Milan days ~ Jenny Lemieux and Leo Corrales ~ you may remember them as Toronto based Hero Design Lab which did the playful NotConcept series with NOTCOT a while back… have their first series of products Hero 365 showing at ICFF 09!!! Their first two products are the RC-1 Rain Collector and the DR-1 Clothes Dryer. With these “Extraordinary resource saving objects for everyday life” ~ they have taken simple ways to save energy and water, revamped some traditional concept, and made them beautifully functional. Take a look at more pics of these pieces on the next page!

And on living vicariously ~ having never had a booth of my own, it’s been so fun to share in their excitement watching people react to their products after seeing sketches and the progress on these pieces over the last few months ~ hearing their stories of the drive to NY from Toronto with their booth components ~ and seeing how beautifully it all came together! Also ~ because of them, i got to meet Dan Funderburgh!!! (He stopped by and was chatting with them about the product while i was there! And i got all excited!)

Here you can see how the drying rack and be closed to form a gorgeous divider/movable wall type object…

The table space if great for laying sweaters/etc on to dry flat ~ and you can swing out as many or as few drying rods as needed!


The rain collector ~ does just that… from your drain pipe or drain chain… the water can find its way through this receptacle and it even filters out and chunks that may try to fall in! As it fills up you can release it through the tap ~ into the adorable watering can below, or attach a hose even!

Here’s a peek at the filter below the yellow top cover! (love the shadows!)

In addition they made adorable little press packets as well as limited edition LAUNDRY BAGS!





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2 Notes

Eep! That drying rack is amazing!

----- Jennifer Wolfe 18.05.09 16:47

Hi guys.
So nice to see that you made it, and the products just looks GREAT!
(The rain collector being my favorite. Such an innovating idea.)

I’m also loving the whole press kit together with the laundry bag. :-)

----- Joe 18.05.09 03:50

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