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The Arkitip Intel Newspaper Supplement- 05.03.09

arkitip0.jpg Freshly landed in my mailbox, the fanciest wrapped newspaper yet ~ The Arkitip Intel Newspaper Supplement, Volume No. 1 ~ it came preciously sealed in plastic in a stiff mailer ~ i felt like i should save it forever and not open it, but curiousity got the best of me… again. So what is this mysterious newspaper? Here’s how the folks at Arkitip describe it:

“What better time than the present to publish our first newspaper. Going against the grain has never stopped us before and no matter what might be happening with news media and publishing in general, we will always continue to work on and publish projects that interest us.

Over the years, The Arkitip Intel has evolved into an online publication that brings together the most unique voices in the world of art, fashion, music, design, and retail. Now we’re taking The Intel into the tactile realm.

The Arkitip Intel Newspaper Supplement will feature all twenty of our reporters expanding their online musings to the printed page. Four colors on 22 x 11 In. broadsheet newsprint, packaged in re-sealable bag.”

It’s pretty awesome ~ i love the smell/feel of newsprint ~ there’s just something fun about flipping through the paper! So are you ready to take a peek inside? And i just love that Ace Hotels ad up there ~ tempted to frame it for constant typographic reassurance… See pics of the un-wrapping and flipping on the next page!

Hot off the presses


….. and into my mailbox…












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Now thats the kind of paper for me, no scary ass stories about viruses or pandemics, or economic collapse, or advertisements for a local shady jewelry store, or anything about the war. I just want to sit back and enjoy my life before hell breaks loose….I would much rather be surprised and until then, look at pretty pictures with an edge.

----- hrhkat 03.05.09 21:11

what issue is the “you don’t need to worry everything will be ok” page in?

----- kathy z 03.05.09 14:57

Can’t wait to get my copy! Love the images and look forward to seeing them in physical print soon! *a

----- angie 03.05.09 13:21

looks like 10$ on its own ~ and a freebie add on for anyone with a subscription already ~ arkitip issues have never been cheap ;)

----- jean/NOTCOT 03.05.09 13:03

Nice, Jean! Thanks for the photos…how much is it? Sean thinks he read somewhere that it’s in the $20s? yikes!

----- Sub-Studio 03.05.09 12:59

Are all sites and blogs going to preparing for the technological grid collapse? Does this press have a foot pedal? Joking aside, it’s a beautiful publication. The corporate news message always used to be Everything Is Still Okay, but not anymore…

----- Lindsay Brown 03.05.09 12:29

thegadfly ~ sheesh ~ lighten up ~ Arkitip is an arts magazine! So naturally the supplement has lots of pics ~ and pic filled pages and the ads grabbed my eye for this post!

----- jean/NOTCOT 03.05.09 12:29

So the key to helping the newspaper survive is to pump out as little text and as much giant images as possible?


----- TheGadfly 03.05.09 12:26

reminds me of the “fat free” music magazine / news paper that came out in the mid 90’s…I’ll have to photograph some pages for you…

----- lepeep 03.05.09 12:16

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