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The Kohler Kitchen Project- 05.04.09

remod0.jpg My kitchen is DONE!!! So, a few weeks ago you saw the unboxing of the Kohler Karbon Faucet and Smart Divide Sink ~ well many an early morning, some banging, bashing, painting and more later… the 30s kitchen has had all its tiles ripped out, plumbing cleaned up, granite counters installed, and sink and faucet have been Kohler-ized… and i LOVE it.

Really it’s one thing to play with the Karbon at trade shows, but to have been actually using it ~ doing dishes, filling pots, spraying people, etc… it’s awesome! (i highly recommend playing with one!) ~ And the Smart Divide sink having a lower divider means far less splashage as i’m cleaning and moving things between the different sides…

As for how decisions were made… Yes. I became that girl in the ads who basically walked around with a faucet and designed counter around it… So see the advert, and the whole process from start to finish on the next page!

here’s the ad…

(p.s. that is TOTALLY Geisel/Dr.Seuss library from my alma mater, UCSD that they pretend is in tokyo as they walk up the stairs)

remod18.jpgSO ~ here’s the before and after, now check out the whole process i’ve been documenting daily ~ from the original… to the final product… and all the gory details in between…
















ALL DONE! Here’s the more cluttered version of my kitchen back in a usable state…

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I have a Karbon Faucet too. Be very careful not to press downwarded (only press in) on the spray head rubber button (or as Kohler calls it a BUTTON COVER). I love my faucet, but the button will pop off (normally when being used by guests and easily goes down the drain (very small). It is a design flaw. They don’t sell the replacement part seperately. If for any reason you loose yours, you will need to order the Spray Head Kit 1090941 at $40.00. The button does not seem to be covered by the warranty (or the warranty process is just not responsive). It looks horrible without the button cover (still works without it, but not cool). I hope some day they provide the option to buy several button covers at once (just in case). Rubber also wears out. Good comfort for the thumb.

----- Zanziguy 01.03.10 06:20

I like the black. Good choice.

The Karbon faucet is very cool too.

----- Dave 08.05.09 18:50

Philip seems a tad pretentious,

I dont think jean cares much about making money from this site, if she does then great because she deserves it, if not then she at the least knows it gives alot of people joy. I visit this blog religiously at least 3 times a day, to see if anything has been added to notcot.org. I see this blog as a mixture of personal/webpage, more like a magazine website, where the editor has give alot of their opinion on what they like. Yet there is still something for everyone and it doesnt feel too personal, just very design oriented.

----- hrhkat 06.05.09 21:18

Phillip ~

SO glad you wrote back again ~ that made my day

I’m flattered you see it as more than a personal blog ~ it’s mixed for me as well, but i really am that much of a design junkie… and even as i became able to run these sites *like* a job, knowing i’d do it even if know one was reading is probably what keeps me going. I suppose its most personal in that i write about what i love, and skip the stuff i dont ~ so NOTCOT.com is my little space on the web sharing what excites me in my day to day!

And no pay for play here ~ editorial is editorial ~ even sponsored post series are clearly denoted, and i’m strict with making the content ONLY things i was already going to write about. Paid ads stay in the ad spots!!!

~ jean

----- jean/NOTCOT 06.05.09 12:41

well thanks for your comment, its nice to see that you deal with negative criticism. i honestly didnt realize that you perceive this as a personal blog, because it goes so much beyond a personal point of view. i guess keeping this site up-to-date is a somewhat day-filling activity, and imo people see it more as a professional webpage than a personal blog.
oh and if you really didnt get any money for this post, kohler should be ar least very grateful to you and your blog..:)
and i didnt say that i dislike your remodeling, its obviously a day-and-night difference.
as for the faucet, im a industrial designer myself, and i guess im very much formed by the german “bauhaus” education, thats why i think this silver carbon fiber look didnt make it look any better, but i havent seen it in reality yet.

----- Philip 06.05.09 06:06

Oh Phillip ~ if you read NOTCOT almost daily, you should know me better by now! Kohler is an advertiser, and i take ads from brands i like! and they realized how awesome i thought their faucet was long before they began to support the site as well. This post isn’t advertising. so don’t be fooled that my excitement isn’t genuine. Breaks my heart to think you find something obvious that isn’t even true. I really do love the faucet and sink, especially compared to the old one! Did you SEE the pics?? =)

please don’t forget, this is my personal blog, which is 90% product since i’m design obsessed - and i write about what i love! … and my life

----- jean/NOTCOT 05.05.09 07:03

notcot is a amazing site, which i visit almost every day. and a realize that you have to make money somehow, but in my opinion you should at least mark advertising/product placement like this, becouse its just too obvious and people dont like to be fooled.

----- Philip 05.05.09 06:12

it looks so awesome! congrats!!

----- jon 04.05.09 21:08

Nicely done! The black/white contrast is gorgeous :)

----- chernwei 04.05.09 19:57

Heads-up: The hidraulic instalation has a flaw. All copper tubing transporting potable water should have an hidraulic shock absorber. That’s a fancy name for extending the vertical tube 1” above the connection with the horizontal connection, so that the air contained will muffle the water pressure. Otherwise, your installation will vibrate and make funny noises.

It would be a pity to have such foolish problems with such beautiful hardware.


----- Bernardo F 04.05.09 17:54

I aspire to have a kitchen as cook as this. Maybe then I’d actually cook ha!
I also saw your reco on the folding dish rack on twitter. Totally gonna pick one up for myself as well.

Awesome project NOTCOT!

----- Stoli 04.05.09 12:23

Wow. It’s amazing how scary things are underneath all the prettiness. Beautiful, beautiful job. Love the Kohler faucet. Nice choice. Excellent start-to-finish peak into what looks like a complicated job but you made it look so easy. Thanks!

----- Mugs Buckley 04.05.09 12:12

Swank!! Great work.

----- desiree fawn 04.05.09 12:02

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