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Valcucine + Surface- 05.15.09

valcucine1.jpg I’ve been obsessing about vertical gardens lately ~ and while most get complex drip systems, bricks of earth magically suspended, and pretty thick installations… i lit up when i stepped into the Valcucine showroom for the Surface Magazine and saw this brilliant idea of a metal grid with little pots hanging from them filled with everything from herbs to strawberries!!! And it looks pretty awesome? Also between all the luxurious sustainable kitchen and furniture ~ they debuted and let us sample the delights of Valcucine’s Riciclanta sustainable slow food kitchen… really delicious asparagus soup shots and soup spoons of salad bites… the chefs on hand were incredibly sweet and friendly too! Also really cool to see the little wet pots in person! I think i’m finding it much cuter than the eva solo one i just bought as far as use of space, and the same concept pretty much. See pics of it all on the next page!











Oh and this bar/cart caught my eye and is stuck in my head now. Although the wheels feel a bit too pram like… the rest is awesome! with space for bottles and everything…

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Oh the “pot wall” would be so lovely for my patio! Or anyone’s sunroom or well-lit breakfast nook or something. Great!

----- Joeyface 18.05.09 08:56

Surface mag! I am jealous. I am liking that lime green kitchen/food prep counter. And about the cart… I am not too sure about that perforated side panel, a bit overdone.

I hope all that fruit for display in the middle of that table did not go waste :(. Cool pictures overall, thanks for sharing.

----- Ruben.T 16.05.09 16:15

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