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Ace Hotel NY - More Type!- 06.08.09

acetext1.jpg So after doing the beach thing, i realized i really needed to sit down and do some work between all the running around i’ve been doing in NY! And i guess the Ace Hotel New York really must feel pretty homey, because i ended up calling up and booking a few nights there to nurse my sunburn and curl up with my laptop to catch up. Of course while here, as the soft opening evolves, i noticed even more awesome typographic details (i also didn’t have a chance to show you other rooms i poked around in last time as well!). In addition to what you saw of my room last time… here is a focus on the typographic details i’m obsessing on… instead of a smeg fridge i have one of the mini-fridges in a roadie case… and i LOVE the NOW/NOT NOW magnet (yes! the doors are magnetic!)… and this DESK is fabulous. I want one at home, so nice how it overlooks the bed too so i can still look out the window and work here all day long… so go see the pics on the next page already!

The opposite of NOT NOW is… NOW… and the door frames are also magnetic…

I love that they customized the internet login page to not be the crazy mess of overbrandedness you usually get…

Even the hangers have messages!

Although the TV does lack station options (i can’t watch weeds premiere tonight!) ~ the start up screen is undeniably awesome…

the mini fridge!



This desk is SO laptop perfect ~ and a strip of plugs on the top, and under the desk as well

Leather couch below a creepier piece of artwork that i’m really glad i dont wake up to… there’s something very evil eye looking about it…

From exploring other rooms the last trip ~ this mirror reminds you “Love is meant to make us glad”


The check in desk…

The goodies you can buy at the desk!


As far as dream rooms to someday stay in… here’s the huge suite… LOVE the custom couch in the bay window like nook…

… and the book choices are pretty funny…

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2 Notes

I think I want to live there.

----- Vicki 09.06.09 01:07

So has the embargo on photos of the lobby been lifted yet?

----- Dave P 08.06.09 17:49

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