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Macallan Twitter Tasting- 06.11.09

macallan0.jpg I’m learning to love twitter… at first it drove me insane, but now it connects me with incredible new people… and its been intriguing to see what people and brands are doing with it… latest fascinating (and seemingly awesomely successful) experiment comes from Macallan. Granted i’m biased, Macallan 18yr has been my favorite go to for a few years now (while cocktails are fun, its my default if available)… but what they set up is really pretty fun! Here’s the setup: Macallan’s brand ambassador @livingthedram (Graeme Russell) teamed up with the Michelin-starred chef Ed Brown of Eighty One in NY for the ultimate Macallan Tasting ~ all live tweeted and projected on the wall!!! And while i nearly moved my flight to make the dinner ~ but being twitter and all, they were kind enough to send samples over for me to taste along with them! Unfortunately my timing still sucked a little, but first thing i did when i got home was grab some food, and start catching up on the #macallan tweets - and taste along with them!

On the next page, check out some pictures of the event, the samples (so fun to see the color differences alongside one another!), and a selection of my favorite tweets (yes, i totally read my way backwards through the whole event to catch up!).


Here’s a twitpic from mrinklin

… and some from astorwines… including the amazing looking smores/marshmallows paired with the 18yr!



Tasting them all… i must admit i still love the 18yr best, but i definitely need to get some ice balls to try them all again! I used to think i liked the 15yr second best, then 12 yr… but it turns out when they are all alongside each other, i’m loving 18yr then 12 yr ~ the Spanish Sherry Oak clearly makes it that much richer and more delicious. So the 15yr has moved to my third favorite, and it certainly has a lighter/sweeter vanilla flavor to it compared to the Sherry Oaks. Honestly the 10yr wasn’t doing much for me… and the 17 was a bit rough, and the 21… well lets just say sniffing the 21 was pretty intense on its own! It’s nearly 1am here, and 4am on my jetlagged time… so i’ll have to give them all another go soon when more awake and with more appropriate pairings!


Here are some of my favorite tweets…

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Dear NOTCOT (Jean),

Thanks very much for such a insightful update into The Macallan Twitter tasting that we hosted at Eighty One.

I’m sorry that you were unable to make it on this occasion but would love to invite you to the next event. I’m a big fan of NOTCOT and would love to have you taste not only The Macallan 18 but also a number of our older whiskies.

Please drop me an email and let me know when you are next in New York!

Slainte Mhath!



----- Graeme Russell 04.11.09 10:28

How the HELL did I miss this. SO bummed… but hoping they do more. Attended a tasting in Los Angeles in late 2008 and STILL remember is as one of the best days of my life.

Trip to Scotland (working title)
House of Macallen (Spring 2010)
Coming soon…

----- KillTheMic 24.07.09 00:35

what a creative use of Twitter - and your photos as always are really great.

----- carrie @ bloomacious 11.06.09 06:43

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