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Beaching in CT- 06.08.09

beach0.jpg I’m not sure how much you’ve noticed, or how much you follow, but its been a crazy few months ~ a lot of big behind the scenes transitions happened here at NOTCOT, and in a nutshell i’m more on my own than ever running the network at the moment, and i’ve been traveling a bit and chatting with a lot of fun folks as i try to figure out where to take things next! The group of NOTCOT sites has grown more than i could have ever dreamed over the last few quick years! SO, for those who ARE playing close attention ~ yes the style of content here on NOTCOT.com has been bouncing around a bit as i figure things out, and mostly i’m sticking to writing about what inspires and amuses me, which for the moment while exploring NYC has been a bit more on the luxe/event side of things, and bouncing between hotels and friends, i haven’t had the time/space to do those product review/photoshoots as much as usual, but no worries, i hear there are a pile of packages waiting in LA for that, so back to more regularly schedule programming soon? I’ll be heading back to LA Weds!

Part of my figuring things out personally means running around and exploring and reminding myself what it is that really drive and inspires me, and re-evaluating what’s out there, and what awesomness we should be finding, making, sharing here on the NOTCOT sites! So, on mixing things up ~ i jumped out of the many meetings and super-city feeling running around in NYC and joined an old high school friend at his friend’s beach house in Milford, CT this weekend ~ and after so much city, i think private beach relaxing with a bunch of fun new drama/theatre folks was *just* what i needed to get things in perspective. So take a peek, at my weekend reset ~ i’ll be in NY a few more days, than back to catch up and design + beach overdosing LA style soon…

THANK YOU so much for supporting me, and the sites the last few years ~ it’s been so much fun! And so incredibly inspiring to meet and chat with many of you ~ seeing the incredible things you readers make is really so fun to wake up to every day!

The full moon over the water this weekend was just AMAZING. See the pics next page…










And on random snippets of nature… i kept nearly tripping on mating horseshoe crabs… 3 pairs in like 5 minutes!

And these adorable shore birds literally hatched the day before… little furballs with teeny legs running around exploring the beach as the parents ran around protectively… SO small it was hard to even photograph them, so here’s a bunch to hopefully help you get a feel!

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Weird! i live and work in LA, have been reading your site for a few months, and right now am vacationing, back home with my family…in my home town if Milford CT. Strange to see my hometown on the site! i loved it.

happy trails, even though i know this is an old post.

----- Samantha Humphreys 24.08.09 10:51

Jean - I agree, to be honest I didn’t even know Milford had such a cute beach :-) I miss Stinson and Malibu…

----- carrie @ bloomacious 11.06.09 06:00

Thanks for all the nice notes!!!

Carrie - oh you KNOW there is no comparison at all ~ but it’s always fun to have a change of scenery! And SUCH a nice break to get out of the city, and hang out with some fun folks! The weather was just amazing too ~ so hard to complain. But i am super happy back in LA again too!

----- jean/NOTCOT 11.06.09 01:10

so - as one California girl to another, what do you think of Connecticut beaches? I moved out here (down a bit from Milford - more towards New London) about three years ago and I think the Pacific is a bit nicer than Atlantic (or Long Island Sound in the case of Milford).

----- carrie @ bloomacious 10.06.09 19:33

I love your site and one of the things that makes it so enjoyable is when you go to other places and record things other than cool designs and products. The side trips are like a little random surprise.

----- Nathan 10.06.09 04:01

Well, NOTCOT is the first site in my Safari Top Sites page. That’s right… you know I pinned that!

----- JOE 10.06.09 00:40

yeah you have been in NY for awhile…LA is kinda cloudy and cold so..its like 70 here..not much fun…not good beach weather. You better show us what you got on your trip..make a little galley of all the interesting fun stuff you brought back!

----- hrhkat 08.06.09 17:08

thank YOU for making this site! it provides some inspiration in an otherwise dull suburban life.

----- annie 08.06.09 09:31

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