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Dror Nesting/Stacking Shelf for Target- 06.03.09

dror1.jpg Latest in designer collabs for Target is Dror. While most of the new collection is more pillows, bedding, little stationery accessories ~ the one piece that really caught my eye are the Nesting/Stacking Bookcase/Shelves! I wonder if they could also be little stools as well? While i’m not sure that i love how they look stacked, i do love that they stack and nest! So multipurpose, and easy to move? Take a peek at some of the larger pics on the next page, and browse the full collection here.





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That’s really the perfect combination of art and living!

----- Enson 22.10.09 22:21

my gf works at Target and I got super excited about these and asked if she could hold a few of them for us for when we move in together. she said not to bother because they are so poorly built and people return them all the time because of defects.

----- robot 23.09.09 13:16

My wife and I just purchased three sets of these. I would’t use them for a stool. I couldn’t find them on Target.com either. We purchased the last three sets from our local Target. My wife loves the look and it goes well with our Mid-Century Modern theme.

----- Bobby M 29.07.09 09:39

Where can the nesting tables be purchased????????????????????????

----- Linda H. 27.06.09 13:05

Dwell pegs the dates for the bedding on June 14th and the furnishings for June 21st. Stationery in July.

Definitely at least two of the lamp. Super stylish and useful, and it’s only $20. Such a steal.

----- Greg 11.06.09 00:53

I am interested in buying these dror for target nesting tables, but I can’t find them at target.com. When and how will they be available? Please advise.

----- harris kagan 07.06.09 15:31

How do I buy this? Is it still upcoming? These are perfect for my needs, especially at just $90 a set, if the press site is to be believed.

I’m in love.

----- Greg 05.06.09 22:55

Beautiful design! Although I probably wouldn’t use it for a stool - looks like particle board.

----- tommy pez 04.06.09 06:05

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