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Dan Funderburgh @ Faesthetic/Scion Show- 06.21.09

funder1.jpg On more favorites ~ it was such a pleasure to see Dan Funderburgh again ~ and then literally stand and lose myself in his latest wallpaper pattern. Everyone at the Faesthetic curated “This must be the place” show at the Scion Space in Culver City worked in black and white + one color (Faesthetic style!) ~ and this time the color was their choice of teal. Well, Dan Funderburgh loves the black and white (me too!) ~ but when presented with the teal paint options at Home Depot ~ he couldn’t resist using a splash of Ariel’s Song. Yes. The Disney paint colors for Behr… from the Princess collection. I think it’s the color of her tail? So his black and white wallpaper, with laser-cut/burnt out black and white pieces in black frames… got their splash of color with the Ariel’s Song painted side of the wallpapered coffin. He always did find the most intriguing ways to create serenely complex edgy compositions that make your head spin if you look long and hard enough. So take a look at things up close on the next page… it was particularly interesting to watch people pose for pictures with his Ariel tail colored coffin face.









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oh man, I am in LOVE with his work! I would love to have this on fabric & quilt the heck out of it! =)

----- Nani Luculescu 01.03.11 16:26

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