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Matthew Curry @ Faesthetic/Scion Show- 06.21.09

mattcurry1.jpg Wow. Matthew Curry’s mural at the Faesthetic curated “This must be the place” show at the Scion Space in Culver City was irresistible. Also, always fun to fall for someone’s work and then have a chance to meet him ~ incredibly nice guy, as inspiring to talk to as his work is to stare at. His work is so intricately layered, you can literally stare at it and keep discovering new details. It’s heart breaking to imagine that incredible dragon mural get painted over at the end of the show… if only i could transplant it to my outdoor wall, it would be so awesome! But i digress… the whole show was stunning, and here’s just your first taste. See more pics of Curry’s pieces on the next page…

his background is as multilayered and fascinating as his work… RISD Illustration grad ~ twice grammy nominated designer/illustrator/painter ~ principal of design studio Imagefed










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I enjoy the little intricacies and the feeling that something lies beyond the image, maybe even a world. I feel lucky to have seen these. Thank you.

----- Kevin 22.06.09 09:59

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