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Michael Salter’s Styrofoam F1 Car- 06.23.09

stycar1.jpg No one recycles styrofoam the way Michael Salter does. And i know that any time i get an email from him, there is probably something amazing coming in… and this time it was truly epic! He has created a life size Formula 1 race car out of styrofoam!!! Take a look at his latest show at the Portland John Ross Plaza Studio… “a full scale replica of a Formula One race car made from scrap styrofoam pieces, 3 pretty big wall paintings, and 24 framed digital drawings.” Wow. Lots of pics on the next page ~ check it out from all angles!








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wanna try sitting in this. for a moment i actually thought it was carved out of a giant piece of styrofoam

----- Ben 01.07.09 10:17

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