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Red Stripe + Fader- 06.22.09

redstripe1.jpg On fun random Monday posts ~ it’s been feeling like SUCH a monday (and from the tweets i’m seeing, sounds like its going around) ~ and not in a good way! So, since it seems a little early for happy hour to start… how about some silly alcohol schwag? I couldn’t help giggling when this Red Stripe USB key showed up from Fader/Red Strip ~ presenting “It Was Written” featuring Terry Lynn and John Hugo - it’s their collaboration on five new songs celebrating jamaican music! (You can even download them for free) And at first i thought it was a half bottle and a cupcake (i never did figure out how that would make much sense, but hey! who am i to judge that?)… but i’m thinking its so you don’t lose your cap when the key is in use? Also the graphics are awesome ~ love how the text is made up of pencils and rulers, etc… see the pics on the next page!








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Love the usb key idea. The’re not available anywhere here in JA from what I can tell…

Terry Lynn’s music is cutting edge though!

Thx. for sharing this…

----- YardEdge Jamaica 23.06.09 07:23

i really like that. especially the “hooray for responsible drinking” tagline..
now, where do i get my hands on one!

----- qwux 22.06.09 17:15

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