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Retro Transistor Radios- 06.15.09

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While back in Singapore i happened across some tiny transistor radios tucked away in my dad and grandmother’s various drawers… the first one was exciting enough… then it was like an easter egg hunt, i just kept finding more! Luckily he was amused enough by my fascination to let me bring them home and photograph them to share with you! The tiniest details are so cool ~ from the fonts to the patterns to the pendants dangling off some of the smaller ones. For reference, that little sony is like 2” wide! I have yet to get them working yet ~ actually while writing this, just got distracted and managed to get a few open (so pics of the insides on the next page too!) ~ and looks like i’d need some interestingly sized batteries… SO, visual research on the next page, and my question to you ~ do you know more about these? Any fun stories of having these as a kid, etc? See the gallery of close ups and insides on the next page!





















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I’d love to see some of these restored. Reminds me of Gizmodo’s comparison of Ives and Braun’s aesthethics. - http://gizmodo.com/343641/1960s-braun-products-hold-the-secrets-to-apples-future

----- A B 23.06.09 10:49

I hope it’s beautiful not because current retro trends dictate them to be.

I like the Sony one - timeless. I was half-expecting it to be a camera.

----- Sol 20.06.09 23:08

These guys have the batteries as well as adapters that allow modern batteries to be used.
Also they are in the US, shipping no problem.

----- Duff 17.06.09 08:43

Beautiful design on what was some really great tech.

You will be unable to find any mercury cells in the States. They are eco-unfriendly and have been banned for awhile. You can find sellers overseas but shipping can sometimes be an issue.

----- Tiger 16.06.09 09:53

They are beautiful.
And please don’t stuff an ipod in them.

----- Mike 15.06.09 21:32

We had one in the mid-60s that we got by saving Double Cola bottle caps. Older folks frequently commented on the number of young people with hearing disorders because when they saw the radio in someone’s shirt pocket with the ear piece in the ear, it looked like a hearing aid.

----- Til 15.06.09 20:34

It’d be pretty cool if you stuffed an iPod in one of these old shell’s. I saw that done with an old Gameboy once.

----- Ryan 15.06.09 15:24

So cool, I love the Sony one. :)

----- Joffrey 15.06.09 13:43

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