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Bamboo E-Racer- 06.19.09

bamboocar1.jpg On fun eco-friendly toys i stumbled upon while toy shopping recently (and then had to buy to share!) ~ Check out this E-Racer (the name is also hilarious) ~ made from cut bamboo tubes, it’s cute to see how closely it keeps its form! It claims that it is “Naturally fun” and made with bamboo, water based colors, and renewable materials (i assume they mean the metal screws and the plasticy exhaust, and rubbery wheels)… the packaging was horrible, so if i ever end up gifting one of these to a kid, will definitely unwrap it first! See an unboxing and more close up pics of these adorable eco-race cars on the next page!








Unfortunately the HaPe International site works, but the Bamboo Collection one doesn’t!

Design by italian group, IDKID, designer Adam Shillito…

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I stumbled across your site by chance and found your reviews of my product. I’m honoured that somebody is talking about my work! I agree about your comments about the rubbery wheels, packaging and plastic components. It was a big push to launch even a half eco friendly product as this was the first product I designed for Hape. Since then we’ve been working with eco friendly substitutes for the plastic parts plus we’ve redesigned the packaging. 100% eco friendly toys will probably never exist (excluding sticks, stones etc) as there will always be some form of power needed for the transport and production (fuel, electricity). That said, we are doing our best to change the market and take the first important steps towards sustainability, but it’s not easy!!!

Thanks for your work

Adam Shillito (E-racer’s Dad)

----- Adam Shillito 18.10.09 11:41

it is really great…in india, government and social organizations also into these bamboo things with varied craftsmen across india…but the problem there is no organized design intervention to make it up market…
i hope it will get mature once…

----- rana 14.07.09 04:39

i agree too. And i will point the fact that bamboo is a material coming from asia (usually made in china) : it’s not “eco” to travel the whole world.

----- Lorenzo 23.06.09 01:18

I agree with ANACHRONIST ont he package, they could have definitely put some thought on the packaging, it is extremely boring and could harm the sales of this toy. Either way the the car design’s main attraction is that they are using Bamboo. Overall I give it a 6.5 out of 10 ( due to the packaging)

----- Ruben.T 21.06.09 15:07

This is what happens when you go eco but skimp on the package. The toy itself is renewable, but slapping it in a coated cardboard box with a huge plastic window makes just doesn’t fit.
AWESOME toy though, I love how the shape follows it’s base material. They should have given it bamboo wheels, I don’t really see a point in the rubber coated ones.

----- Anachronist 21.06.09 07:39

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