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Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7- 06.13.09

yuki7-1.jpg Is it possible to completely fall for the way someone sees the world? Because i want to live in the world that Kevin Dart has created for Yuki 7 - filled with non-stop jetsetting adventures through the 60’s where “everyone should be SUPER cute” in adorable bikinis and gorgeous clothes and armed to the teeth while relaxing and calculating devious schemes and brilliantly daring escapes in mid-century modern furniture if not laying on the beach. If these feel familiar, we did an amazing giveaway of the series of 4 Yuki 7 posters over the holidays. (I’m still jealous of Jory for winning!)

Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7 - This is the second book from Fleet Street Scandal ~ it is built around the fictitious world of Yuki 7 ~ and they brought together some incredible artist friends to help bring her story to life. From an awesome action packed trailer (you may have seen as .org # 22010 - but its also on the next page!) ~ to absolutely stunning interpretations of this silver screen siren. See a peek at the t-shirt and into the book on the next page!

Can someone please turn this into an animated series or movies? It’s as if they pulled out my favorite parts of the old Bond films that the new ones lack… just add some mind blowing gadgets in perhaps?

I totally flipped out seeing a quote from myself on the back cover! Definitely a NOTCOT first, and i’m so honored to be there! The doodle and signature/note inside the book also made my heart skip a beat… See the pics on the next page already!

About the book:
Fleet Street Scandal announces the release of their latest book: Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7. Artist Kevin Dart invites you to discover his favorite movies featuring swinging 60’s spy girl, Yuki 7. Seductive, intelligent, and charming, Yuki romps through film after film, vanquishing villains while looking fabulous. Since these madcap movies exist only in his imagination, Kevin has brought Yuki’s world to life through a collection of original artwork, stories, and an animated trailer.

For their second book, Fleet Street brought together an all-star cast of artist friends to tell Yuki’s story. 14 artists render Yuki and her world in their own styles and mediums, filmmaker Stephane Coedel assembled Kevin’s film stills into an action packed trailer, and author Ada Cole imagines what the world said about Yuki 7 during her heyday. In true behind-the-scenes style, the book showcases international movie posters, props, production stills, magazine snippets and interviews, making-of stories, and film synopses.

With evocative names like A Kiss from Tokyo, Danger is a Female, Roman Rendezvous and To Catch a Temptress, these films will soon be among your favorites, too.

The book has a first edition run of 2,000 copies. 100 will be available as a Collector’s Edition with a slipcase, mini prints, and more. 72 pages, oversized soft cover. Also available is a Yuki 7 t-shirt featuring the French movie poster for A Kiss From Tokyo.

The Trailer…

The Yuki 7 T-shirt


Look! They used a quote from me!!! (Yes, i’m kind of totally giddy over that)

And i can’t stop smiling from the adorable doodle he made (Thank you, Kevin!)

And now a peek into what you can find in the book… it’s really such a lovely and inspiring read, filled with such beautiful art, definitely one worth owning, and quite the inspirational pick me up on a gloomy grey LA day such as this!





Love the production journal aspect of the book ~ a peek behind how it all came together…

Even down to notes and doodles!

“Everyone should be SUPER cute” - also “Skewed & Actiony”

The evolution of a poster…

And a who’s who…

Pre-orders of Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7 available now… and the launch and art opening will be at Gallery Nucleus July 3rd!!!

My favorite bit of the book on how she came to be:
“Yuki 7 was born in the Spring of 2008, when I returned from working in London. Venturing abroad for a bit helped me to see outside myself, and really got me thinking in detail about what inspires me as an artist. I started a list of things i found inspiring, but i felt were missing from my more recent work. For example, I decided that i wanted to be more deliberate about creating a story within my paintings. Once i discovered the story and the character, the ideas began flowing in a way i had never experienced before. Yuki 7 unified all of the ideas and interested i had before into a single, focused project.”

ooooh and on teasers that leaked out in the Grain Edit InterviewBesides that, my friend Chris Turnham and I are planning out our next book which will be a volume of Jules Verne-inspired artwork called “Fantastic Voyages.” I can’t wait!

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Grey days in L.A are awesome, I am not a fan of the super bright, blinding, sunny, dry ones.

----- Ruben T. 14.06.09 12:31

i love the illustrations. their fun yet fashion forward and thats what i want to do!

----- nina 14.06.09 11:20

Oh my! Well because I’ve been folowing Kevin Dart’s art for some time I will definetely buy this book.

----- Michal Ocilka 14.06.09 05:52

I love the artwork. I does have a 60’s feel, but it also looks like modern day Asian anime cartoons.


----- Nikki 13.06.09 14:26

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