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Thinkspace @ CA|Boom- 06.26.09

thinkspace0.jpg I didn’t know what to expect when i heard CA|Boom had moved from barker hanger (which i love!) to that abandoned feeling Robinsons May space in Beverly Hills… and from March to the same dates as the Dwell on Design Show… but i had to check it out none the less. It takes a few minutes to cover - but the thing worth seeing is the art! A few great local galleries are showing some fun work… like Thinkspace!!!

That piece above is one of a series by Brett Amory in his “Waiting” Series ~ and it’s absolutely STUNNING. A must see in person. There’s just an incredible way it pulls you in ~ beautiful color palette ~ and then as you get closer you notice the details and emotional distance between the 3 tightly seated communters who float like an island in the space… Love the hoodied guy too… There’s something terribly fun about the shift to seeing more art works with the beautiful illustrations/characters woven into larger more complex and/or abstract pieces coming in… leave it to Thinkspace to lead the way. Take a look at a few of their other pieces showing at CA|Boom which also caught my eye on the next page!

LA kids - if you’re not on the Sour Harvest list, you should be. It’s far better than asking me what shows are happening each week!





These two pieces by Seth Armstrong made me giggle as i got closer ~ it looks like a cityscape from afar, until you notice the flying scooter and the trio of supervillains…

… and the fishnets in the window…

Always fun to see more of Cherri Wood’s works ~ love her faceless women mixed with text…


Craig “Skibs” Barker shows off how “Legs Make You Dream”…

And finally ~ the layered assemblage (Acrylic, ink, stitching on paper) of Rebecca Hahn is a must see up close!

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Beautiful selection of artwork! :) I love the top left piece in the second photo after the jump. Beautiful colors and such an ethereal drawing. And I am also a fan of the Cherri Wood pieces. Perfect use of negative space. ♥

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