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Ford & Ching + Marshmallows- 06.26.09

fordching1.jpg Perhaps the coolest random goodies yet… Ford & Ching (Previously FordBrady, but Brady has moved on and Ching has joined Ford) ~ while at Dwell on Design this morning, i got a branded marshmallow in a box ~ a very cool little wooden box cut to perfectly fit a single marshmallow. A marshmallow i couldn’t bear to eat until i had thoroughly photographed it to share with you! (As it was publishing, i devoured it. it was delicious.) While i hate to admit it, i was far too excited by the adorably cool boxes and chatting with both Ford & Ching that i don’t have the name of the awesome wood loving designer behind the boxed mallows, but i’ll be back there tonight and quite a bit this weekend, so i’ll come add that later… but first things first ~ check out the awesome branded mallow in a box on the next page!

UPDATE!!! The awesome woodiness is by Andrew Riiska ~ and his blog has some fun behind the scenes look at his gorgeous tables as well!






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Every marshmallow needs a carrying case. What an adorable idea!


----- Natalie 29.06.09 07:55

I love it! If I had a lot of those I would fill them with marbles and build things — destroying them afterwards would be even more fun.

----- Craig Ogg 26.06.09 15:45


----- Sub-Studio 26.06.09 14:56

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