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Whole Foods Produce Boxes- 06.25.09

wholefoods1.jpg I swear i won’t buy a full box of produce just to get one of these amazing Yeti’s Best boxes. BUT, i may not be below begging them to let me have one next time! Wandering whole foods i got terribly distracted and started taking quick pics with my point and shoot of the Yeti Produce!!! Only to realize that as i turned around it was a Whole Foods brand box… and there were other retro/designer boxes as well! Yeti is definitely the best, and Cosmic second best ~ but you must check out the rest on the next page!






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Thank you for NOTCOT & allowing my comment on the eye catching produce boxes. I have shopped at Whole Foods on several occasions but not until tonight did I notice the quirky, heavy duty “Yeti’s Best” boxes. In my astonishment I began to LOL & immediately realized I NEEDED 1 or perhaps 2 of those boxes!! I began to search frantically for anyone resembling a Whole Foods employee. Walking down an aisle, a girl asked me “if I needed any help?” I quickly made her aware that what I was after was -The Box.- Soon came along reinforcements to defeat my mission. “We can’t give those boxes away!” I told him I would settle for a picture, knowing that I had nothing to capture that image. The image that evoked childhood memories of being glued to the television during the annual presentation of “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer!” How scarey it was to see the Great Abominable Snow Man eventually turn into a big softy after having a dental procedure performed by non-other-than one of Santa’s Helpers!!!! So there you have it, my personal experience w/ the Yeti’s Best box at the Whole Foods store on Elliott in Seattle. ;-)

----- Dori Flores 20.06.10 00:42

The designer was Christy Norris Carroll. She rocks! Visit her at www.christycarroll.com

----- jgh 13.08.09 17:49

…and the talented david carroll is the illustrator behind the yeti: http://flyingdogdesign.com

----- christy carroll 13.08.09 13:13

i did these as an in-house designer for whole foods. so excited to find this post, and glad you like them!


----- christy carroll 13.08.09 12:45

I have to know, do people ever ask you why on Earth you’re snapping away at boxes in grocery stores (or other wacky places) and giggling madly? That last observation is purely conjecture, but I bet it happens!

----- The Slapster 26.06.09 17:32

Nice catch on these! I’ll have to check my local Whole Foods and see if I can find the mysterious yet adorable Yeti. Do you know who’s behind the illustration?


----- Natalie 26.06.09 06:31

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