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Woolly Pocket Gardening Company- 06.26.09

woolypocket1.jpg The one thing that i couldn’t get out of my head after leaving Dwell On Design - Woolly Pocket Gardening Company, and they adorably cool recycled plastic felty living walls/vertical gardens and planter pockets! It’s a brilliant concept that really softens up a space, and such a fun subtle texture to add both indoors and out. These pockets are ready for planting, come in a variety of sizes… and can be both lined on the interior base (so they wont leak onto your walls/etc) or unlined for outdoor use. “Woolly Pockets are flexible, breathable, and modular gardening containers. They`come in two styles: those designed to be placed on horizontal surfaces, and those designed to be hung on walls for vertical gardening. You can use Woolly Pockets both indoors and out; they have built-in moisture barriers to help protect furniture, and they’re equally at home outside in the elements”

Also - how adorable is that logo and tag??? Their website + blog have adorable photography as well ~ but for some first hand looks at them, check out more pics on the next page of the various setups and colors all over the Dwell show ~ not only at their booth, but also found at the VIP section and throughout the Outdoor section. I have so many ideas for movable gardens in my patio as well as covering some walls now! See the pics…

How perfect would the small table top ones be for fun succulent filled gifts???















Here’s a peek at how easy it is to put together - from their website

And here are two of my favorite example setups from their blog!


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Hi, thanks for posting about us! We thought these Woolly Pocket videos might interest you!



Woolly Yours,

aurora at woollypocket dot com

----- Aurora 14.07.10 15:03

Love the woolly pockets - great solution for urban dwellers inside or out. V. cool. Always on the hunt for vertical gardening options, here are some others to check out:

----- Rebecca 22.06.10 13:35

that is fabulous - what a great concept and I love echeverra all styled like sculpture like that.

----- carrie @ carrieconnects.com 26.06.09 15:24

have you been to the marvimon or smog shoppe? the couple who helped create these own those two venues. i got married at the marvimon and so many of my guests inquired about these. so fabulous. i need woollies on my walls at home!

----- tula@whorange 26.06.09 14:22

that is immensely impressive

----- sir jorge 26.06.09 14:18

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