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50 Parties - No Strangers. Ryan McGinness Style.- 07.05.09

50parties.jpg Ryan McGinness Studios is throwing 50 Parties. 50 Themes. 50 Weeks. In a row. In the studio. No sponsors. No strangers. My favorite part? NO STRANGERS! Unfortunately i’m pretty sure i’m a stranger. BUT those magical invite cards are “valid for card holder +1”. Do you have one? Can i be your +1 someday?

All in all its such a lovely concept, and so similar to salon/intellectuallly playful get togethers i’ve been tossing around with friends… yes, i know. McGinness DID IT. I have not. But someday i hope to organize, or find help to organize enough to do some too! Here’s how he explains it, “In New York City, there has never been a shortage of parties. Parties celebrating a new product or publication or development have been rampant. Those celebrating or nurturing a meaningful social exchange, on the other hand, have been noticeably absent.” So far Party 00 was the Practice Party, and coming up is the Whit Trash BBQ. Yes, you read that right. The 50 Parties project has its own blog, Twitter, and YouTube feed. Not that any of those should surprise you at all. See more pics of the goodness on the next page…

i’ve been a huge McGinness fan long before i started NOTCOT… so jealous to hear about friends who have been getting invites already!




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the front page actually says ‘whit trash party’ which too me is kinda more amusing…no?

----- karl 07.07.09 16:13

It’s been a so while to see Ryan McGinness.
I’ve loved his work for long time!

----- overdesign 06.07.09 01:25

Looks and sound sick!

----- RChan 05.07.09 20:52

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