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Anthony Burrill- 07.31.09

burrill1.jpg Woke up smitten by the work of Anthony Burrill this morning as i went through his posters on Concerte Hermit… and realized it all felt so familiar because of his Wallpaper Covers back in June 2008. See more on the next page!



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I find it ironic that a poster made using a method that allowed books to be reproduced quickly and cheaply is being sold for $50.

Maybe if he carved the letters himself, but still.

----- Jeremy P 08.08.09 22:08

It is okay to have everything you want?

That depends on what you want. You can’t have my kidney.

----- tudza 31.07.09 14:53

I love the “Work Hard & Be Nice To People” one! These remind me of Frank Chimero’s Inpirational Posters.

----- Mitzi Y. 31.07.09 12:10

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