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Standard Boardshorts by Quiksilver- 07.30.09

quicksilver1.jpg I’ve never lusted for board shorts before, well not men’s anyhow… but i must say these Standard Boardshorts by Quiksilver are tempting! Not to mention they are sold in VENDING MACHINES (which are really all the rage lately) ~ and come in an “odor resistant waterproof travel bag” ~ and much like the standard, the labels are upside down (and adorably retro styled too)… but perhaps most unique of all? Inside each waistband is a list of addresses… a quick tips city guide precisely curated by Natas Kaupas. With a limited edition of 250 of each product, and so much attention to detail, this premier collaboration between The Standard and Quiksilver is stunning.

Now as for the style itself, these are “based on the original retro design from Echo Beach era - New wave/post punk style first pioneered by pro surfer Danny Kwock.” There is also a “Standard Issue” Bikini for us ladies, but i’m curious to see how the shorts fit girls too… You can find them at The Standard Shop, as well as the poolside vending machines at the hotels. Also exciting? “Official launch event will be a pool party on the rooftop of The Standard Downtown LA on Aug 8th and from Aug 8-16, the hotel will have “ECHO BEACH RETROSPECTIVE, 1978-1982: Surf Culture Art Exhibition” show. Includes art, photography, paintings, film, vintage beachwear, and surfboards curated by Will Pennartz of The Surf Gallery. Art show admission is free.” ~ See you there! As for now, see lots of pics on the next page of all the gorgeous details!












pssst…. you can see all the city guides on the Standard page too…

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I want some of the 70’s style Boardshorts in Black with Red Pokadots. Please email me if there are any available…

----- Tommy Meinhart 11.08.11 12:43

I just got my miami ones and I am glad they are as long as they are. I am freakishly tall and they are almost too short for me. they are still awesome and i cant wait to hit the pool with them this weekend.

----- Matt 03.09.09 14:23

I wish they were the same length as the AA boardshorts. I love the look of the Miami ones, but the fit is much too long!

From the website:

“18” Length: Back in the ’70s, boardshorts came down to the mid-thigh. In the 90s, they dropped below the knee. As an homage to the golden era of boardshorts, but out of respect to the other guests at The Standard, we met you half way, in the middle and designed these in a reasonable, right-above-the-knee 18” length.”

----- Mike 30.07.09 19:45

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