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Blink 182 Reunion - Flying Travis- 07.21.09

travis0.jpg It’s kind of surreal how everything comes around ~ loved Blink 182 as a kid ~ and it turns out Mark Hoppus is a fan of NOTCOT ~ and when he invited me to their friends and family show tonight before they kick off the big reunion tour, i couldn’t say no! And it was awesome! 1) it was totally amazing to go to such an intimate show 2) i got to play with my big camera in a concert! 3) when they had travis AND his drum kit literally flying around over the stage at impossible angles while he played a hell of a drum solo… it was just stunning. So first things first, check out the pics of Travis’ flying solo, and a snippet of a video of it too on the next page. Totally mind blowing…

As you can see from the video ~ he literally got lifted off the stage ~ up… up… and up and then twisted at crazy angles… all i could think while it was happening was… wow anniversary of the moon landing. Also… i could FEEL it all coming up through the floor and pulsating through my body.












Just added - two more pics from my friend Arielle who came with me!


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travis is like the best person i have ever seen.i mean just look at him flying and playing the drums

----- subodh 25.08.09 03:47

Wow, Awesome pics! Great Band, Great Drummer, and Great Photography, really captured this excellently.

----- Sigmund 23.07.09 19:57

Without a doubt, Travis is one of the greatest drummers ever! Kudos to the photograher - they are spectacular! And a sly high five to all the techies involved in rigging that contraption up! Great effort!
Sam - (Australia!)

----- Sam Edwards 21.07.09 21:21

Awwwwww, guys - it always confuses me when people criticize what i put on my personal blog. Just seems strange? And perhaps if i get to photograph tommy lee doing it with that lighting and a fun camera that’d make it up here too!

----- jean/NOTCOT 21.07.09 19:31

Tommy Lee has been doing these kind of stunts for decades, before anyone. Jean you usually post great entries here. I don’t understnad how this fits into the NOTCOT world. JMHO

----- Ruben T. 21.07.09 19:07

*tear* I’m so glad they are back together… Blink was my very first concert back in the day!

----- Macy 21.07.09 11:01

not a fan of them, but the drummer for slipknot has been doing that for years at their shows. blink completely ripped off their act.

----- A Dub 21.07.09 08:30

How nuts! I never thought I’d see Blink 182 doing that.

Great photos. You really captured the moment!


----- Natalie 21.07.09 07:40

awesome band but its not like Travis is doing anything new here… Tommy Lee is still the king of drum acrobatics.

----- JC 21.07.09 06:26

Wow… Awesome pictures! Blink is my absolute favorite band, and Travis is one of the drummers around. All I can say is I wish I could be there. Well, there is always the Irvine show in September…I guess I’ll have to wait! Thanks for the pics!

----- Kristiano 21.07.09 06:12

That looks so wicked. :D

----- A.Marie 21.07.09 05:31

great coverage as always jean!!! so sad i couldnt be there in person! but look at those photos!!! sooo amazingly awesome!

cant wait to see what other gems you have to share!

you rock my socks!!!!

----- qwux 21.07.09 04:57

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