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SurfMonk Beach Blankets- 07.19.09

surfmonk0.jpg SurfMonk ~ i wrote about these comfy cozy looking surf coverups and blankets over a year ago, but only just caught up and checked them out in person. As you can see, i couldn’t resist, and brought some home! These are the types of things you definitely need to check out in person, or at least have someone you trust check it out ~ but they feel AMAZING. My car is always ready for the beach, and this just made the cut, it is such an incredible (super secret special blend) bamboo/cotton terry used, that once you feel it, you will want the whole line. SurfMonk opened up a showroom/store in Malibu this May, so in yesterdays gorgeous socal beach weather i cruised up PCH to check it out, and lucked out ~ and designer/owner, Claudia Taylor, was in! It’s so nice to meet people who are incredibly passionate about their lives and business ~ and it’s clear that she cares about every aspect of SurfMonk ~ from the great tagline sewn into every hood “We are all islands, oceans connect us.” to the luscious custom materials locally made here in LA to the simplicity and comfort of the pieces. The classic pieces are large monk like robes large enough for surfers to both change underneath and curl up in. (Really, slanket lovers would just adore these)…

my favorites though ~ are the blankets! It’s so hard to find the perfect beach blanket, and this is my new fave. Also the strap she has designed for them are incredibly simple, versatile and functional ~ nothing a little tension can’t take care of? With cozy terry shoulder pads, cotton/hemp straps, and brass clips ~ loop it around just about anything, clip it together, and you’re good to go! Also the wrap skirts! And the kids robes are adorable! Take a peek at details of the newly opened store and details on the next page!

i always hated that phrase “No man is an island” - much prefer “We are all islands, oceans connect us.”

Right on PCH across from Dukes, you’ll find the adorable SurfMonk showroom/store…

… inside you can see all the colors and offerings!

.. including a few other eco-friendly goodies from other local Malibu designers! Also check out that incredible cotton robe ~ the Four Season’s spas even picked them up, and they are SO cozy in their large kimono/monk robed style.

The robes for babies and kids are too cute…


Whether inside the hood or inside the skirts and blankets, you’ll find their motto…



Nice detail that the blankets are ready to be tied to the backs of lounge chairs… and your phone/etc can hide in the pocket…

Just laying it out on my lounge chair - it’s nice and long (even for your tall guys laying on the beach!)

You can see how simple the strap design is! And so nice on your shoulder with the cozy bamboo/cotton.

I also picked up one of the natural/hemp straps… these are so comfortable, eco friendly, and incredibly versatile, here you can see it on a yoga mat…

I also couldn’t resist the little wrap skirt/cover-up…

And as for more fun details… notice that everything is made locally in LA + designed in Malibu!

SurfMonk is a way of life. SurfMonk is a person who practicies a natural lifestyle. Choosing to condition the body and mind through the appreciation of nature, water, and spirit. We are all islands, oceans connects us.”

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hi Luv-

Just thought we’d let you know that our beach blankets that you featured last year are this years best selling item-we’re private labeling them for ShUtters Hotel in Santa Monica, and the Eden Roc in Miami, and offering monogramming for the holidays special orders.
You’ve got a wonder eye, and I love how witty and wonderful your blog is…
and you are such a globe trotter! Impressive!

Happy Holidays and beyond,


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