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HTC Hero Hands On!- 07.17.09

htchero0.jpg It’s a bold move naming something/someone HERO. That’s a big label to live up to! And i must say, the HTC Hero is living up to it so far… i’m kind of loving how it feels in my hand, and how beautifully they’ve skinned Android into HTC Sense! This was going to be an unboxing post, but it came in a white box, no real paperwork to walk me through (and it didn’t really need any!)… it is totally the white label version of a mobile? (Yes, i’m completely giddy that this showed up today!)… so unboxing aside, and without getting too far into the UI side of it… this is a beautiful object to handle! And the details are just awesome! So see lots of close ups on the next page…

So, Justine checked out the launch of the HTC Hero and HTC Sense in London a few weeks back, and i’ve been curiously lusting since… And for those paying close attention to the differences between the original design Mike and Maaike made for the G1 and the actual G1… you’ll notice the Hero is actually a little closer. So far i’m already loving the 5mgp camera, the BUTTONS, and the awesome integration of twitter/facebook/flickr… the HTC Hero just feels amazing in my hand! Only curiosity not put to rest… what’s that magical white dupont coating like? They sent over this rubbery soft touch metallic pewter like color. (UPDATE: sources tell me “FYI the white non-stick coating feels exactly the same as the brown. the additive is simply there to keep the white, white. no need for it on the brown one.”) I can already tell, the HTC Hero is going to be a hard one to send back at the end of testing! Anyhow, take a peek at pics on the next page!

for physical comparisons, you can also see it stacked with the G1 and iPhone 3GS. As for what i’m currently using these days… Primary is BB 8900 Secondary is iPhone 3GS… but the iPhone sim just went into the Hero for play time…
















FYI - from the press release “The HTC Hero will be available to people across Europe in July and in Asia later in the summer. A distinct North American version will be available later in 2009.”

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Hi, just wondering for reference.. is this classed as the “black” model or the “brown” model, officially? I was thinking the brown looked ugly in the press shots - but this looks like it may be the brown colour and in real-world light it actually doesn’t look that bad!

If you can answer I’d very much appreciate it! :)

----- James 22.07.09 22:02

awesome stuff!! I want one!

----- Ruben T. 21.07.09 19:14

That is sleek!


----- Natalie 21.07.09 07:38

Hi,is this the HTC Hero in Graphite?

----- Sam 21.07.09 05:59

So delicious - is it not coming to the US, though?

----- Yuka 19.07.09 10:45

Is there ANY reason why I shouldn’t get this phone??! Any significant cons??

PS: It really seriously sucks that it wasn’t/isn’t launched everywhere!

----- Fakhra 19.07.09 04:44

Awesome! Now I’ll look forward for that NOTCOT Android app, mmm (mouth watering). A custom ORG interface streamlined for your mobile? whoa! I would buy the phone in just for that !! priceless!! Maybe even a special edition NOTCOT HTC Hero exterior skin? My boring airport antidote.

It feels(looks) augmented reality ready.

----- Tsedude 18.07.09 16:53

i really like the look of this one.. been shying away from the other htc cos i dont really like them, but this looks tastey to me!
will be interesting to see the price point wen its released!!!
thanks for the insight!

----- qwux 17.07.09 19:31

Wow! That phone is awesome! Now I want it!! : )

----- Cameron 17.07.09 17:49

The HTC looks fantastic when I saw the preview for it my jaw literally dropped from amazement.

----- Khoa Phan 17.07.09 16:54

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