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Nissan Cube Mailer- 07.29.09

cube1.jpg I can’t even remember the last time a piece of mail made me literally JUMP (and yes, maybe shriek slightly…) - and please do NOT take this as a challenge! But i was however intrigued enough to share this super simple design with you ~ complete with video so you can experience it too. Nissan Cube - well done. You got me. As much as i hate cubist cars, this is just too fun a use of paper and rubberbands not to share… so check out video and pics on the next page!

(that little shriek was NOT planned. This thing just keeps making me jump!)




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this is great. really fun idea.

----- Luke Howard 06.08.09 09:38

So glad this car made it to the US. I love this car.

----- Jason 02.08.09 15:30

My previous comment may have inadvertently insulted the very talented designer of this piece. I want to make it clear that when I said I wasn’t ‘real’ impressed, I certainly did think it was a very clever, cute and an appropriate execution. That said, both your shriek and the piece are adorable!

----- laura sweet 31.07.09 14:35

I’m not real impressed with the direct mail piece, but I had to tell you that your ‘shriek’ was the cutest!

----- laura sweet 30.07.09 20:27

This is not the first mailer for Nissan Cube. They are the first who did augmented reality mailer, way before the GE . Check it out here:

----- Alex Chu 30.07.09 20:07

I love this. So much! Each time I watch it, I’m still surprised even though I know exactly when it’s coming hahaha.

----- Josh (In Wonderland) 29.07.09 22:14

5D MK II as always! (well usually, anyhow)

----- jean/NOTCOT 29.07.09 20:48

Hi, my comment here actually has nothing to do with the mailer but i was just wondering what camera did you use to take that video?

----- Hazrul 29.07.09 19:44

Genius! I have never seen advertistment like this before. Where can I get one of these for me to play a joke on someone?

----- Ruben .T 29.07.09 17:48

Cute mailer. Ugly car. I wonder if they could have made a pop-up model of the actual thing. That’d be even cuter …if, at the same time, uglier.

----- Demetrius 29.07.09 16:59

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