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SDCC 09 - Andrew Bell’s O-No Sushi- 07.22.09

ono0.jpg While the sdcc preview night doors open in just a few minutes ~ i couldn’t resist taking in the view and doing a little photoshoot on the hotel coffee table to show you Andrew Bell’s amazing O-No Food Company Sushi toys that just launched with limited edition Blue 150 colorway (only 150 pieces) for sdcc… Luckily the Dumbrella crew snuck me in early, and gave me a chance to see what pre-comicon is really like (constant forklift dodging!)… BUT back to the matter at hand, while i got excited about these Sushi guys when they were NOTCOT.org #22670 ~ they are even better in person! And their stumpy little arms rotate… their eyes swap… and he’s strategically placed his name on them too. Anyhow, see the pics of them on the next page… i even tried to put SOME of their tentacles back on…










Here’s an SDCC peek at other upcoming colors (the red will be available in a few weeks… the green and DIY are unknown…)

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love the packaging, so appropriate! i love it!
“do not eat this” hahaha..

----- qwux 23.07.09 03:51

I have been seeing this all over the net. Saw it first on Vinyl Pulse a while ago. This is really neat though. I like the fun and playful message behind their design, And the packaging works well. It looks like something I would have thought of if I’d would have done a vinyl toy.

Playfulness+packaging, I give it an A+.

----- Ruben T. 22.07.09 21:45

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