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SDCC 09: Syfy’s Cafe Diem- 07.22.09

diem00.jpg So i’m in San Diego ~ wandering the gaslamp district, and for the first time i’m actually STAYING in the gaslamp (i’ve lived in sd for years in so many different places, but never really stayed downtown much)… and as soon as i was cruising towards the convention center white picket fences caught my eye ~ then i saw the big Cafe Diem sign! (Yes! the fictitious Eureka cafe) And cardboard cutouts of the Eureka cast! And huge Syfy logos…. and had to swing back over. (Unfortunately the Cafe Diem main sign had JUST fallen over when i got back with a camera, so perhaps an update with that later!)

So as far as marketing/sponsorship opportunities go ~ i’m impressed! Last year there was a Eureka ice cream truck ~ and this year they really stepped up the food serving idea and took over a cafe across from the convention center. The branding is impeccable as expected… from the picket fence, to the signage, to the purple gumballs, to the backs of all the counter seats, coasters, and more… and brilliant idea as far as fun places to have Syfy meetings? Or meet for drinks? or have parties? And talk about a captive audience, it’s still a fully functioning cafe… Love the versatility of branding a full service space. Take a peek at more pics on the next page!

What’s next? Will we get to explore a life sized S.A.R.A.H?










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4 Notes

I was there; a certain bartender likes to overcharge for beer.

----- Bill 06.08.09 21:42

I was in there! Our waitress Julie was very nice and prompt on refills. She got a pretty nice tip =]

----- Khoa Phan 23.07.09 14:21

so… the new Siffy paradigm is that slapping a new name on something makes it new?

----- Smitty 23.07.09 13:35

you are right they truly did invade the place by the looks of it. Thanks for the visual tour. I would love to check this out in person.

----- Ruben. T 22.07.09 21:40

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