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Artecnica + TBWA Recycled Stretch Bag- 08.12.09

stretchbag1.jpg I always look forward to goodies from Artecnica ~ so much good stuff ~ and good for the world too! As part of their Design w/ Conscience initiative ~ TBWA (yes the advertising agency massive) approached them to help recycle their billboards… their solution? these adorably inspired Stretch Bags! I have written about a LOT of recycled bags over the years ~ everything from truck tarps to windbreakers to fire hoses to gymnastics horses… but it’s been a while since one has been innovative enough to grab my attention like this one!

The Artecnica TBWA Recycled Billboard Stretch Bag is debuting this month and is part of the newest 2009 collection - “A single cut, without glue or a stitch, 100% billboard bag lies flat and weightless but transforms into a shoulder Stretch bag, that can carry up to 33lbs. Perfect for the beach, the gym or market.” See more pics on the next page!



here’s a look at the stretch bag in leather… also fun! But not nearly as fun as the recycled billboards! I’m curious to see what its like in various color combinations…

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These are actually really great for carrying large grocery items as well as for toting wet beach or gym clothes home. We carry a lot of string bags at Reuseit.com and this is by far the most unique one we have.

----- Natalie 09.03.10 09:16

this is insanely beautiful!

----- ebru 09.09.09 23:18

My best friend has a rope version of this kind of bag — it’s from the seventies and works exactly as advertised above. They’re perfect for groceries and for strapping on the back of a bike rack.

But eh, not so original…

----- Amy 01.09.09 14:27

This bag if effin tight!! hehe! I so want one!!!!

----- Lindsay Hovis 16.08.09 00:57

I have a hard time believing that stuff won’t fall out from between the strips, or that it won’t pull apart under heavy loads. Unless billboard fabric is an even more indestructible form of tyvek?

----- Gene 13.08.09 17:52


Do you ever appear “in person” to present your opinion of trends, etc?


----- john tingley 13.08.09 14:56

HEY! that’s like some mexican popular art made for parties, but in a different scale! i like this twist though!

----- daniel 12.08.09 21:14

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