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Neurogasms + other Neuro Drinks- 08.12.09

neurogasm1.jpg Packaging based impulse shopping strikes again… This time i gave in and bought the Neurogasm, Neurobliss, Neurosonic, and Neurotrim. This strangely curvy soda bottle has an awesome cap, yet for some reason it kind of feels like it should be a bottle of body wash? Not sure about the flavors yet, but noteworthy packaging… see more details on the next page!








Apparently Neurogasm used to be for sexual performance… now the bottle just says body performance… not sure i like the branding packaging of the website and other packaging, but still finding this bottle shape interesting…

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I tried the Bliss and Sleep cause I’m a terrible insomniac. The Sleep left me groggy the next day but the Bliss is awesome and I love the taste. Getting a little worried now though, my last bottle I was literally licking my lips while drinking it with my eyes closed and I can not stop buying it. I mean seriously … is this stuff legal? :D

----- Claire J 02.02.12 22:34

I love neuro bliss. it’s exotic. maybe kinda like pina colada? neuro trim is mango the rest not sure. I love it! I think it works on me too :)

----- Ana 03.05.10 19:55

Neuro Bliss, not bad. Advice is, drink on an empty stomach. Amino acids have an easier time getting into systemic circulation on an empty stomach. The L-Phenylalanine is a precursor to good old Dopamine, and the 5-HTP is a precursor to Serotonin. Great for pre-loading if your gonna roll :)

----- Taylor 27.04.10 09:50

Neurogasm, for “better performace”.

----- Altromphyno Balbunistas 27.08.09 12:11

I don’t know whether to drink them or pour them all over myself! Cool packaging but they really do remind me of some sort of body wash product…

----- Louise 26.08.09 06:54

I am addicted to Neuro Bliss. It tastes really good, and dare i say, may actually enhance my productivity.

----- Carl 25.08.09 10:22

Have you been able to figure out what the flavors are? I can hazard a guess based on the colors, but the lack of flavor names on the bottles or the website is really frustrating! I’m not going to drop $3 a bottle on a drink when it might be some flavor I hate. Ugh.

----- Kristina 21.08.09 14:58

Similar water bottle design seen in Hong Kong for ages!

----- SCHWALBE 13.08.09 09:28

A US company copying a Chinese one….that’s funny!

----- Nutella 13.08.09 02:01

The original bottle design, incl. cap is designed by Chinese mineral water company for own TM in 2002-2004

----- Vasili Andreyev 12.08.09 22:25

It does look like bodywash! But I love the colors..

----- roxy 12.08.09 21:35

I’ve seen caps like this before, on Watson’s Water last time I was in China. They seem to favour it for the fact that it covers the whole area where the mouth goes making it slightly more sanitary then the norm.

----- Jo 12.08.09 20:56

eh.. Watson’s bottled water has the exact same packaging in Singapore & HongKong. just that its in green.

----- glynis 12.08.09 18:10

I love this. Where can these be purrrrrrrrrrr cccchased?

----- Pat Coble 12.08.09 17:45

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