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Dominic Jones Jewellery- 08.02.09

dominic1.jpg Rose thorns… i never realized how much they can resemble fangs/sharks teeth… until staring at this gorgeous jewelry collection by Dominic Jones - Who is he? Well the NYT’s The Moment sums it up nicely - “Dominic Jones, the 24-year-old London jewelry designer and club kid about town, is a daily must-see with his bright shock of hair, which on any given hour is blue, purple or red. He’s also getting attention for his high fashion Goth jewelry line, which is backed by his friend Alice Dellal, the model and “It” girl.” Take a peek at my favorites on the next page…






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is the fang/thorn necklace avalible in the market place somewhere… how may i purchase one…

----- henry 02.11.09 10:17

I am obsessed with these pieces too! I know of a new boutique in Chicago called Sarca that has picked up the line for anyone that was interested. I am happy to provide contact info….

----- SarcaLove 17.08.09 21:36

Where can I get this, my 21st is coming up and I must have one of those rings?! Please help!x

----- Marie 09.08.09 04:00

This is really wonderful ad. But i dont like the black one. While giving advertisement for jewellery , it can be made simple.

----- jewellery 08.08.09 19:37

I absolutely love the gold fang necklace. Where can I get it?????

----- futurista 04.08.09 17:54

I can dig this.

----- Ruben.T 03.08.09 00:56

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