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Prometheus Springs: Capsaicin Spiced Elixir- 08.02.09

prometheus1.jpg Prometheus Springs: Capsaicin Spiced Elixir. Firstly, what a mouthful. Secondly, check out their flavors - Lemon Ginger, Lychee Wasabi, and Pomegranate Black Pepper (intriguing aren’t they?) Thirdly, awesome upside down pentagon of 5 stars around a crowned dragon ouroboros encircling what looks like a simplified masonic symbol for a logo (should we read into this? or is it simply a symbolic mashup?)… also beautiful photography and they even have a video of the bottling process! I’m impressed… also amused that most of their websites sections are wordpress - and they are all social media’d out with the facebook, twitter, flickr, vimeo… this occultish NY based drink line has captured my attention tonight… Take a look at more of the visual assets as well as the bottling video on the next page!






Of course they have even more zazzle swag than drink offerings…


UPDATE! So i don’t lose the info ~ here’s what founder Rahul Panchal had to say about hte logo: “We are always happy when we are catalyzing some thoughts out there. All the design and branding was done in house between myself and partners. As far as the motivation for our symbology goes.. well, the ultimate goal is to inspire. We did that by approaching our brand with an understanding of archetypes. Starting with the titan Prometheus for example, a beneficent hero who used his intelligence and intrepid will to provide man with the gift of fire and knowledge at any cost. Now, on to the misunderstood archetype of the pentagram, a sacred symbol that reminds us of the divine spark of that lives deep in every man and woman. With the risk of oversimplifying this archetype, think of the 5 points of a star equating to the arms, legs and head of a human and it might make more sense. As for the Ouroboros, Carl Jung believed it to be an archetype which represents self-actualization and we hope the distinct burn of our drink really wakes some people up. Lastly, the two symbols in the middle represent the alchemical union of water joining fire which simply alludes to our very refreshing and very spicy elixir. I hope this clears up some of your questions but not all. We’d much prefer pointing people in the right direction and letting them connect the rest of the dots themselves.”

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I’ve seen something similar to this logo before. Anyway, this logo doesn’t really cut it for a drink.

----- Mangerati 02.09.09 00:16

David Gensler put us on to this stuff I can’t wait to try it!

----- Phil from REASON™ 17.08.09 10:50

Huge grain of salt alert: Symbols can mean virtually anything, and this is just my interpretation thereof.

Looks to be a play on an old alchemical print that did have an ourobouros w/crown (symbolizing through self sacrifice comes greatness/part of the recipe for the philosopher’s stone), an actual square and compass representing a myriad of concepts (but primarily promoting “as above, so below”, or believing in and visualizing something will happen in the microcosm [mind], it will occur in the macrocosm [known space and reality]), and the five stars are unrelated, but could have the meaning of channeling spiritual energy to earthly (read: base), not divine purposes.

----- Todd M. 10.08.09 12:24


----- alex 08.08.09 22:17

I’ve had this drink too (was lucky enough to be given a drink of one of the first test runs from the factory, and I have to say that it truly is an amazing drink. The sweet flavors are so intricately balanced with the hot spice that gives the drink it’s “fire and water” appeal. Rock on guys! Keep it up!

----- John Engler 07.08.09 07:14

This stuff is amazing. The day after I tried it, I was dying for more. Either capsaicin is addictive, or it’s just really, really good.

----- John 04.08.09 14:46

Everything about this campaign is awesome! I am pretty excited to try the drink with all of those combination’s. Everyone needs to know about this delicious looking beverage!

----- Jake Pirate 04.08.09 13:49

“Control the spice, control the universe”


“He who controls the wealth controls … can control whole continents”
“He who controls the seed - controls the world “

It’s been said by many others, and before the Dune book.

Clever marketing going on here.

----- primerpr 04.08.09 13:37


It’s dope, not hype (7L & Esoteric reference, for the non-hip-hop heads).

This is the most exciting liquid I’ve had in my mouth in years. And for my girlfriend, it’s the 2nd most after me. :D

Rock on!

----- Misha 04.08.09 13:23

If you drink this, you will see the Reptoid overlords for who they really are. Kinda works like the sunglasses from “They Live” but tastier. Or so I heard.

----- zenomott 04.08.09 12:53

this stuff looks interesting.. ready to try some of the wackier flavors when it becomes available in my area

----- Drrty 04.08.09 12:53


----- Edward 04.08.09 08:58

I have tried the Pomegranate and Black Pepper, and it is magical!

Baron Harkonnen: The spice must flow.

----- Isaac Trujillo 03.08.09 15:12

Just to add, I was merely posing a question for thought on the subject. I certainly do not hate the product. Obviously product branding concept can walk a line or gray area. I just think sometimes it is possible, just maybe, to co-opt something and reuse it in a sense that is a tad antithetical to its original purpose (Alchemy for branding). I also am an avid reader on the subjects of alchemy, especially Jung’s writings. The transmutation of the soul, the perfected being, is a sacred spiritual endeavor or at least was for many. Being such, that is where the question I posed comes in. In addition, if alchemical symbols bear any such importance, by reusing them in a different manner the symbol can become cluttered with the new meaning perpetuating an altered meme. This is what happened when the Nazi’s repurposed the ancient swastika; unfortunately (for good reason) the new meaning prevails here in the West.

I would hope that, in light of my comments, one could bear those points in mind without strict disregard or belittlement. Whether you like it or not, now you are thinking about it.

Now to take the another stance for sake of slapping my own wrist! Maybe these concepts of Alchemy will reintroduce to some because of this new product. Kind of a weird twist, but maybe a pertinent one…

Don’t worry, me panties not be twisted matey :)

----- Ryan 03.08.09 14:28

I have tried the drink. They sponsored an event at the Operations store in SoHo a few weeks ago. It is like an amazing spicy lemonade. The drink actually makes you happy. I didn’t believe it at first but I have to admit, it really did. Even if you want to say it was the placebo effect, it is still a great flavor that I have never experienced before. Also - the guys actually know all about the symbolism they incorporate into their logo. I was really impressed with how dedicated they are to their product.

----- Cali Somers 03.08.09 14:04

I see two V’s. You can read anything into anything. If it had not been pointed out a pentagram would have not sprung too mind…

----- Cakehead 03.08.09 12:58

Hilarious… launched in the land of the christian? (USA)…of course something that looks “slightly” occult is going to get plenty of yanks knickers in a twist. (that’s panties in a bunch, I guess!).

I looks good - and is doing the job - free advertising - well done.

now, I am off to sacrafice a virgin and eat a leech.

----- Phil Thompson 03.08.09 12:35

I’m in love… The branding is conceptually sound yet cleverly provides an esoteric cult-like appeal.

I’m also beyond humored that some “critics” actually consider masonic symbolism sacred and anti-capitalistic. Cute.

----- Caleb Gauge 03.08.09 12:04

Ryan that seems like an awfully quick dismissal on your part. If hasty generalizations are common place these days then I believe you answered your question about nothing being sacred anymore. I’d say dig deeper into this one ;)

----- Hermes 03.08.09 11:32

Hmmm… Seems like a weird combo of cut-n-paste ancient symbols for the sake os selling products. The Freemasonic apron, the Uroboros, skateboards and pins. The understanding of these ancient mystery schools and practices certainly does not fuse readily with an energy drink. I cringe at the notion of the exploitation of the occult for capitalistic endeavors. Kind of misuses the purpose of the mystery in a very naive sense.

Next up: Tibetan Llama juice: squeezed from the sweat of a Himalayan monk

Is nothing too sacred anymore?

----- Ryan 03.08.09 11:06

The symbols in the middle are the alchemical symbols for fire and water :)

----- Hermes 03.08.09 11:01

“Control the spice …” is from Dune? Yeah, the logo is pretty wicked.

----- Jeff Archer 03.08.09 09:31

“Control the spice, control the universe”

Cool, this from Frank Herbert’s novel Dune:

He who controls the spice, controls the universe.

----- Jorgen 03.08.09 01:37

interesting, I like the fact that they are trying something different to attract attention to their product. I also like the first photograph. But overall I don’t really know what to think of this, I don’t have a final verdict yet.

----- Ruben.T 03.08.09 00:45

Wow, nice pics and page…really makes me thirsty. Styling for the photos goes so well with product packaging and label design. Mmmm.

----- AGolden1 03.08.09 00:31

as a dorky fan of cult-ish symbolism, i’m going to look into that. i don’t recognize that immediately as the masonic symbol, exactly. yeah, it looks like the square part of it, but sans-compass, it takes a lot away from it.

it might just be a mash-up. at any rate, i like it. i’m going to see if i can find any of these locally.

----- angryblue 03.08.09 00:04

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