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PACT Undies Unpacked- 08.24.09

pactpak0.jpg Previously i showed you PACT Yves Behar designed undies for a cause… and the packaging was the biggest mystery, with the packaging/labels that biodegrade in 45 days, and the little pouches that each underwear comes in… well it arrived! So take a peek… honestly i dont know that it *looked* the price it cost the way it arrived… BUT they feel amazing, and look great on. The little pouches look a lot like a Baggu pouch (only made of matching print cloth).

Take a peek at the close ups of the packaging and product on the next page!



The labels came off far too easily! and took the green with it!


Cute simple tear off cardboard tags…



There’s a card for each non-profit with the print on one side and info about the non-profit on the other…


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3 Notes

um, why are there no shots of skinny girls wearing these? not being piggish here, just need to know if they’re up to my lady’s standards.

----- joel 25.08.09 11:36

Wish they made guy briefs. It’s tough to find colorful undies in a brief/bikini cut for guys.

----- Mike 24.08.09 14:30

seems like a lot of unnecessary packaging for a green product

----- anon 24.08.09 12:47

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