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Help Rocket World Contest- 08.23.09

rocketworldcontest.jpg So when my friends over at Rocket World reached out asking for some design help they thought it would be nice to ask you all for some help as well! The Creature Hoodies have been such a hit ~ and they are adorably cozy (fleece as fine as you’ll find from folks like Patagonia ~ but less branding and even cooler little details you never even dreamed of, but can’t live without once trying it!)… You can see lots of pics of the latest one (with removable ears - and swappable horns - with no face) from the giveaway post from the holidays… and for a chance to win one of the 2010 Creature Hoodies (that you will help decide the fate of) plus a Rocket World Gift Bag ~ and two runners up will also get gift bags! Anyhow, if you’re feeling nice, please check out the possibilities for the 2010 Creature Hoodie on the next page and more details on how to share your opinion!

not to bias you, but i’m all about 3b or 4a… can’t decide between the black or grey yet…





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Nice website! I enjoy several of the articles that have been written, and particularly the comments posted! I am going to definately be returning!

----- moncler new york 08.12.10 00:31

#1 Titus Brown. eASY, soft ,teddy bear look

----- Andras Ungvari 16.01.10 17:32

I would pick 3a. I honestly love all of them though and I know any of them would be great.

----- CherylA 04.12.09 12:10

I think go with the brown or grey bear with the face. Got to have the face!

----- Vic Hung 25.11.09 14:42

I vote for 4a…. love it.

----- Christopher 29.09.09 11:21

i love the grey bear! Number 3a, with face and ears and horny :D

aaww, last year i didnt get one in my size, i really hope,next year it works out. =)

greetings from Germany

----- Sarah 28.09.09 07:48

3b Please! love it!

----- Tori W 28.09.09 06:50

3A…do 3A!

----- Steve M. 26.09.09 16:23

#1 is king. really bitchin’ design and c’mon its brown…what won’t go with brown…and ears…and claws? Nothing!! Classic ! This is the one. Thats why its #1. because it is.

----- Joshua Davis 25.09.09 14:04

i LOVE the black bear hoodie with the face and removable ears/horns. it is soooo cute! who wouldnt want to unleash their inner fury by being a bear!

----- raine 22.09.09 19:34

I LOVE number 4. I would wear that all over town and back!

----- LindsayE 17.09.09 16:48

my choice would be 3C…evil grey bear muhahaah!!

----- evil 16.09.09 16:19

#4. Can be worn anywhere. Matches anything.

----- Schlepp 15.09.09 08:30

I have an ‘09 Shagmaster Creature hoodie. I wanted to get the women’s version for my wife, but they seemed to sell out of medium and up almost immediately.

The only think I dislike about the Shagmaster is the lack of bear features that the previous versions had, the face and claws.

With that said, I would vote for 3c because I love the dark gray color. I like the interchangeable ears/horns, but would prefer this one without them, just the bear ears.

Wish me luck!

----- Jesse Foust 11.09.09 17:07

I like 2a because without the face it looks kinda funky and people might look at you like a weirdo if you were just walking around with horns

----- James 10.09.09 06:52

1. brown w/face

----- Brian 08.09.09 16:27

bat hoodie. mouse hoodie. raccoon hoodie would be sick. i’d definitely wear that. wolf hoodie for sure. i have ideas.

----- Melody Fatehi 08.09.09 07:10

I like the black bear with removable head. The perfect outfit to combat grey winters and pushings in the tube. The perfect outfist as well to hide in the forest with a nice book and avoid freezing. The perfect outfit to forget I’m 31!

----- Pink Pony 08.09.09 03:53

Loving 3A. I would buy one right now if I had the chance. It provides not only variety, but also the colour is able to cater into different styles for a wide target market. The whole unique look is totally buying me. PLUS, anyone who doesn’t like the bear face must be weird. Really awesome shiet here. Great work! Good luck in the future. You guys will go far in the fashion industry.

----- Min 07.09.09 03:18

3B ftw

----- Nic Uyeji 07.09.09 01:18

I’m going to go with 2a

----- Hilda 04.09.09 14:53

I love Titus, so 1a is my choice!!!

----- Heather C 04.09.09 13:17

I love 1a - the brown color just gives it more of a Bear look.

----- Gorgy Garcia 04.09.09 11:23

nr 4…

----- illusion 04.09.09 10:46

I like 3b! Let’s do it!

----- Benjamin 04.09.09 10:24

i love 3b! i hope this comes out soon…i tried to buy the green one but they were out of my size :(

----- stephanie uttech 04.09.09 10:24

I’m feelin’ 1A! I need one so when I say don’t poke the bear I can mean it..:P

----- Boogey 04.09.09 06:49

I like #2

ooh they are soo cute ! I *love* the white one in the pictures

they look so sweet but oh my those claws ..

----- Christine 04.09.09 03:21

oh man! Am I ever putting in for the 4a. Those little claws are so stimulating. Just think of all the mischief we could get into =D

----- AJ 03.09.09 08:16

2b looks crazy

----- Andras Ungvari 02.09.09 06:02

I love 2a!!! But I like all of them… they are sooo cute.

----- Meliuli 31.08.09 14:44

i like the number 4 it looks great and i like black and you wuld sell this hoddie to alot of gothic kids

----- charles harris 30.08.09 14:44


----- Polly Thomas 30.08.09 10:39

*eager eyes* this is too awesome! 3b please!!

----- marize engelbrecht 29.08.09 15:45

definitely number 2… been dying to get one but ran out when they came out… definitely love the creature hoody wit the bear face

----- ricky tsao 29.08.09 14:36

the black bear is cuuutttteeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
i want all creature hoodies!!!

----- Ali Hamzah JN 28.08.09 02:03

i think he needs a snaggle tooth, no matter teh color

----- goo 27.08.09 12:46

2A The black was always my favorite, plus I really like the removable ears… Sometimes theres just a need to be a demon with horns.

----- Andy 27.08.09 08:44

4a. it’s perfect.

----- asha 26.08.09 15:59

The black is very cool, and will go with most things (indeed everything, in the end) but repetition is the death of art, right? 3b has got to be leading the pack. Let’s hope el suco abaits and the counters-of-beans have a heart and go for 3a as well…

----- Shawbags 26.08.09 15:37

It’s all about 4a. It’s all about the ‘be-your-own-bear’ opposed to having the face & you can’t go wrong with black— chic, sleek & super-badass.

----- Mariko M 26.08.09 07:41

Interesting design, reminds me of the the creature from the M. Night Shyamalan film ‘The Village’, only slightly easier to get on and a lot more fluffy.

----- Glenn Kavanagh 26.08.09 04:42

I’d have to go with #3. I can dig the ears and horns, and I love the gray color… I could pass on the bear face, but my daughter would love it…

Y’all rock!

----- Peter Lezard 25.08.09 18:36

3a!!! Grey is so hot right now…

----- Jessi Blackham 25.08.09 15:57

2a!!! Black Bear with face and ears/horns!!! I can’t wait for this to come out!

----- andi 25.08.09 11:20

3b makes me feel all fuzzy inside and i like that :)

----- Kim 25.08.09 10:42

Does it even matter? The only way to get one is to wrestle it away as the final stitch is finished and then outrun whoever is chasing you for it.

----- WantButCantHav 25.08.09 09:45

Definitly #4! It’s delectably dark… and sexy!

----- Kate 25.08.09 09:44

Definitely 3B. The grey color is new and unique. Without the face, the fleece becomes multi-faceted and can be worn in any situation with or without the ears and horns. I think this versatility will appeal to a large customer base, new and old.

----- Ricky 25.08.09 07:15

I would love to see 1a Titus brown bear with removable ears and horns!

----- Nick Valentino 25.08.09 06:49

2a ! Black bears are so rad. And remove a bear’s face at your own risk.

----- Ungeird 25.08.09 01:35

Gimme 4a – I want horns when I’m naughty, ears when I’m nice.

----- Zach 24.08.09 18:41

#2 paws down!

----- Jasper 24.08.09 13:50

3a! Grey bear attack!

----- Brad 24.08.09 10:54

I njoy the no.2 Black Bear model, the face identifies the product as a rocketworld. Without the face, the product looses its definition as being a product from rocketworld. For company identity I would maintain the no.2 Black Bear, it defines a fashion characteristic that is young and fresh. The claws ears horns are unique and bring a life to something that is normally mundane.

----- Luke Warman 24.08.09 09:27

I love 2a! I like the bear with the face! they are so cute! I entered into the holiday comp but didn’t win, I hope I can win something this time! My favorite of all is still the white bear one but it doesn’t look like they are bringing that one back eh? bring back the bears!

----- Pam Lin 24.08.09 09:19

I’m thinking that a Rhino would be pretty awesome…

----- Fraser 24.08.09 08:57

Gotta go with #2, the face makes it.

----- DJ 24.08.09 06:35

2a for sure. The face is what makes that whole outfit awesome.

----- J. 24.08.09 06:32

I suggest 3a because grey ages better than black and goes with pretty much anything. Does 3c have ears and horns that aren’t removable? That would be great too. Also, the brown hoodie in the above pic looks like a frog, (ears become eyes) so that could be an idea for a green one…

----- Rick 24.08.09 05:29

I dunno if anyone remembers the stagecoach ride at Knotts Berry Farm, but they used to fake a robbery by having someone come up to the coach and go “Stick’em Up!”. I had a bearhead cap on and according to my parents growled at the guy. So for nostalgia’s sake I’m voting for the Black Bear w/ Face. Robbers beware! RAWR!

----- Jarrett 24.08.09 03:24

3b is by far my favorite. Looks super cool :)

----- Vanina 24.08.09 01:19


----- erk 24.08.09 01:04

ooo! i like these! especially the finger/claws on the sleeves. i think people would love either a panda (for girls) or a lizard (for everyone). for the lizards you can run with a bunch of different fabrics and have spikes or horns on the head. who doesn’t need a green mohawk? or make them dinosaurs with teeth stitched inside the ‘mouth’ of the hoodie. there could be spotted prints for cheetah or a giraffe or zebra print for the bold people. roll with it!

----- Katie 24.08.09 00:33

I love #2! The black bear is epic, and who would ever want to remove the ears? Plus, the face is the best part. Whatever happens, keep the face!

----- Jess 23.08.09 23:35

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